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The Shiva Purana says that the entire universe was created by SHIVA and SHAKTI. They symbolize two polar opposites, two absolutes and eternal: the Masculine and the Feminine, by their union give rise to the entire event. The Hindu pantheon is populated by gods, and almost all have a party because you believe that any higher principle can exist only through a combination of masculine and feminine. Consequently, every male deity is conceived as inseparable from an Energy contrary feminine or Shakti. WHO IS SHIVA---- 1- SHIVA is Pure Existence, the Divine Principle immortal. Shiva is pure consciousness, unconditional and transcendent. Shiva is the deity of the mind, the Lord of Yoga, the Master of the three worlds and the victor over death. 2-SHIVA is the principle of centrifugal force by which every life, every form, every cosmic system dissolves in the infinite immensity of the divine. Everything has its origin in Him that He is the expansion force of the world, is the energy source of existence, the principle of life, but also the principle of dissolution and transformation. 3-The transcendental force of SHIVA is a door that leads beyond the earthly things, ranging from the mundane to the metaphysical and raises understanding of the true nature of existence. And 'the penetrating power of pure consciousness is not separate, is ecstatic about the transcendent quality of evolution. Heaven and earth are in SHIVA their synthesis, since he is also in the world, nature, animals, the same thirst of life of every living being. 4-SHIVA means Benigno and from this point of view is the beneficial aspect of divinity, and the ugly, is represented by Rudra or "Flaming", one who makes the tears flow. 5-The duality positive / negative increasingly characterizes the figure of Shiva. These parts are seemingly contradictory but actually refer to different aspects of appearance of the deity. In fact, his hypostases are numerous (1008) and each has some specific characteristics that are peculiar. 6-Since everything vibrates, everything has a rhythm, Lord Shiva is also the rhythm and dance, and as such it gives rise to the world of forms. Its most important artistic representation is precisely known and Nataraja, Lord Shiva's Dance. The dance, considered a kind of magic, as it frees the supernatural forces of the dancer, Shiva is in a real creative act. As already mentioned, SHIVA can not be conceived without its female half, the SHAKTI. WHAT IS SHAKTI--- 1-Shiva can become active only when the energy of Shakti gives him strength. Without Shakti, Shiva becomes Shava, ie a lifeless body. 2- In Hinduism, Shakti is promoted to the rank of Mother of God, which feeds both the universe and all its creatures as so many manifestations of the gods. In what appears a kind of rediscovery of the religious mystery of the woman, because every woman is an incarnation of Shakti. 3-It symbolizes the irreducibility of the sacred and the divine, the elusive essence of ultimate reality. The Woman at the same time embodies the mystery of creation and the mystery of Being, of all that is and becomes, who dies and is reborn in an incomprehensible way. 4- SHAKTI: from the root shak means being able to do, have the strength to do, to act, essentially it means power. It is the universal principle of energy, power and creativity. WHAT IS THE UNION OF SHIVA & SHAKTI----- 1--Shakti is inseparable from him who possesses it - Shaktiman, male principle, or the Universal Father. The universe is the product of this pair of opposites: a static (Shaktiman) the other dynamic (SHAKTI). 2-The exterior of everything is the creative aspect of the dynamic force, and within every creature dynamic is the static force, which is the core of phenomenal existence. 3- SHIVA and SHAKTI are the opposition of the constitutive principles of the universe, the first is the spirit, the cosmic man (Purusha), the second is the energy of the world (Prakriti). The entire event is the product of the energy that comes from the power of their union that generates bliss that is the result of the joy and pleasure. 4-The union of Shiva and Shakti symbolizes the impetus to bring together "being", the knowledge and power, energy, the transcendent and the immanent aspect. 5- SHIVA is the very being, the immutability, the nature of atma or conscious principle, Shakti is just to hand movement, change, it is the origin of each production, generation, and quickening. SHAKTI is what there is to be in a power not yet implemented in the form of SHIVA, SHIVA is hand in it that there is a unified and transmuted, the reunited with himself, a clear and bright. In particular, the first is all that is matter, body and mind, according to the conscious principle, and both occur in Tantrism thus only two ways to look like a single principle, a single reality. 6-Their ultimate synthesis is comparable to a flame that has consumed all matter and is now only itself, as pure energy or pure act. It is said that to sustain the universe and all its creatures, SHIVA, as absolute neutral, it is divided into two complementary parts. The union of the God and Goddess forms every living thing. 