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18 FACTS;--

1-80% of the Gurus in society today are fake or without spiritual authority. That means they are at a spiritual level much below 70% and do not have access to the Universal Mind and Intellect. In some cases, these people may have a high ability to attract thousands of people by some specific spiritual power they have obtained.

2-For example, a person at 50% spiritual level may be able to cure disease from an early age through spiritual power obtained from spiritual practice undertaken in a previous birth. Most of humankind in today’s era being between the 20-25% spiritual level are unequipped to discern whether the person is a Saint or not. However they generally end up following the person who can heal them or perform miracles.

3- These are a few points that will help you in finding out fake Guru’s that can be understood by the intellect and tested. These are some cases where these fake Gurus have exposed themselves by their actions;---

3-1. The Gurus who generate a feeling of inferiority in others and try to show off their greatness.

2. Those who have an attachment to wealth and women

3. Putting on false airs

4-One Guru does not use a watch because he does not want to be bound by the restrictions of time and a watch strap. Yet after every fifteen to twenty minutes he asks others, “What is the time?”

5- Desirous of fame

6-Some people who have an earnest desire to be known as Gurus and are spiritually evolved to some extent, recommend different kinds of spiritual practice to others. In most cases, they do not walk their talk themselves. As a result, it has been observed that the seekers undertaking the advised spiritual practice progress but the so called Guru remains stagnant.

6-. Encourage dependency in their students;--

Some Gurus fear that if they impart all spiritual knowledge to their disciples, they will have no importance thereafter. Hence they do not impart all knowledge to them.

4-You seek a spiritual path and spiritual teacher. Let the concept of “guru” work itself out. For, after all, if you find someone, how will you know he or she is a true guru and not just a spiritual teacher who is magnetic and intelligent but still subject to human emotions etc.?

5-Begin with books, then to classes, and then to a spiritual family. Bit by bit as you refine your intentions and deepen your commitment by self-effort, being always open to divine grace and guidance, your true guru will appear: whether in human form or through the disciples of a true guru.

6-Steady, steady, soon done! Meditate daily, read true spiritual teachings, find others of like-mind, think and act with right attitude and right action. The magnetism you develop through devotion, wisdom and spiritually-centered action will draw to you the grace you need each step of the way to final freedom.

7-As to the subject of money, see money as energy. It takes great energy to become God-realized and free. Spiritual teachings only cost money owing to the practicality of what it takes to attract and share them with those who are sincerely interested.

8-But for the devotee’s part, we must understand that it is we who must sacrifice all for the pearl of great price. So don’t judge spiritual teachings by whether they are “free.” Nothing worth having is truly free in the highest and best sense. No guru is going to zap (a sudden burst of energy )you with cosmic consciousness for the mere asking, in other words.

9-After following a guru for few years if you find you are not improving or he is not the right person, then the only thing you should do is to stop following him and without any ill feelings towards him, just try to find someone else.

9-1-Technically one can do a lot of things after he finds himself cheated or a prey to the media hype, but he should focus upon continuing his development rather than getting revenge minded and focusing on someone else's ruin. Those negative feelings will only degrade him further instead of helping him move up.

10- We have to earn spiritual freedom just as we have to earn our livelihood to take care of ourselves and render grateful service to humanity.

11-Astavakra geeta says—

There are four types of person-----

11-1-Gyani-realizedsoul;clear of doubts

11-2-Mumukshu--curious to know& full of doubts

11-3-Agyani--interested to get heavenly pleasure

11-4-Mudh- interested to show off ;not respecting saints etc.

12-Gyani means rishi ;perfect;&guru who are found in Himalaya (at present ).

13-There are 5 stages of Samadhi----

13-1-Vitark Anugat Samadhi (realization of negativity- due to-misconduct of last births)

13-2-Vichar Anugat Samadhi (realization of postivity- full control of 5 senses(smell-earth;taste-water;see-fire;touch-air;hear-ether)

13-3-Anand Anugat Samadhi (always with deity like Ramkrishana paramhansa with ma Kali)

13-4-Ashmita Anugat Samadhi (like vidah janak --not body only soul)

13-5 - Nirbeej Samadhi (the zero stage)

14-Now we can easily decide the category of ourself &so called guru.

Actually we need mentor--may be material world or spiritual world.As you live in America ;if somebody ask about the way of America ,you can guide;because you are senior.

15-At present to control 5 senses is just ; next to impossible.

Those who run after name & fame are not enlightened ones. spiritualism says ;' Be a giver not taker'.Gratitude is the first step of spiritualism & SATOGUN IS THE BRIDGE TOWARDS GUNATIT ...THE FINAL LIBERATION .

16 -Gurus are also humans with anger, ego & greed ; then how one can be fully devoted to him ?

Actually We are 'Aham brahamaismi' but only at that time ; when reach at zero state.As soon as we come back ; We are only human beings ;Who are always with 6 enemies(lust.anger.greed ego,attachment,jealous)

SP--In zero state nothing can be done. So no one is adorable except GOD & RISHIS in our life.

17-There are 5 stages of Samadhi & 5 stages of a sadhak.Those guru who run after money & fame are in 3rd or 4th stage.SATOGUN IS THE FETTER OF GOLD &THEY ARE ENTRAPPED.IT IS JUST LIKE THE GAME OF SNAKE & LADDER---THEY REACH AT 99 BUT unfortunately COME DOWN TO……….

18-Real gurus are found in cave at Himalaya but they search disciple ; like Vivekananda. It is said--- that you get guru; PROVIDED THAT you are eligible & deserving.If you want Swami Ramkrishana as a guru; be like

Vivekananda .

To reach zero state is the goal & can be achieved ;when YOU say …..SHIVOHAM…….