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11 FACTS;--

1-THREE LEVELS OF SPEECH;- A-There are three levels of Speech 1-First when we think. 2-If one analyses , when one thinks, he/she would find an echo in the mind, 3-some times quite loud, this is especially so in the case of those who perform Japa, and Devi Upasana. 4-This applies to our day-to-day thoughts as well. 5-The implication is that the Universal Sabda, Sound, is being brought forth into individual level and the One who makes it possible is MA Gayatri. This is level One. B-The next is as soon as the thoughts are formed,it sits as it were, in the spot just beneath the tongue. 1-The words are not formed at the physical level and they lie dormant. 2-We have heard and we also know at times on seeing or while coming into contact with something which we think is new, we say, 3-‘I Know,it is at the tip of my tongue, it will come’ 4-This is the place of Savitri” the unformed words, with the potential to become words. 5-This is the level where the Speech Impaired people’s impediment lies. MA Savitri does not synchronize with Ma Sarasvati. C-The third and final level is that of Ma Sarasvati. 1-This is where the thoughts get transformed into words. 2-MA Sarasvati ,in synchronization with Gayatri through Savitri expresses in the form of words.

................................................................................................................................ 2--Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati are three goddesses representing the presiding deities of the famous Gayatri mantra chanted thrice a day. Gayatri is the presiding deity of the morning prayer and rules over the Rigveda .Traditionally, the Gayatri Mantra is chanted on three occasions – in the morning (two hours before sunrise), at midday and in the evening (one hour after sunset). Nowadays, for many people such schedule does not seem to be a realistic option. 3-The Chhandogya Upanishad explains the significance of the first line. It tells us that once Prajapati, the Lord of the Universe, contemplated the nature of the three worlds—earth, sky, and heaven—and through intense concentration he was able to discover the essential guiding force of each..... Agni (fire) governed the earth; Vayu (the vital force) governed the sky; and Aditya (the sun) governed the vault of heaven. 4-Once more Prajapati applied his intense concentration to these three “seed” sounds, or guiding forces, and obtained their essences: from fire he was given the verses of the Rig Veda; from the vital energy he was given the Yajur Veda; and from the sun he was given the Sama Veda. 5-He applied his concentration once more, now to the three Vedas themselves, and from the Rig Veda he obtained the syllable bhuh; from the Yajur Veda the syllable bhuvah; and from the Sama Veda the syllable svah. Thus the three maha vyahritis are the essence of the Vedas, the seeds of fire, vital energy, and the sun—as well as the seed sounds of the earth, sky, and heaven. 6-Finally, Prajapati focused on these three vyahritis together, and through intense concentration he obtained a single, pure sound, the syllable Om. Om, it is said, “is all this.”

7-DHYANAM;-- 1) Morning MA Gayatri Dhyanam----- Morning time Gayatri dwells in Surya mandalam. She is having red colour. She is young and havingsatvaguna. . Her vahana is swan and having Brahma amsam. She represents Rig Veda. She is having (in Three hands) kamandalu, lotus and japamala. The fourth hand shows abhaya mudra. She is called MA Gayatri. (She has nine heads).----CROWN CHAKRA 2) Noon MA Savitri Dhyanam:---- Midday she dwells in Surya mandalam having white colour and tamoguna. She is having (in three hands) Trident. Cot-leg, rudraksha mala and the fourth hand is in abhaya mudra. She is a middle aged and her vahana is bull. Also she is having three eyes (on all the Five heads).She represents Yajur Veda and takes the Rudra rupini (Rudra amsam). She is called as Savitri in noon.------ROOT CHAKRA 3) Evening MA Saraswati Dhyanam:------ Evening she is called Saraswati and dwells in Surya Mandalam. She is having (in three hands) chakra, conch and Tulsi mala and the fourth hand is in abhaya mudra. Sha has gnana swarupam and is having rajoguna.. She represents Sama Veda. She takes Vishnu amsam. (She has single head only.)-----HEART CHAKRA. 8-IMPORTANCE OF GAYTRI MANTRA----- These Dhyana sloka ( GAYTRI MANTRA ) is recited in all the three times by many SADHAKS. Vishvamitra is the Seer for Gayatri hymn..Each of three is called sthula (material) form. Three separate forms are grouped as Vyasti. There is also a combined form and that is called Samasti. GAYTRI MANTRA IS VERY POWERFUL----- BUT KILIT IN KALIYUG BECAUSE OF SAGE VISHVAMITRA......THREE TIMES IN A DAY & WITH PURITY-(Wear clean clothes and ideally have a bath before the practice).------ IS A COMPULSION FOR THIS MANTRA ---WHICH IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FOLLOW... 9-THE CONNECTION OF JNANA YOG , BHAKTI YOG, & KARMA YOG;---- Everything there related to this discipline (way) is called a Toga --- 1-Jnana yoga or the way of knowledge, 2-Bhakti yoga or the way of devotion and 3-KARMA yoga or the way of action---------- viz theoretical, emotional and practical aspects. 10--Knowledge and action should go together, as is the teaching in SRIMAD BHAGWAT GITA. A-Knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knowing subjects are the threefold incitement to action; B-The instrument, the action and the agent, the threefold components of action. C-Intelligence, wisdom and learning are essential for the performance of all actions (Karma) and it is the awarding of these three components of Jnana (knowledge) that------------- 11-The boons of Goddess Saraswati play an important role in the wordly life. Goddess Saraswati, related to Savitri (Sun) is one of the trinity, the others being Gayatri, and Savitri or the Bag (Vak) devi of the vedas Saraswati is the Goddess of learning intelligence, wisdom and the consort of B'rhma, the creator. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO IS THE CONSORT OF BRAHMA?-

