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03 FACTS;-

1-TRATAK SADHANA is a popular yoga technique.Trataka’ is steady gazing at a particular point or object without winking. Though this is one of the six purificatory exercises, it is mainly intended for developing concentration and mental focusing.

2-It is very useful for the students of Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga. There is no other effective method for the control of the mind. Some of the students who claim that they belong to Jnana Yoga, neglect such important exercises since they are described under Hatha Yogic portions.

3-Sri Ramana Maharshi was doing this exercise.While seated on his sofa in his room, he used to gaze on the walls. When he sat on the veranda in an easy-chair, he steadily looked at the distant hills or at the sky. This enabled him to keep up a balanced state of mind. Nothing could distract his mind. He was very calm and cool always. He was not at all distracted by any one even though his Bhaktas might be talking and singing by his side. A Type of Yoga;--

02 FACTS;- 1-Tratak sadhana is a type of hath yoga which is used to attain spiritual goals. Infact like the Patanjali yoga which has eight divisions, hatha yoga has six components and they are mentioned below... 1-1. Dhauti 1-2. Vasti 1-3. Neti 1-4. Neuli 1-5. Tratak 1-6. Kapalbhati 2-These yogas, apart from spiritual advancements, also help in physical and mental developmentThese are all yogic processes (shat karma) which apart from imparting physical and mental peace also provide spiritual power. . The first four are exclusively meant for purification of the body and the last two are meant for the attainment of spiritual power... CAN WE CONTROL ENERGY DISSIPATION IN THOUGHTS ?-

03 FACTS;- 1-The experts believe that eighty per cent of our energy is wasted in thoughts that is absolutely not necessary. If we channelize these thoughts by calming the mind and focusing in the right direction then we can be benefited immensely. The removal of these unwanted thoughts will ensure that we move towards more peace and salvation. This will calm our mind. This is the first and one of the strongest advantage of doing the tratak sadhana. 2-The flow of thoughts in our brain is an on-going process. Due to this, 80 per cent of our energy is wasted and our central nerve system loses its balance.

3-But when we attain tratak sadhana, gradually we start experiencing peace of mind, and thereafter we start getting rid of unwanted thoughts. With this process we start gaining more and more energy. And a time comes when we are able to perform an unusual feat. WHAT IS TRATAK SADHANA ?-- It is defined as focusing your attention with concentration on a point or on the flame of a lamp continuously, without blinking. TYPES OF TRATAK SADHANA;-- The Tratak sadhna can be of three types and they are------ 1. INNER TRATAK;---


1-The inner tratak is a meditation that is done by closing eyes. In this sadhna the object or focus concentration is within you, what you need to do is concentrate on the third eye.

2-By focusing on the third eye you may feel pain and heat. However, with time you will feel normal. This can help one to develop better intelligence and confidence.

3-The ones who can perform inner tratak well can also hypnotize people from a distance. This also helps to remove all negative thoughts. 2. MIDDLE TRATAK; --


1-The next is the middle tratak. In this you need to keep your eyes open. You should concentrate on a flame of a lamp, a crystal Shivling, or maybe just a point.

2-When you do this you might feel a burning sensation in your eye. This is because you are not supposed to blink. You can close your eyes if the irritation becomes too much and then start the sadhna again.

3-There is nothing wrong in doing so. The distance of the object from your eyes must be at least twenty inches this is ideal for your eyes. 4-As you keep practicing this you will soon realise that ability to look at the point is only increasing. The middle tratak also improves concentration and memory.

5-An expert in middle tratak can also hypnotise someone easily.

6-The middle tratak sadhna increases foresight and also makes one more spiritual. 3. OUTER TRATAK;---