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04 FACTS;-

1-Bhagavan, Brahman and Paramatma (the Super Soul), are the three pillars of the Absolute Truth. It is stated that unless one understands all these features of the Absolute Truth, one's knowledge is imperfect. It is also said that the seekers of Brahman are called jnana yogis, while those whose goal is Paramatma are called yogis, and seeking/knowing the bhagavan is a privilege of Bhakti yogis or devotees.

2-In simple terms Bhagavan is God united with His creation. In symbolic terms Bhagavan is represented by many objects and forms, famous being "salagrama" and "sivalingam". According to traditional interpretation, Bhagavan is the possessor of six primary abundances or qualities:

1-Strength 2-Fame 3-Wealth 4-Knowledge 5-Beauty 6-Detachment 3-All of us keep pondering and even debating about God (Bhagawaan). What are the qualities which we (like to) ascribe/ attribute to HIM? A nice description of what could be considered as 'the' qualities' that make one 'godly'..... 1- Tejas (brilliance), 2- Bala (Strength), 3- Gyana (knowledge), 4- Dhairya (Steadfastness), 5- Sourya & Veerya (mighty, heroic), 6- Kshma (forgiveness). 4-Those who attained the supremacy in these qualities have been considered, admired and even worshipped as gods even though they lived as human-beings with usual birth-life-death experiences.


03 FACTS;-

1-As per vedic scriptures or Vedas, the God is omnipresent, shapeless, odorless, colorless and genderless.During vedic reign it was not very easy for anyone to understand this kind of God. They were not aware of any such thing which could be omnipresent, shapeless etc. But they did know something, basic elements of their time.

2-These basic elements were known by all ancient civilizations.It is also told in same vedic scriptures that Human body is made up of these 5 basic elements, and thus we possess bhagwan inside our own body. This bhagwan is not some named God but a reference to this 5 basic elements of vedic time.VIZ..

1 -Earth - Bhoomi - भ

2-Sky - Gagan - ग

3-Air - Vayu - व

4 -Fire - Agni - अ

5 -Water - Neer - न

3-And the word came into existence भगवान (Bhagwan) where व and अ got added together or in Sanskrit grammar it is "sandhi" between व and अ. MEANING OF BHAGAWAN IN MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS;-

02 FACTS;- 1-In monotheistic religions, these terms are used to describe the nature of God. 1-Omnipotence, 2-Omniscience 3-Omnipresence


03 POINTS;- 1-Omnipotence means all-powerful. Monotheistic theologians regard God as having supreme power. This means God can do what he wants. It means he is not subject to physical limitations like man is. Being omnipotent, God has power over wind, water, gravity, physics, etc. God's power is infinite, or limitless. 2-Omniscience means all-knowing. God is all all-knowing in the sense that he is aware of the past, present, and future. Nothing takes him by surprise. His knowledge is total. He knows all that there is to know and all that can be known. 3-Omnipresence means all-present. This term means that God is capable of being everywhere at the same time. It means his divine presence encompasses the whole of the universe. There is no location where he does not inhabit. This should not be confused with pantheism, which suggests that God is synonymous with the universe itself; instead, omnipresence indicates that God is distinct from the universe, but inhabits the entirety of it. He is everywhere at once. KEY NOTE;- Many theologians regard these three attributes as essential to God's nature. In other words, if God did not have these characteristics, he wouldn't be God. For example, for God to be God, he would need to have supreme power (omnipotence); if he was not omnipotent, he wouldn't be qualified to be God.



15 FACTS;-- 1-The realization that you are the Life force or Consciousness is the natural progress of evolution of a living being with a developed brain like humans. When one is a lower level organism...... striving for basic needs of life ...consumes the life. 2-As humans we have access to food without directly producing it, have a safe place of living and created sufficient free time to practice self-inquiry, inquiry about Who we truly are?, inquiry into our true nature. 3-The Self-realization of a few humans that they are nothing but the Life force itself is not a strange occurrence but a due course of evolution of an intelligent human. Universal Love, Empathy and practice of Non Violence is a natural byproduct of Self-Realization. You want a helping hand to other multi cellular organisms to find absolute peace and bliss by realizing their true nature as a Life force or Consciousness and not suffer emotionally and physically by trying to satisfy the desires of I, the ego. 4-Is the Life force or Consciousness or God Benevolent? If there is a Benevolent God, why is there Pain, Suffering and Hunger in the world? Advaita Philosophy .... is a helpful psychological tool to help one move away from the limited, I, the ego, the name identity and identify oneself with the Life force or Consciousness or breath awareness or God Awareness realized in Advaita Meditation. This helps one get out of the desire hamster wheel and the emotional rollercoaster of life and find absolute peace and bliss in a state of identity with the Life force or Consciousness in which all body, mind activity happens. 5-In the presence of Life force, cellular bodies exist as viruses, bacteria, insects, dogs, cats, humans etc. Every second thousands of living organisms die, chickens eat insects, humans eat chickens, and humans die in homicides or accidents. Each mind, body is provided with organs for self-preservation. But with our limited mind we can only observe and identify that in the presence of life force there is spontaneous existence of life force and when the life force departs all living beings die. 6-But feelings of love and empathy towards living beings happen naturally in our hearts with or without us following Advaita Philosophy and more so in Advaita Meditation. So we can realize that goodness is a byproduct of the life force.So as a physically challenged person, person facing emotional turmoil and as a veteran back from a war, Advaita Philosophy will help one find permanent Peace and Bliss and an opportunity to look outside one’s limitation. 7-Hinduism has the Karma theory, where you get good things in this life if you had performed good deeds in your previous lives and will get bad things in this life if you have done bad things in your previous life. Evolution from lower level to higher level beings happens with good deeds. So the only option you have is to perform good deeds in this life with the hope of reaping good things in your next life. 8-Again this is just a human made theory that conveniently answers a question - Is the Life force or God benevolent? Again our limited minds can no longer conclude if there are past and future lives, if evolution progresses with good deeds or if God is Benevolent. But one thing is for sure, identifying with the Life force or Consciousness with the help of Advaita Meditation is a practical psychological tool to deal with emotional turmoil we face in our everyday life. Advanced Advaita - Self -Realization is possible by understanding the illusion created by the Mind.. 9-The tendency to inquire within, and ask Who am I? is a stage of progressive evolution triggered by your inner truth or Consciousness or Lifeforce. For some it comes naturally, for other stressful events or unhappiness leads them to seeking happiness.In Advaita Meditation, you have practiced Self-Inquirty to realize that you are not the body that has a limited time span and disintegrates with death. You are not the thought I, the ego, your name that puts you in a hamster wheel of desires and you are not the mind.

10-You realize in meditation you are the breath awareness in your heart, the life force, the Consciousness or the God Awareness that is eternal in existence. If you are Consciousness then the person or the animal you see is also nothing but Consciouness or Lifeforce.The Consciousness or Lifeforce or Brahman is not dual, that is in you and the person you see, but is one entity, the reason we call it as Advaita or Non-Duality. It is like the air in pots, does the air belong to a pot or is the air one continuous entity? 11-Now, we get to the advanced stages of Advaita Philosophy. When Sri Adi Shankara says, " The Universe is unreal, the Brahman alone is real" what does he mean? The perception of mind, by which it creates separation, Time and Space is the real culprit that prevents you from realizing your true nature of Life force or Consciousness or God Awareness. Once you get out of the mind illusion, you are realized. 12-You and a person y