7-Mystical union of the couple goes the whole universe in its aspects of both static and stable, and dynamic, both in form and immaterial conscious and unconscious is immaterial. The elements active / passive, masculine / feminine, which appear only in their opposition, are really one. 8-Hindu iconography that thought is represented by an androgynous figure, half male and half female, which encompasses all aspects and summarizes the characteristics of the two polarities: Ardhanarishvara. Shakti exudes a genuine sweetness that inebriates the spell of his divine Shiva, is able to convey a deep happiness and transform life into a wonderful bliss. With its power charmer existence becomes a work in heaven who reveals secrets and mystical ecstasy that makes seeing the pace of the harmonies of the power of creation. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THE TWO ENERGY;-- POSITIVE & NEGATIVE;---- 30 FACTS------ 1-All creation is produced by wavelengths, and there are wavelengths within wavelengths within wavelengths. All dualities are created by reflections and distortions of positive and negative energies that form the one wavelength. Reflections of------- Positive and Negative are good and evil, pleasure and pain, joy and misery, hot and cold, light and dark, and most important for this treatise, male and female. 2-The dividing point of all these dualities is Purpose. As the energy of the wavelength swings from positive to negative, the unifying energy of Purpose is sensed, and thus the energy of duality is recharged and sent on its way to expand or contract the form. 3-It may seem strange to say that good and evil is a reflection or correspondence to positive and negative, but an important point to remember is that all dualities correspond to these two energies. Good is a distorted reflection of positive and evil is a distorted reflection and misuse of negative. Good and evil repeats itself in history like a great wavelength animated by Purpose; and that which is good in one era can be evil in the next. 4-Male and female bodies are only symbols of male and female energies. The male energy is a correspondence to positive energy, or the Father aspect. The female energy corresponds to negative — negative polarity — not negative bad — or the Mother aspect. 5-All things that are manifest are created by male and female energies and all these energies are united in form through the process of marriage, or union. 6-All things in the universe are either positively or negatively charged. That is, they are influenced more by either the positive and negative energy, or they are either male or female. This includes everything from a sub-atomic particle to an atom, a human being, a planet, or a galaxy. Everything is either male or female. There is nothing that is 100% neutral except for the energy of Purpose. 7-Even though it is true that all forms are polarized in either male or female energy, it is also a fact that each form is composed of wavelengths with much interplay between both energies. Within the makeup of a human male for instance, there will be many female energies at work, and so will the female deal with numerous male energies within her. 8-Marriage, too, is much more than the joining of two physical persons; marriage is a universal order — a bonding relationship. It unites the male and female energies into a united whole. All male and female energies seek this marriage. 9-It is interesting to study the marriage of atoms. In observing them, we must realize that every form, whether it be an atom or planet, possesses a consciousness and life peculiar to itself and is either positively or negatively charged. In other words, it is either male or female. 10-The chemist calls the male atom a positive particle and the female atom a negative one. Within the atom we also have the positive or male nucleus, and the negative or female electron shells which are married to the nucleus to produce something greater than themselves — a whole atom. 11- In the case of the marriage of the female electrons to the male protons in the nucleus, the ratio is always one to one. If there are seven protons, for example, as in the case of nitrogen, they are balanced off with the energies of seven orbiting female electrons. These sub-atomic particles, which are the building blocks of all form, never deviate from this one-to-one ratio. 12-As we study the atomic and molecular world, we do so with purpose, for we seek truth in the ancient truism “as above, so below; as below, so above.” In other words, by studying the atomic worlds (the microcosmic) and the higher worlds of planets, stars, etc. (the macrocosmic) and corresponding their relationships with humanity, we can ascertain correct principles whereby stability may be produced. At present, social scientists tell us that three out four of our marriages are unhappy, or unstable. If we can find the secret of how tiny atoms achieve stability, we can then take those principles and apply them to humanity. 