05 FACTS;- 1-Bramha is a Deity who was appeared by the Manasik Shakti of Lord Vishnu, Bramha appeared Saraswati again by his Manasik Shakti not by cohabitation... Ma Saraswati emerged from Brahmas throat when he said ÓM', So Ma Saraswati was not Bramha's daughter as like your sister is daughter of your father. Bramha is potreyed like father of all other deties because He made them appear in this universe; NOT BY HAVING COHABITATION ( AS MANY THINK..& DON 'T KNOW THE ABC OF HINDUISM )but by his Manasik Sankalp i.e power of conceousnes.... 2-Finally Bramha accepted Ma Saraswati as his wife... Although generally taken as the wife of Brahma ji, she is a river goddess according to the Vedas. Saraswati river, in the vedic period, flowed down from the Himalayas but is understood to have dried up and lost its existence...(PRESENT ONLY BADRIVISHAL NOW ) 3-ORIGIN;--- Saraswati Ji came into being from Brahma Ji’s head (therefore called Manas Kanya) when he was meditating while trying to create the world. 4-ABODE;---- Along with Brahma Ji, she is eternal & omnipresent. She is also considered to reside in musical instruments and items used in learning (inkpot/pen etc.). She is also known to be sitting on the tongue of persons at the moment when any truthful statement comes from them, some-what unintentionally. 5-IMPORTANCE;--- She is goddess of learning, knowledge and speech and is credited with the invention of Devnagari script as well as the invention of writterng itself, She is also known as the river goddess in Vedas. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GAYATRI & SAVITRI;--

02 FACTS;- 1-They are different expressions of the Supreme Power of God . As such they are opposite faces of the same coin. Gayatri (idolised with nine faces) and Savitri (idolised with five faces) in fact identify the extra-sensory and sensory excellence in human life which are known as Riddhis and Siddhis in yogic parlance. Ma Gayatri and Ma Savitri are inseparable - inherent like heat and light in fire. 2-Goddess Gayatri; --- Gayatri Devi is an incarnation of Saraswati Devi, consort of Lord Brahma, symbolising the "shakti" (strength) and "dev" (quality) of Knowledge, Purity and Virtue. Saraswati Devi is held to be the patronness of the Arts, being a poet and musician, as well as skillful composer. In the form of Gayatri Devi, with the blessings of Lord Brahma, she is believed to have given the four Vedas to mankind.IN THIS WAY ONE IS DIVIDED IN THREE FORMS.


09 FACTS;-

1-One can imbibe only that much according to one’s spiritual credentials (Patrata). There is a lot of water in all rivers. None can stop us from taking as much water as we want. Yet we can take only that much water according to the size of the vessel we possess. If there is no vessel then we cannot take even a drop of water despite the fact that we intensely desire to take water from the river.

2-Amongst all galaxies and planets the sun is the most brilliant. This light is not like that of a bulb. Because the sun with its own light energy makes others radiant. The moon too shines because of sunlight. We are able to see other stars and planets in the universe because of sunlight. It is sunlight that gives light to trees, plants etc. It is because of sunlight that buds bloom into flowers.

3-In Prashnopanishad Nachiketa was given a detailed version of the importance of the vital force and he was also taught the 5 sciences of vital forces fire related to it.This conscious electricity of our vital force is present in every pore of the cosmos.

4-In the same way the vital force aspect and energy aspect of Gayatri super power is Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Fundamentally both are one. The principle of electricity is only one. It is just that –ve and +ve are its two aspects. The life force is one but the body and vital force are its 2 aspects.

5-Gayatri and Kundalini are not separate because both these streams mutually complement one another. It is said that : Kundalini is the mouth source of vital force empowered Gayatri. It is Gayatri that is the great science of vital force. Only those who know this science are said to be true knowers of the VEDAS.

6-Vital force or Prana is the life force. He who has internal fortitude and external bravery is called one imbued with vital force. The vital force spoken of over here is actually the spirit. Spirit means radiance. Radiance includes understanding, honesty, responsibility and valiant character. In spiritual terms these qualities of glory are called vital force fire. No doubt vile and wicked men too have daring and bravery. But they can never be called valiant. At the most they can be called vile and wicked.

7-To be imbued (inspire)with vital force is to gain the highest benefits of human life. People follow and praise only those who possess this glory. Such men are called saints who not only uplift themselves spiritually but help others raise their spiritual stature.

8-In our tradition, we emphasize a balanced approach toward awakening ourselves. This includes keeping ourselves healthy and energetic with nourishing food and a well-regulated lifestyle (what the Bhagavad Gita calls yukta-ahara-vihara): waking up and going to bed at the right time, exercise, quality herbs, the right way of thinking, and making the best use of all the wonderful shaktis which nature has deposited in our nervous system.

9-We combine all of this with mantra sadhana. This integrated effort is the specialty of Sri Vidya–oriented tantra, and this is what leads to true kundalini awakening—the experience of our highest self. ....SHIVOHAM....