MYTHOLOGICAL REASON-----(ANSWER TO Shivam Patel--Are libu misi se bhuri najar hampe nhi padti ae bat sas he?)

1-In South India, it was a tradition to keep away Alakshmi, (sister of Goddess Lakshmi ) who takes away the prosperity from the household).

2-Alakshmi likes sour, pungent and hot things. Therefore people tie lemons and seven green chillies on the doorways of their shops and homes so that Alakshmi when comes to their door, eats her favorite food and leaves without entering their shop or house. As a result they are not deprived of prosperity.

WHAT IS THE SCIENCE BEHIND THIS BELIEF ?---- 1-However, the science behind this belief is the qualities of lemon and chili. Both are rich in Vitamin C.

2-So when a thread is pierced with these lemon and chillies, it absorbs the vitamins and different nutrients present which gradually vaporize in the air.

3-We inhale this air and use their properties for our health benefits. Our ancestors tried to propagate their use in our daily life and during ceremonies which slowly turned into a superstition.-----SHIVOHAM