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1-First, to sit in the posture In which you can sit still for a long time. All the nerve currents which are working pass along the spine. The spine is not intended to support the weight of the body. Therefore the posture must be such that the weight of the body is not on the spine. Let it be free from all pressure.

2-Sit straight, and look at the tip of your nose. Later on we shall come to know how that concentrates the mind, how by controlling the two optic nerves one advances a long way towards the control of the arc of reaction, and so to the control of the will.


1-Imagine a lotus upon the top of the head, several inches up, with virtue as its centre, and knowledge as its stalk. The eight petals of the lotus are the eight powers of the Yogi. Inside, the stamens and pistils are renunciation. If the Yogi refuses the external powers he will come to salvation.

2-So the eight petals of the lotus are the eight powers, but the internal stamens and pistils are extreme renunciation, the renunciation of all these powers.

3-Inside of that lotus think of the Golden One, the Almighty, the Intangible, He whose name is Om, the Inexpressible, surrounded with effulgent light. Meditate on that.


1-Think of a space in your heart, and in the midst of that space think that a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul and inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God.

2-Meditate upon that in the heart.

3-Chastity, non-injury, forgiving (even your greatest enemy), truth, faith in the Lord; all these are different Vrittis. Be not afraid if you are not perfect in all of these; work... they will come.

4- He who has given up all attachment, all fear, and all anger, he whose whole soul has gone unto the Lord, he who has taken refuge in the Lord, whose heart has become purified, with whatsoever desire he comes to the Lord, He will grant that to him. Therefore worship Him through knowledge, love, or renunciation.


Close your eyes and follow the Stages from One to Three STAGE ONE; -- 1-You are not the Body... (Start by asking yourself a simple question, 'Who am I?') 2-Am i the body? 3-Is my body permanent? 4-What happens to my body after death? 5-Your body is not permanent as it goes through the stages of birth, adulthood, old age and disintegrates after death. So you are not the body. 6-If I am not the body, then who am I? STAGE TWO; -- 1-You are not the Mind with all its thoughts.. 2-Am I the mind, that generates the thoughts or desires? 3-When a thought or desire arises ask a question, To

4-whom do the thoughts or desires come for? 5-All thoughts or desires come to serve 'I, the ego, your name' the imagination of who you are. 6-I, the ego is the first imaginary thought created by the mind and all other thoughts come to serve the first imaginary thought 7-'I, the ego, your name'. When there is no 'I, ego, your name' your thoughts or desires have no one to serve and they immediately die. 8-This state of thoughtlessness is the goal of all meditation techniques. 9-Imagine your 'I, the ego, your name' as an imaginary bubble that you have created and all other thoughts that arise are bubbles that attach to the imaginary bubble 'I, the ego'... 10-When the bubble 'I, the ego, your name' bursts all other thought bubbles that come to serve.... 11-'I, the ego, your name' also burst and disppear. You are left in a state of thoughtless calm mind... 12-If you are not the mind, with all its thoughts then who are you? STAGE THREE;-- 1-Stay in the thoughtless Meditative state of Breath-Awareness or Consciouness...... 2-You are not the body, that disintegrates after death or the mind, that generates thoughts or desires to serve 'I, the ego, your name'. 3-If you are not the Body or the Mind, then who are you? The breath awareness that swells in your heart in a state of thoughtlessness is Consciousness or God Awareness. Consciousness is all that is... 4-You are nothing but Consciousness. This breath awareness is your true meditative state. When you are in this meditative state, your breath patterns automatically follow a rhythm of deep inhalation and slow exhalation called Pranayama. 5-Stay in the Meditative State as long as you can... For the intellect to realize one's true nature and be in a Meditative state of 'Consciousness' or 'God awareness' is a way to achieve permanent happiness in life. 6-Feel the breath awareness in your heart and closing your eyes look between your eyes in the forehead. Stay in the thoughtless Meditative state, in a state of Consciousness or God Awareness. This is the most peaceful place in the whole world. 7-You are nothing but Consciousness. Stay in the meditative state of Consciousness and be eternally happy. NOTE;-

1-Mantra to repeat in Stage 3 is "OM" 'Aham Brahmasmi' or 'I am Consciousness' 2-A few minutes of practice is superior and more effective than reading hundreds of books on the subject. WHAT IS ADVAITA VEDANTA PHILOSOPHY ?

