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03 FACTS;-

1-TRATAK SADHANA is a popular yoga technique.Trataka’ is steady gazing at a particular point or object without winking. Though this is one of the six purificatory exercises, it is mainly intended for developing concentration and mental focusing.

2-It is very useful for the students of Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga. There is no other effective method for the control of the mind. Some of the students who claim that they belong to Jnana Yoga, neglect such important exercises since they are described under Hatha Yogic portions.

3-Sri Ramana Maharshi was doing this exercise.While seated on his sofa in his room, he used to gaze on the walls. When he sat on the veranda in an easy-chair, he steadily looked at the distant hills or at the sky. This enabled him to keep up a balanced state of mind. Nothing could distract his mind. He was very calm and cool always. He was not at all distracted by any one even though his Bhaktas might be talking and singing by his side. A Type of Yoga;--

02 FACTS;- 1-Tratak sadhana is a type of hath yoga which is used to attain spiritual goals. Infact like the Patanjali yoga which has eight divisions, hatha yoga has six components and they are mentioned below... 1-1. Dhauti 1-2. Vasti 1-3. Neti 1-4. Neuli 1-5. Tratak 1-6. Kapalbhati 2-These yogas, apart from spiritual advancements, also help in physical and mental developmentThese are all yogic processes (shat karma) which apart from imparting physical and mental peace also provide spiritual power. . The first four are exclusively meant for purification of the body and the last two are meant for the attainment of spiritual power... CAN WE CONTROL ENERGY DISSIPATION IN THOUGHTS ?-

03 FACTS;- 1-The experts believe that eighty per cent of our energy is wasted in thoughts that is absolutely not necessary. If we channelize these thoughts by calming the mind and focusing in the right direction then we can be benefited immensely. The removal of these unwanted thoughts will ensure that we move towards more peace and salvation. This will calm our mind. This is the first and one of the strongest advantage of doing the tratak sadhana. 2-The flow of thoughts in our brain is an on-going process. Due to this, 80 per cent of our energy is wasted and our central nerve system loses its balance.

3-But when we attain tratak sadhana, gradually we start experiencing peace of mind, and thereafter we start getting rid of unwanted thoughts. With this process we start gaining more and more energy. And a time comes when we are able to perform an unusual feat. WHAT IS TRATAK SADHANA ?-- It is defined as focusing your attention with concentration on a point or on the flame of a lamp continuously, without blinking. TYPES OF TRATAK SADHANA;-- The Tratak sadhna can be of three types and they are------ 1. INNER TRATAK;---


1-The inner tratak is a meditation that is done by closing eyes. In this sadhna the object or focus concentration is within you, what you need to do is concentrate on the third eye.

2-By focusing on the third eye you may feel pain and heat. However, with time you will feel normal. This can help one to develop better intelligence and confidence.

3-The ones who can perform inner tratak well can also hypnotize people from a distance. This also helps to remove all negative thoughts. 2. MIDDLE TRATAK; --


1-The next is the middle tratak. In this you need to keep your eyes open. You should concentrate on a flame of a lamp, a crystal Shivling, or maybe just a point.

2-When you do this you might feel a burning sensation in your eye. This is because you are not supposed to blink. You can close your eyes if the irritation becomes too much and then start the sadhna again.

3-There is nothing wrong in doing so. The distance of the object from your eyes must be at least twenty inches this is ideal for your eyes. 4-As you keep practicing this you will soon realise that ability to look at the point is only increasing. The middle tratak also improves concentration and memory.

5-An expert in middle tratak can also hypnotise someone easily.

6-The middle tratak sadhna increases foresight and also makes one more spiritual. 3. OUTER TRATAK;---

04 POINTS;- 1-The last type of tratak is called the outer tratak. It is the most complex of all tratak sadhnas. In this one needs to concentrate attention on any object like the moon, sun or the stars.

2-This can be done during day or night. You must have a very good eye sight for this. This is because you will have to look at a celestial body and concentrate.

3-This tratak sadhna improve the ability to concentrate and can also remove mental disorders if done well.

4-It is a good tool for motivation too. The foresight that you can gain by doing this tratak is incomparable.. HOW TO CLUB TRATAK MEDITATION WITH NADI SHODHAN?---

03 POINTS;- 1-In Tratak just concentration is not all you will also have to perform Nadi--shodhan to get the desired result ( get your mind in control). Unless the mind is in control you will not be able to perform the tratak sadhna. 2-You must sit in the Sukhasan & start inhaling and exhaling. You must do this for twenty one days regularly and the duration should be for fifteen minutes a day. In the first twenty one days you will be able to understand how well you can do the sadhna. As time moves you can increase the duration of the sadhna for better results. 3-You must keep your back and spine straight. This is also called Siddhasan. Now concentrate on your thoughts and keep the negative thoughts away. Now put your full concentration into the tratak sadhna. You should do it with full dedication and patience. You must ensure that the sadhna is done in a closed room. You should not be disturbed during this time. TIPS & TRICKS;---

04 POINTS;- 1-If you can fix a certain time and do the sadhna for better results. You must select any one of the tratak sadhna methods.

