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1-ON THE TOP OF OUR HEAD; THERE IS A BHANWAR OF HAIR (literally, whirling or rotating cave) . AWAKEN KUNDALINI GOES THROUGH THIRD EYE TO BHANWAR GUPHA & THEN CROWN CHAKRA.....IT MEANS, Crossing through Bhanwar Gupha, the soul reaches Sat Lok or Sach Khand, which is called the region of Haq or Truth by the Muslims. The Muslims call the region Anahu, which has the same meaning, 'That am I'; but the Muslims have used Arabic words and ours are Sanskrit.

2- These regions cannot be adequately described because one cannot find anything comparable to them anywhere else. The Saints have had to make use of physical or worldly materials or objects in order to give us hints about them. 3-As a matter of fact, Sach Khand ;The Soul Plane is a region of peace, bliss and love of the highest order. On reaching it, the soul has a light equal to that of sixteen suns. 4-Beyond the plaza ----the soul in Satlok merge, where Sat Purush tunes of vina play. His Each hair radiates refulgence of a millions suns, effulgence of a myriad moons. 5-Bhanwar-Gupha witness the eleventh lotus. The twelfth one glistens in Sach Khand.

6-Bhanwar Gupha is the funnel of the entire creative process from Sach Khand downwards. Its very name exhibits the tremendous power inherent within the region: "whirling vortex". The lord of this realm is termed Sohang ("I Am That"), a descriptive-mantric term which implies a conscious intuition on the part of the soul with its higher identity.

7-The shabd currents in Bhanwar Gupha are so sweet and enchanting, according to the Saints, that souls live entirely off its invigorating (making one feel strong)nectar, desiring nothing but darshan of the presiding lord and the manifestations of light and sound.

8-Kabir, the most famous of the medieval saints, describes in his writings how pure spirits live on spiritual islands with magnificent palaces for transmundane enjoyment.

9-When in the course of meditation man reaches this state of Bhanwar-Gupha he experiences that there was none except his own self. This centre is compared with Bhanwar which means whirl. At this centre a wheel rotates like a cradle. It means that at this centre a wave springs out of the face of the meditator and again merges in its own source, or say, it rotates around its own source and produces the sound of Sohang-Flute; which is so effective that the meditator enjoys the pleasure of being one with the Supreme Soul.

10-On crossing this place, the spirit entity reached the outpost of Sat Lok, i.e. SAHASRARA where melodious sounds of 'Sat Sat' is heard as though coming out of vina (harp). On hearing this, the spirit penetrated further on rapturously. There rose to view the silver and golden streams full of nectar, and vast gardens, each tree thereof is one crore yojans in height, and crores of suns and moons hang from them as flowers and fruits.

10-1-Innumerable spirits and Hansas sing, chatter, and play on those trees like birds. The wondrous beauty of this region is ineffable. While enjoying it, the spirit entered Sat Lok and came into the presence of Sat Purush.

11-Now as regards the glory of the person of Sat Purush, each hair of His is so brilliant that crores of suns and moons look pale in comparison. How may one describe His eyes, nose, ears, face, hands, and feet; They are all nothing but refulgence, even to describe them as oceans of light does not give the remotest idea adequately. Though it has been a long time coming, the soul after traversing the lower realms finally reaches its real home, Sach Khand (true region), where even the subtlest duality between the spirit and God are transcended.

12-The Supreme Being, Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth, Existence, Bliss), is found in Its pure form only in this region, the saints stress. All of the previous planes of existence are but reflections of this infinite abode .On being admitted to Sat Purush's court, the soul revels in delight, for the inner guru has delivered what he promised: God realization.

13-However, a curious thing happens when the student beholds the Supreme Lord for the first time; is seen as not different from Sat Purush, but rather they are one and inseparable.

14-At this crucial transformation, the student realizes the Supreme Truth that he/she is also not separate from the divine master or the Lord but in eternal unity with them.All along it was not just a human being or an inner spirit guiding the yearning soul but, according to the Saints, the Absolute itself. This enlightenment, unlike the partial glimpses of insight in the intermediary realms, is permanent and lasting; it is the very root of all manifestations, projections, and creations. One without a second; infinity without measure.