04 FACTS;- 1-The Philosphy of Non Duality is;-- A--I am not the imaginary I, the ego, my name B-I am not the temporary I, my body or my mind C-I am the everlasting Life force, behind all living beings D-I am the source of Universal Love and Happiness E-Aham Brahamasmi - I am Brahman 2-Realizing the state of 'Consciousness' or 'Brahman' or "Soul" or 'God Awareness' is the main theme of the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy, which follows the Gyana or the intellectual path to God realization in the Hindu religion.

3-'I, the ego, your name' and its experience of the world is considered as an ignorance or a veil (Maya) to one realizing one's true nature, that is Consciousness, a state of permanent happiness.

4-Until the veil is removed, 'I, the ego' experiences sorrow in an endless cycle of desires and experiences temporary happiness.


1-Sit on Padma, Siddha, Svastika or Sukha Asana. Relax the muscles. Close the eyes. Concentrate the gaze on Trikuti, the space between two eyebrows.

2-Repeat OM mentally with Brahma Bhavana. This Bhavana is a sine qua non (an essential condition) . Silence the conscious mind.

3-All-pervading,ocean of light I am-OM OM OM

4-Infinity I am-OM OM OM

5-All-pervading, Infinite light I am-OM OM OM

6-Vyapaka, Paripurna, Jyotirmaya Brahman I am-OM OM OM

7-Omnipotent I am-OM OM OM

8-Omniscient I am-OM OM OM

9-All Bliss I am-OM OM OM

10-Sat-Chit-Ananda I am-OM OM OM

11-All Purity I am-OM OM OM

12-All Glory I am-OM OM OM



11 FACTS;-

1-Saguna meditation is meditation on a form. An archer first aims at a gross, big object. Then he takes up a medium object. Finally, he shoots at very small and minute objects.

2-Even so, one should take to Saguna meditation to start with, and when the mind is trained and disciplined well, he can have Nirakara, Nirguna meditation.

3-Saguna meditation is meditation on a concrete object. Saguna meditation is peculiarly pleasing the Bhakta, who loves to gaze on the peculiar form of his Ishta. Saguna Upasana removes Vikshepa.

4-For three or six months, practise Trataka on Shiva’s picture.Meditate on the mental picture of the Murti from half to two hours only in the Trikuti (space between the eyebrows).

5-See and feel that the Lord is present in every object of the universe. When you meditate, mentally repeat the Mantra of the Devata, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’; think of theattributes of the Deity such as;- omnipresence,omnipotenceand omniscience.

6-Feel that Sattvic qualities from the Ishtam flow towards you. Feel that you possess these Sattvic qualities.You will have Darsana of your Ishtam in one or two years, if you are sincere in your Sadhana.

7-Follow this plan. This will help concentration. Move the mind on the various parts of the Murti, the picture or idol of Lord Siva, and meditate. Sit upon your usual Asana.

8-Repeat His name and think of His attributes like bliss, radiance, love, etc., gazing at His picture all the while. Then enthrone Him in the lotus of your heart or between your eyebrows amidst a blazing light.

9-Now mentally think of His lotus-feet, offering your devout salutations. Take the mind to the elephant-skin worn round the waist, then to the necklace of Rudraksha beads, adorning His chest, and the beautiful blue hue of His throat (Nilakantha), serene countenance, radiating the majestic aura of profound meditations, the indrawn half-closed meditative eyes, the mysterious third eye in the centre of the forehead.

10-Next take the mind up to the matted locks, the cool crescent moon, and the sacred Ganga sprouting from the Jata. Rotate your mind on the trident (Trisula) in one hand, and then, the Damaru, in the other.

11-Run your mind over the whole form till you complete all the details. Then fix your mind either on the face or upon the starting point (feet). Repeat the entire process again and again, as many times as you can. By constant practice, you will ultimately be established in meditation and have communion with Shiva.