2-All the three of them have more or less the same results so you can pick any one. When you select one method don’t expect to get results immediately.

3-You must ensure that the tratak is done at least for three months. Only after doing it for three months, you will get the results.

4-You must leave all the addictions to get the best possible results. The best time would be to do it after a bath. You should wear lose clothes and try wearing white clothes to get the best results. PRECAUTIONS--

02 POINTS;- There are some precautions that you must take while you practice tratak sadhna.. 1-Those who are suffering from heart diseases and weak eye should not try to do tratak. 2-Never move your body while you do the tratak sadhna. WHAT IS TRATAK MEDITATION TECHNIQUE?---

05 FACTS;- 1-Tratak is an ideal meditation technique. With continuous practice, you will witness an increase in your alertness, confidence level, stability in thoughts, and an ability to control situations that were previously difficult. You may also notice an improvement in your eyesight. 2-Tratak is very helpful in improving mental clarity and capacity. People of all ages will benefit, especially students who need to concentrate on their studies. Children in India are started with this meditation technique at an early age, but this method should not be practiced by children that are not supervised. 3-Regular meditation techniques may be difficult to master if you are extremely stressed, worried or agitated. But Tratak is different in that you gaze at a focal point, usually a candle flame, that captures your sight. 4-The eyes control,,, the thought process, and focusing on a candle flame that is steady has tremendous and powerful benefits. Changes in our consciousness level occur through gazing steadily at the glowing flame. 5-To attain a deep state of meditation, the level of energy in the mind must be elevated and single-pointed. Concentration is the first stage of meditation. Tratak induces and magnifies this single pointedness. HOW DOES IT WORK? ---

05 FACTS;- 1-The light emitted from a flame is taken in by the eyes and generates energy. The lens of the eye concentrates the light and heat energy of the flame onto the retina, and conducts the light and energy through the optical nerves to the lobes at the rear of the brain. 2-This energy that has entered through the eyes now increases energy in the Pineal gland and increases and improves its function. The Pineal gland is located at the back of the head and feeds on light and heat energy. It is the only gland receptive to light, even though it is encased in bone. 3-The Pineal gland is known as the "Third Eye" and converts light into the electromagnetic energy responsible for the entire body's glandular system. 4-Flooding the Pineal gland with light stimulates its development and functioning. This allows the opening of the "Third Eye" and the ensuing feeling of bliss. 5-Hindu scriptures say that the practice of Tratak develops the faculties of greater intuition and that the past, present and future all begin to appear with equal clarity. METHOD OF TRATAK CANDLE FLAME MEDITATION; --

06 FACTS;- NOTE--Practicing Nadi Sodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) just before gazing at the flame greatly enhances the effectiveness of this meditation technique. 1-Light a candle or ghee lamp in your meditation room or wherever you are comfortable. Sit in an upright position in a chair, or on the floor cross legged, or in Padmasana (Full Lotus Pose) to ensure that the spine stays erect and that inner energy can flow easily through the subtle channels of the body. 2-It is recommended that the flame be kept about twelve to twenty-four inches from the face, and at eye level. Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Focus your eyes on the flame and keep your gaze without blinking for as long as you can. You may start to feel tears develop in the eyes. Producing tears is said to have many beneficial effects. Keep your eyes focused. Gaze gently at the flame, not the candle or ghee lamp. Let your vision stay with the flame. If thoughts arise, simply acknowledge them and let them go. 3-When tears flow, close your eyes. You will see the after-effect of the flame. Keep the eyes closed and see the "flame" glow with closed eyes. Focus on the flame's "image" with closed eyes and notice how it may be changing. It may glow very brightly and then grow dim, only to glow brightly again. It may change colors and size. Bring your attention to the space between and just above the eyebrows to the Ajna Chakra, the third eye. You may feel deep peace and distance from your body. Allow that feeling to permeate your entire being. 4-After the flame has diminished from your mind's eye, slowly open your eyes. Do not look at the flame. It is recommended that you face any direction but south when opening the eyes. It is also recommended that you gaze at the greenery of a living plant or flower for a moment. Since Tratak increases the heat and light energy in the eyes, you may want to use a drop of rosewater (or a similar natural eye drop) in each eye to refresh the eyes. Ideal times for Tratak are sunrise and sunset or the hour midway between sunset and sunrise.Time duration should be one hour . 40 minutes To Gaze &

20 minutes To Relax. 5-When Pineal function is restored to its peak, the body begins to respond with new balance as nerve energy begins to flow evenly through both halves of the brain, body and spinal cord. The upward rush of energy creates a feeling of bliss.