07 FACTS;-- 1-The next and fourth spiritual region is the Bhanwar Gupha , or Soham region. Soham literallly means, 'That am I'; that is, 'I am a drop of the same ocean. In essence we are the same, but I am a drop and you are the ocean.' This region is the gateway to Sach Khand. 2-The soul ascends the peak from its west gate and penetrates across Maha-Sunyan. By throwing open the gate of Bhanwar Gupha, it hearkens (listen)to the music of the flute that emanates from Soham. 3-In this region there are eighty-eight thousand universes, all of which are inhabited by devotees. Only those reach here who are followers of a Guru who has Himself attained access to this high stage. The arrangement, appearance and beauties of these regions have no equal in this world. 3-1-The Saints have tried to give us an idea of these realms by comparing them to the most precious stones we have here, such as diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds. These jewels are considered the most precious things in this world, and therefore they are used to try to express the value and the beauty of the inner treasures. 4-One hears the sound of the flute in this region. Again, there is nothing in this world with which to compare this beautiful sound. From the flute emanates a melody to which some rare mystic lends an ear. 5-Soham 'means "That am I" (or "I Am That"), meaning the soul recognizes that it and the Eternal are one. On first glance this is an incredible realization - that we are eternal, self-aware particles of the Lord, drops of water from the Ocean of Love and Mercy. And indeed, this is a huge awakening - so much so that, without a Master, one might easily be convinced that this is the final destination and rest here. ,. 6--But if you look at the meaning of Soham- I Am That - what you discover is that there is still the slightest separation from God in our consciousness. Like the flute, we recognize we are of the forest; yet we still perceive ourselves as separate from it. While we have risen above physical, astral, causal and mental consciousness, we are still operating under the thinnest, almost transparent veil of maya - for we are still perceiving things in dualistic terms.

7-For even though we realize "I Am That", we still see ourselves as separate - there is still am "I and Thou", So even when you make it to this point, and are reveling in the bliss of knowing who and what you are, you still need to make one final step, casting off the last veil of separation, and become a conscious drop within the Ocean.


10 FACTS;--

1-The word Kundalini is a familiar one to all students of Yoga, as it is well known as the power, in the form of a coiled serpent, residing in Muladhara Chakra, the first of the seven Chakras, the other six being Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Visuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara, in order.

2-All Sadhanas in the form of Japa, meditation, Kirtan and prayer as well as all development of virtues, and observance of austerities like truth, non-violence and continence are at best calculated only to awaken this serpent-power and make it to pass through all the succeeding Chakras beginning from Svadhishthana to Sahasrara.

3-The latter otherwise called as the thousand-petalled lotus, the seat of Sadashiva or the Parabrahman or the Absolute separated from whom the Kundalini or the Shakti lies at the Muladhara, and to unite with whom the Kundalini passes through all the Chakras, as explained above, conferring liberation on the aspirant who assiduously practises Yoga or the technique of uniting her with her Lord and gets success also in his effort.

4-In worldly-minded people, given to enjoyment of sensual and sexual pleasures, this Kundalini power is sleeping because of the absence of any stimulus in the form of spiritual practices, as the power generated through such practices alone awakens that serpent-power, and not any other power derived through the possession of worldly riches and affluence.

5-When the aspirant seriously practises all the disciplines as enjoined in the Shastras, and as instructed by the preceptor, in whom the Kundalini would have already been awakened and reached its abode or Sadashiva, acquiring which blessed achievement alone a person becomes entitled to act as a Guru or spiritual preceptor, guiding and helping others also to achieve the same end.

6- The veils or layers enmeshing (trap) Kundalini begin to be cleared and finally are torn asunder and the serpent-power is pushed or driven, as it were upwards.Supersensual visions appear before the mental eye of the aspirant, new worlds with indescribable wonders and charms unfold themselves before the Yogi.

7-Planes after planes reveal their existence and grandeur to the practitioner and the Yogi gets divine knowledge, power and bliss, in increasing degrees, when Kundalini passes through Chakra after Chakra, making them to bloom in all their glory which before the touch of Kundalini, do not give out their powers, emanating their divine light and fragrance and reveal the divine secrets and phenomena, which lie concealed from the eyes of worldly-minded people who would refuse to believe of their existence even.

8-When the Kundalini ascends one Chakra or Yogic centre, the Yogi also ascends one step or rung upward in the Yogic ladder; one more page, the next page, he reads in the divine book; the more the Kundalini travels upwards, the Yogi also advances towards the goal or spiritual perfection in relation to it.

9-When the Kundalini reaches the sixth centre or the Ajna Chakra, the Yogi gets the vision of Personal God or Saguna Brahman, and when the serpent-power reaches the last, the top centre, or Sahasrara Chakra, or the Thousand-petalled lotus, the Yogi loses his individuality in the ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda or the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute and becomes one with the Lord or Supreme Soul.

10-He is no longer an ordinary man, not even a simple Yogi, but a fully illumined sage, having conquered the eternal and unlimited divine kingdom, a hero having won the battle against illusion, a Mukta or liberated one having crossed the ocean of ignorance or the transmigratory existence, and a superman having the authority and capacity to save the other struggling souls of the relative world. .....SHIVOHAM......