13-In addition to the electrons and protons, the atoms are also made of a third major particle called the neutron. This particle is relatively neutral and there are usually one or more neutrons for each proton in the atom. There seems to be no set rule governing the number of neutrons in each atom. Most of the lower elements have an approximate ratio of one neutron for each proton, but some of the heavier elements have a ratio of approximately 1.5 neutrons for each proton. In each atom there are always a certain number of neutrons that produces the most stable atom. In carbon, for instance, there are usually six protons, six electrons, and six neutrons. This is commonly called carbon 12. This is the most stable carbon atom. In nature there are also trace amounts of carbon with seven and eight neutrons. Carbon, with eight neutrons, is called carbon 14 and is unstable and is radioactive, and tends to break down to a more stable element. 14-To create balance, the proton (male energy) then has a marriage relationship with two particles: the female electron and the neutral neutron. The neutrons have a balance of positive and negative particles, making it neutral. However, this is only a relative neutrality, for even though all life forms are seeking balance, or neutrality, none of them are exactly neutral. Anything that has form is either male or female, but sometimes the energy difference is very slight. The neutrons are slightly female. This evidenced in nuclear physics by the fact that neutrons will tend to throw off an electron (female energy) before they will emit a positron (male energy). 15-It is interesting to note that other galaxies in the universe are thought to be composed of anti-matter where all male-female relationships are completely reversed. One half of all matter is likely to be composed of such, creating stability for all form in the universe. 16-An interesting principle to contemplate is that all male and female energies in the universe are seeking stability, or neutrality. In other words, they seek to return to the energy of Purpose. The prodigal son of form is seeking to return to his father. This stability, or return, is always reached through marriage. Thus, marriage is a universal principle used to unite all male and female energies. 17-We have been talking about atoms in the microcosm, but there are also greater atoms in the macrocosm. Our Earth, with one moon, is like a great hydrogen atom, but the next true atomic correspondence is the Sun, with the planets circling it. On an even greater scale, the galaxies, which are composed of billions of stars, correspond to electrons and positrons, and the universe we live in is like a giant proton. 18-The sexual center is the only center with only one polarity in a body. The male body has one polarity and the female the other. To the male his polarity feels positive and to the female her polarity feels positive even though they are opposite. When they unite sexually they can each sense a completeness that occurs when both polarities are sensed simultaneously. In this sense they are no longer two, but “one flesh.” 19-Both the male and female have both positive and negative polarities in the other centers and do not have such a driving need to unite with the opposite sex to complete themselves. Nevertheless, when the other centers of the male and female share a similar vibration there is a non possessive transfer of energy that creates high states of joy in both of them AS URDHVAGAMAN. 20-To create balance, we must understand the purpose of the two energies. The male, or the positive energy, is radiant, action, or sending energy. The female, or negative energy (not negative as in bad, but negative as in electricity) is magnetic, attractive, and receiving. 21-This is most easily demonstrated in the physical bodies of the two sexes. It helps here if we remember that all physical creations are symbolic of spiritual energies as well as their outward manifestation. During cohabitation, the male body is the sender of the seed or sperm. With each orgasm many sperm are sent. The male genitals are indisputably the sending unit. The female body, on the other hand, is the receiver of the sperm or seed and the female genitals definitely receive the male’s. Only one out of millions of sperm is finally accepted for impregnation, but, when it is, the growth of the baby or new creation is an automatic process. The materials for the growth of the body are drawn to the woman by the power of magnetism, which is an aspect of female energy. 22-By taking what we know to be true here, we can correspond it to other areas and discover much truth. If the male is physically the sender and the female the receiver, then this will correspond to male and female energy on other levels. We can say then, that as energy units the male, or positive energy, is the sender, and the female, or negative energy, is the receiver. 