6-The opening of the Pineal gland takes time and does not happen overnight. Regular and persistent practice of Tratak will bring greater awareness of the visual realm, a relaxed state of mind, enhanced brain wave function, and a deeper knowledge of the Self, all leading to the path to Enlightenment. NOTE;- FOR SADHAKS ; FOCUSING ON PICTURE GIVEN BELOW IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CANDLE-- THEY CAN RECEIVE CHAKRA ENLIGHTMENT ; VERY SOON.. OTHER EXERCISES;-

10 FACTS;-

(1) Keep the picture of Lord Krishna, Rama, Narayana or Devi in front of you. Look at it steadily without winking. Gaze at the head; then at the body; then at the legs. Repeat the same process again and again. When your mind calms down look at a particular place only. Be steady till tears begin to flow. Then close the eyes and mentally visualise the picture.

(2) Gaze on a black dot on a white wall or draw a black mark on a piece of white paper and hang it on the wall in front of you.

(3) Draw the picture 'AUM' on a piece of paper and have it before your seat. Do Trataka on it.

(4) Lie down on an open terrace and gaze at a particular bright star or on the full moon. After some time, you will see different colours of lights. Again some time later, you will see only a particular colour throughout, and all other surrounding stars will disappear. When you gaze at the moon, you will see only a bright moon on a black background. At times you will see a huge mass of light all around you. When gazing becomes more intense, you can also see two or three moons of the same size and at times you cannot see any moon at all even though your eyes may be wide open.

(5) Select at random any place in the open sky in the morning or evening hours and gaze at it steadily. You will get new inspirations.

(6) Look at a mirror and gaze at the pupil of your eye.

(7) Some people do Trataka at the space between the two eyebrows or at the tip of the nose. Even during walking, some persons do Trataka at the tip of the nose.

(8) Advanced students can do Trataka at the inner Chakras, (Padmas). Muladhara, Anahata, Ajna and Sahasrara are the important centres for Trataka.

(9) Keep a ghee-lamp before you and gaze at the flames. Some astral entities give Darshan through the flames.

(10) Very few Yogins do Trataka on the sun. It requires the help of an experienced man by their side. They begin to gaze on the rising sun and after gradual practice they do Trataka on the sun even in the midday. They get some special Siddhis (psychic powers) by this practice. All are not fit for this Sadhana. All the first 9 exercises will suit everyone and they are harmless. The last one, sun-gazing should not be attempted until you get the help of an experienced man.


11 FACTS;-

1-When you do the practice in your meditation room, sit in your favourite Asana (posture), Siddhasana or Padmasana. At other times you can do in a standing or sitting posture.

2-Trataka can be profitably done even when you walk. As you walk along the streets, do not look hither and thither. Gaze at the tip of the nose or toes.

3-There are many persons who do not look at the face when they talk to others. They have their own gaze at a particular place and talk. No particular Asana is required for this Sadhana.

4-When you gaze at a picture, it is Trataka. When you close your eyes and mentally visualise the picture, it is Saguna Dhyana (meditation with form).

5-When you associate the attributes of God such as omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, purity, perfection, etc., the name and the form of the object of Trataka will automatically disappear and you will enter into Nirguna Dhyana (abstract meditation).

6-Do Trataka for two minutes to start with. Then cautiously increase the period. Do not be impatient. Gradual steady practice is required. Gazing at a spot even for three full hours continuously counts for nothing, if the mind is wandering. The mind also must be on the spot. Then only you will advance in this practice and attain many psychic powers.

7-Those who cannot gaze steadily for a second in spite of several attempts, need not worry much. They can close their eyes and gaze at an imaginary spot at the space between the two eyebrows.

8-Those who have very weak eye-capillaries should do Trataka after closing their eyes on any imaginary spot within or without. Do not tax your eyes by over-practice. When you feel tired, close your eyes and keep your mind on the object of Trataka. When you sit and do Trataka do not shake the body.

Trataka improves eyesight.

9-Going beyond one’s own power and gazing at the sun without any help may produce serious troubles. For gazing on the sun you must have your guide by your side. They will prescribe some oil to rub on your head to avoid such serious troubles and to cool the system. You should apply honey to your eyes at night when you practise sun-gazing.

10-Many who had some eye-troubles have realised immense benefits by Trataka.By the practice of Trataka, diseases of the eyes are removed. Eye-sight improves. Many have thrown away their spectacles after taking to this practice. Will-power is developed. Vikshepa is destroyed. It steadies the mind. Clairvoyance, thought-reading, psychic cure and other Siddhis are obtained very easily.

11-Trataka alone cannot give you all Siddhis. After the control of the mind, when it becomes steady, you will have to manipulate the mind by prescribed methods for the attainment of powers.