05 FACTS;-

1-This is meditation on Lord Shiva, in His all-pervasive, unmanifested aspect, as the Supreme Para Brahman. In this form of meditation, you meditate on Lord Shiva as the Supreme Brahman without form, attributeless, eternal, infinite.

2-Meditate on Him as the Suddha, Satchidananda, Vyapaka Atman; Nitya, Suddha, Siddha, Buddha, Mukta, eternally free Brahman; an unlimited Ocean of Pure Consciousness. Now, identify yourself with this transcendental Svarupa of Shiva. Feel that you are Chaitanya, Akhanda, Paripurna, Ekarasa, Santa, Unchanging Existence.

3-Every atom, every molecule, every nerve, vein, artery, should powerfully vibrate with these ideas. Lip-repetition of ‘Shivoham’ will not produce much benefit. It should be through heart, head and soul. This feeling should be kept up continuously.

4-Negate the body-idea while repeating Shivoham mentally. When you chant Shivoham feel:Infinity I am All light; I am All joy ;I am All glory; I am All power ;I am All knowledge; I am All Ananda ;I am Shivoham Shivoham,Shivoham ,Shivoham,Shivoham, Shivoham,Shivoham, Shivoham,Shivoham,

5-Meditate on the above ideas constantly. Constant effort with zeal and enthusiasm, is an indispensable requisite. Repeat mentally the above ideas incessantly. You will realise.


1-All Upadhis will be sublated. All Granthis (heart-knot, ignorance) will be cut asunder. The thin veil, Avarana will be pierced. The Pancha Kosa Adhyasa (superimposition) will be removed. You will rest doubtless in Sat-Chit-Ananda state.

2-You will get highest Knowledge, highest Bliss, highest Realisation, and highest End of life. "Brahmavid Brahman," "Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati." You will become Suddha Sat-Chit-Ananda-Vyapaka-Paripurna Brahman. "Nasti Atra Samsayah." There is no doubt of that,so we should trust here.

3-There is no difficulty at all in Atma-Darshan. You can have this within the twinkling of an eye as Raja Janaka had, before you can squeeze a flower with the fingers, within the time taken for a grain to fall when rolled over a pot. You must do earnest, constant and intense practice. You are bound to succeed in 2 or 3 years.

4-No flowery talk or verbosity can make a man Brahman. It is constant, intense, earnest Sadhana and Sadhana alone that can give a man direct Brahmic Realisation ( Self realization/Svanubhava ) wherein he sees the solid Brahman, just as you see this solid white wall in front of you, and feels the Brahman just as you feel this table behind you.


05 FACTS;-

1-Om (Aum) is everything. Om is the Name or symbol of God, Isvara or Brahman. Om is your real Name. Om covers the whole threefold experience of man. Om stands for the phenomenal worlds. From Om this sense-universe has been projected.

2-The world exists in Om and dissolves in Om. ‘A’ represents the physical plane. ‘U’ represents the mental and astral plane, the world of intelligent spirits, all heavens. ‘M’ represents the whole deep sleep state, and all that is unknown even in your wakeful state, all that is beyond the reach of your intellect. Om represents all, Om is the basis of your life, thought and intelligence. Om is everything.

3-All words which denote objects are centred in Om. Hence the whole world has come from Om, rests in Om, and dissolves in Om. As soon as you sit for meditation, chant Om loudly 3 or 6 or 12 times. This will drive away all worldly thoughts from the mind and remove Vikshepa (tossing of mind). Then take to the mental repetition of Om.

4-The Japa of Om (Pranava Japa) has a tremendous influence on the mind. The pronunciation of the sacred syllable Om, is one which has engaged the attention of all Europeans devoted to Eastern studies. The vibrations set up by this word are so powerful that, if one persists in taking recourse to them, they would bring the largest building to the ground. This seems difficult to believe in until one has tried the practice; but once having tried it one can easily understand how the above statement my be true and perfectly correct.

5-Pronounced as spelt, it will have a certain effect upon you; but pronounced in its correct method, it arouses and transforms every atom in his physical body, setting up new vibrations and conditions, and awakening the sleeping power of the body.