23-There are only two observable energies in the Universe. They are called by many names, but each of them is either male or female. For instance, the two energies that sustain the Universe are radiance and magnetism. The Sun and the stars give off light, heat and radiation that give life to and sustain all things. This is an important function but no more important than magnetism that gives form to all things and holds all creation together. Magnetic energy, such as gravity, is invisible, but its effect is just as powerful as radiance, which is visible. There would be no form to give off radiation without magnetism to create the form. 24-Because the female energy, or magnetism, is invisible, its full importance has often been overlooked. One of the reasons the male energy has dominated in recent times is that it is a more visible energy. Even females are deceived into thinking that radiant energy is more desirable than magnetic because the use of this energy is easier to perceive. 25-The feminine energy is considered a mystique, or mystery, because its effects can be seen, but the operation of the energy cannot. Another aspect of male-female energy is involution and evolution. Involution is the force that pulls spirit into matter, or the world of experience. Evolution is the force that pushes matter back up to the realm of spirit after a round of experience is over. Involution is female energy and evolution is male. In the early days of man, when his prime goal was experience, the female energy dominated. Desire, emotion, and feeling are also female energies and always push us toward experience. The biblical Eve dominated Adam with her desire for the forbidden experience. The yielding of Adam to Eve was symbolic of the time of involution, or the dominance of female energy. 26-Mind is a male energy which, in the cycle of evolution, is meant to dominate the female emotions in us all, intelligently direct us to avoid painful experiences and lead us from matter to spirit. 27-In ancient times there was a shift in the polarization of humankind from involution to evolution. Men no longer worshipped the goddesses, but male gods. Because mind is beginning to dominate the world, and is leading us toward Spirit, the male energy is naturally dominant. 28-The heavy male dominance is being counterbalanced, however, by the opening of the next faculty in man, which is the intuition, which is also feminine. But even when the intuition rules over mind, the male energy will still be slightly dominant because we are on the path of evolution, which is male and the overall dominating energy during the return to our Source. 29-In all male-female relationships the male unit must be mostly radiant and sending, and the female must be polarized as magnetic and receiving, or the energy of the relationship will be out of balance. This is especially true in the human kingdom, for humanity seems to be the only kingdom in nature where it is even possible for the sexes to not play their appropriate roles. In the animal and plant kingdoms the male and female accept their appropriate roles without rebellion. 30-Both sexes are equal in value. One cannot exist without the other. Just like there is no such thing as one hand clapping, there is no creation without them. We must remember that the female is magnetic and receiving. The male is radiant and sending. They must work together --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS OF POSITIVE & NEGATIVE ENERGY---- Certain people give off positive energy, others negative. It's the quality of someone's being, a measure of love with which they've led their lives. It also reflects the inner work they've done, their efforts to heal anger, hatred, or self-loathing, which poison us like toxic fumes. It's important to grasp, however, that once you undertake the process of healing, it changes the quality of even the negativity that remains. SIGNS OF POSITIVE ENERGY IN PEOPLE----- 1- They exude an inviting sense of heart, compassion, and support. 2- You intuitively feel safe, relaxed, wanting to get closer. 3- They emanate a peaceful glow. 4-You feel better around them. Your energy and optimism increase. SIGNS OF NEGATIVE ENERGY IN PEOPLE---- 1-You experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted, or attacked 2- You intuitively feel unsafe, tense, or on guard. 3- You sense prickly, off-putting vibes. You can't wait to get away from them. 4- Your energy starts to fizzle. You may feel beleaguered or ill. When you're with trying people, aim for the high road; find common ground, rather than inflame negativity. The care with which you approach life is intuitively evident in your energy field. We can feel each other's love: that's the great attraction. We should Spread openheartedness around ;be proactive in generating positive energy.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WHAT IS LEFT BRAIN ;-RIGHT BRAIN THEORY? ----- 8 FACTS------- 1-According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Additionally, people are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. For example, a person who is "left-brained" is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective. 