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When we discuss about Hinduism, the name of Lord Krishna comes first. He is worshipped by all sects of this religion. Again, if we talk about the vague stories in the Hinduism, the story of Lord Krishna should be given first priority. Lord Krishna is the most popular character in religious scriptures. He is still a topic being researched all over the world. He is a mysterious character in our mythology. 12 FACTS;- 1-Lord Krishna is an ocean of knowledge. No one could estimate how deep it was. Just remember Gita. Wasn't he a great philosopher? Let’s remember how he used the psychological powers like telepathy, telekinesis ,(the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other non-physical means) hypnotism and precognition (foreknowledge of an event). It proves that he is excellent at Psychology.

2-If you read his story, you will find him talking from physics to biology and history to politics. In whole Mahabharata, you will find him a well diplomat and perfect politician. In this way, there was no one more intellectual than Lord Krishna. Think that Goddess Saraswati herself was residing in his mind. Moreover, Lord Krishna was a versatile man having knowledge of all domains like music, war, medical science, etc. 3-This universe both physically and spiritually is ruled by nature. The nature is ruled by Lord Krishna. Remember the chapter where God Indra poured natural disasters upon Gokul and Lord Krishna made all of them meaningless. As you know a saying, ‘’you will reap what you sow.’’ This is the rule of nature. It is also governed by Lord Krishna through his Sudarshan Chakra. 4-But what makes Lord Krishna different from a human being is that he himself abides by the rule of nature. In spite of being the master of nature, he never breaks the rule of nature as he knows that may result imbalance in the universe. He knew his city Dwarika was sinking but he did not try to stop it. He could make all life events positive and favourable for him, but he did not do it. He believed that a man should do everything on his own capability. So he never used his powers for his own benefit. He was immortal on the land however he embraced the death himself. Because he is God and God can’t break the rule of nature which is made by him. 5-The most controversial debate about Lord Krishna is he is God or not. During the time of Mahabharata, some people believed him to be God whereas some didn’t. Today he is worshiped as God of God in whole world. However some people create confusion after knowing his half story. Because somewhere Lord Krishna seems to be God whereas sometimes just a human. It is because he was doing the role of both human and God on the earth. After all he was following all the rules of nature as a simple human being. 6-Lord Krishna is man of the missions and principles. He was the incarnation with all the qualities of Lord Vishnu, the supreme lord. He strictly followed the principles of justification or religion. Obviously, he was on the earth with special purpose. Establishment of peace and justification was his main mission. However, his all deeds were different missions. Either assassination of Kansa, or support to 16000 captives, fight with Kaliya Naag or dance with Gopis and Gopinis all were the prefixed actions of Lord Krishna. 7- Lord Krishna is totally different person on the planet. Sometimes he from the part of a human felt he was not for the world as he was feeling uncomfortable to adjust. And it was true because he was there not to live like others as a selfish, sinner and criminal but to finish the crimes and sins and establish true world as a powerful messenger of God. He is dark in colour that is the sign that he was against crimes and sins in the world. He believed that whenever sins go extreme, he comes to the earth with the mission to fight a war against crimes and sins.

8-Only Kali Yuga is described to have extreme sins. But it is not true. Sins exist in all ages even in Satya Yuga. Because, it is the natural phenomena. Only the difference is its level. For instance, cheating by vegetable seller is minor crime in Kali Yuga but a great crime in Satya Yuga.Lord Krishna is full of love and service. But he is frustrated with all. However he being God lived of others and proved his godhood. He says himself in Gita that a man should do the duty without expecting the fruit. A great salute to his thought! 9- Lord Krishna recommends vegetarian life. He says that it is good from religious, social and physical points of views. You may have noticed that the followers of Krishna are called Shree Krishna Pranami and they are pure vegetarian. 10-SRI KRISHNA & UDDHAVA GITA;- Uddhava Gita is the message or speech given by Lord Krishna to his friend and devotee Uddhava before his departure from the earth to console him from his sadness and explaining why the "Yadu" race or Yadava community should fall; the Bhagavad Gita is a clarion call for action and for performing one’s own duties. 10-1-In Bhagavad Gita SriKrishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and prince and elaborates on different Yogic and Vedantic philosophies, whereas in Uddhava Gita Krishna explains about, spirituality, religion, code of conduct for various classes of society and stages of life, supremacy of devotion, different paths to enlightenment, mind as a root cause of all miseries and many other similar topics. 10-2-In both the cases the listener is one only, In Uddhava Gita, it is Sri Krishna's friend Uddhava; in Bhagavad Gita, it is Arjuna.The Bhagvad Gita was revealed by Krishna to Arjuna during the 18-day long battle of Kurukshetra, while the Uddhava Gita was revealed by Krishna to his Yadava friend, Uddhava during the days prior to his departure from this planet.Though both Bhagvad Gita and Uddhava Gita were narrated by the great sage, Vyasa, Bhagvad Gita was described in his epic Mahabharata while the Uddhava Gita was described by him in his Pauranic work Srimad Bhagvata 10-3-The Lord confirms to Uddhava, His intention to exit the world, the impending disaster waiting upon Dwaraka, the setting in of the disastrous Kali age and instructing Uddhava to develop a dispassionate outlook and an attitude of renunciation. Uddhava confesses his ignorance and says that he is too attached to this body and bodily ties as a result of the Lord’s Maya; and therefore afflicted by sorrows. He therefore seeks refuge in the Lord. 10-4-The Lord, in reply, states that, very often, with own efforts people are unable to reach fulfillment and therefore need the help of a Guru. He further states that, of all evolved bodies; the human body is most dear to Him as it provides the required apparatus for self-realization. Those who are ever vigilant, in this human body, directly discover Me, says the Lord. By way of illustration, the Lord narrates the ancient legend of a dialogue between Yadu and an ascetic of a high order. Yadu is amazed at the penetrating wisdom and simplicity and the blissful nature of the ascetic and inquires about the reasons for the same.

10-5-In answering this query of Yadu, the ascetic details the 24 gurus or preceptors from whom he has derived his lessons in life. This is an amazing list of items in our midst including the five primary elements from whom there is so much to learn. Of the 24 gurus cited, 8 gurus are dealt in chapter seven. They are the earth,air,sky,water,fire,moon,the sun and the dove. 11-Shri Krishna had a total of 16,108 wives ..which is a symbolic truth of nadis in our body ....16,100 wives were rescued from Narakasura. They had been forcibly kept in his palace and after Krishna had killed Narakasura ...he rescued these 16,100 women and freed them .His main wives were eight in number. Although he was very close to Sri Radha. 12-The names of his princely wives,also known as Ashtabharya,or patrani. are as following ;- Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana ...a symbol of eight important nadis around HEART CHAKRA BUT IN CENTRE ONLY TWO NADIS- MEANS RADHE -KRISHNA...


To write something about LORD KRISHNA is just like to show a lamp to glittering sun;but being a bhakt ,its my effort ,which needs your blessings...