2-A person who is "right-brained" is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. In psychology, the theory is based on the lateralization of brain function. The brain contains two hemispheres that each performs a number of roles. The two sides of the brain communicate with one another via corpus callosum. The left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the body while the right hemisphere controls those on the left. This is why damage to the left side of the brain, for example, might have an effect on the right side of the body. 3-Where Did the Idea of a Stronger Left-Brain or Right-Brain Come From? So does one side of the brain control specific functions? Are people either left-brained or right-brained? Like many popular psychology myths, this one grew out of observations of the human brain that were then dramatically distorted and exaggerated. 4-The right brain-left brain theory originated in the work of Roger W. Sperry, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1981. While studying the effects of epilepsy, Sperry discovered that cutting the corpus callosum (the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain) could reduce or eliminate seizures. However, these patients also experienced other symptoms after the communication pathway between the two sides of the brain was cut. For example, many split-brain patients found themselves unable to name objects that were processed by the right side of the brain but were able to name objects that were processed by the left-side of the brain. 5-Generally speaking, the left side of the brain tends to control many aspects of language and logic, while the right side tends to handle spatial information and visual comprehension. 6-So Is One Side of Your Brain Really Stronger Than the Other? Later research has shown that the brain is not nearly as dichotomous as once thought. For example, research has shown that abilities in subjects such as math are strongest when both halves of the brain work together. Today, neuroscientists know that the two sides of the brain collaborate to perform a broad variety of tasks .. 7-THE RIGHHT BRAIN--- According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities popularly associated with the right side of the brain include: 1-Recognizing faces 2-Expressing emotions 3-Music 4-Reading emotions 5-Colour 6-Images 7-Intuition 8-Creativity 8-THE LEFT BRAIN--- The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language, and analytical thinking. The left-brain is described as being better at: 1-Language 2-Logic 3-Critical thinking 4-Numbers 5-Reasoning ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PERCENTAGE OF MALE & FEMALE ENERGY------ 8 FACTS------- 1-Each soul has a certain percentage of male energy and female energy, regardless of the gender of the physical body. For example, a man or a woman might have thirty-three percent male energy/sixty-seven percent female energy. The exact complement is a partner with a ratio of sixty-seven/thirty-three. All else being equal, you have more balance with someone whose male/female energy ratio complements yours. Finding balance, of course, is very satisfying, but you might be satisfied with a partner whose ratio does not balance yours. 2-Male energy is directed, focused, goal-oriented, productive, and outward-thrusting or positive-charged (as in a magnet). It corresponds with linear, left-brained thinking, and with doing. 3-Female energy is creative, process-oriented, unstructured, and inward-drawing or negative-charged. It corresponds with circular, right-brained thinking, and with being. Its positive pole is expansion and generation; its negative pole is chaotic destruction. Female energy conditions the environment, whereas male energy structures it. 4-The male body is designed to put male energy forward, and the female body is designed to put female energy forward, so there is a masculinity just from being in a male body, even when the soul is high in female energy, and vice versa. 5-All else being equal, a man with seventy-five percent male energy is more focused and has more “drive” (not necessarily inappropriately) than a man with forty-five percent male energy, because there is more male energy there to put forward. Of course, the reverse is true regarding female energy and women. 6-Our male/female energy ratio remains constant from lifetime to lifetime. Although there are those who have a very high percentage of either male or female energy. Most of us are fairly balanced in their male/female energy ratio, having no less than about thirty percent of each, making it easier to have a fairly complete experience of both sides of the creative process on earth. 7-Its very difficult to find anyone having precisely fifty percent of each. This suggests that our essence almost always likes to have at least a slight emphasis one way or another. Perhaps this is because a little imbalance promotes movement; a ratio of exactly fifty/fifty could create an internal stalemate. However, the universe itself contains a balance of male and female energies. 8-There is a subtle “shift” when crossing the line from forty-nine/fifty-one to fifty-one/forty-nine. In other words, it is significant which energy is dominant, even if that dominance is slight in terms of percentage. This doesn’t imply, however, that if female energy is dominant, one is a female soul, or vice versa. BUT KEEP IN MIND ---THE SOUL IS WITHOUT GENDER-----ALL THIS IS CONNECTED WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF FOUR BODIES ONLY----AS I DISCUSSED IN THE POST---ACHIEVEMENT OF SEVEN BODIES ...........SHIVOHAM