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The beauty in our ancient stories is that they were never made location-specific or time-specific. Ramayana or Mahabharata are not just events that happened a long time ago, they are happening everyday in our lives. The essence of these stories is eternal.


03 FACTS;- 5000 years ago on Janamashtmi, The Lord appeared at midnight. This is indeed a historical fact, but it also has a deeper significance. 1-Midnight is the time of maximum darkness and from the moment the Lord appeared the darkness started diminishing. Similarly our heart is dark being afflicted by multiple anxieties and miseries. But in the darkest hour of our life, when we turn to the Lord and He appears in our heart, all the darkness recedes and the light of eternal hope starts streaming in. 2-The Lord appeared in a prison cell amidst shackles and then freed His parents . This indicates that all of us who are shackled by our own material desires can be freed by the Lord who appears in our heart which is like a prison house. 3-So the real Janmashtami will take place when the Lord appears in our hearts. Though we do not know it, all of us are actually pining for this Janmashtami to occur. All of us want love, care, protection and happiness and this is what the actual Janmashtami - the appearance of the Lord in our heart - 2-THE MEANING OF THE NAME-- "KRISHNA";-

03 FACTS;- 1-'The word 'krish' is the attractive feature of the Lord's existence, and 'na' means spiritual pleasure. When the verb 'krish' is added to the affix 'na' it becomes Krishna, which indicates the Absolute Truth.' 2-"The name Krishna means 'all-attractive.' God attracts everyone; that is the definition of 'God.' We have seen many pictures of Krishna, and we see that He attracts the cows, calves, birds, beasts, trees, plants, and even the water in Vrindavana. He is attractive to the cowherd boys, to the gopis, to Nanda Maharaja, to the Pandavas, and to all human society. Therefore if any particular name can be given to God, that name is 'Krishna.'" 3-If we analyze the nirukti, or semantic derivation, of the word 'Krishna,' we find that na signifies that He stops the repetition of birth and death, and krish means sattartha, or 'existence.' (Krishna is the whole of existence.) Also, krish means 'attraction,' and na means ananda, or 'bliss.' 3- WHO IS SRI KRISHNA ?--

02 FACTS;-- 1-The design, order and structured organization evident throughout the creation insist that there is a Super-intelligent Creator. The Vedic scriptures and, indeed all scriptures throughout the world, give us further information about this Supreme Being, who is known variously & so on.

2-The Supreme Person is full of extraordinary attributes, which make Him universally attractive. The name which describes this all-attractiveness of the Lord is His most complete name. Hence the name Krishna,,THE RASRAJ BRAHMAN, meaning 'the all-attractive one', describes the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in full. 4-THE BIRTH OF SRI KRISHANA; --

05 FACTS;-- There is a deeper meaning to the story of Krishna’s birth too...VIZ, 1- Devaki symbolizes the body and Vasudev symbolizes the life force (prana). When prana rises in the body, joy (Krishna) is born. 2-But the ego (Kansa) tries to eliminate joy. Kansa is Devaki’s brother which indicates that ego is born along with the body. 3-A person who is happy and joyful does not create trouble for anyone. It is the one,,, who is unhappy and emotionally wounded,,,, who ends up causing disruption. Those who feel injustice has been done to them -----end up being unjust to others,,,,, out of their hurt ego. 4-The biggest adversary of ego is joy. Ego cannot survive and has to bow down where there is joy and love. A person can hold a very high position in society, but he melts in front of his own little child. When the child falls ill, however strong the person is, they feel a little helpless.

5-Ego simply melts when confronted with love, simplicity and joy. Krishna is the epitome of joy, the quintessence of simplicity and the very source of love.. 5-IMPRISONMENT OF DEVAKI & VASUDEV-- Devaki’s and Vasudev’s imprisonment by Kansa signifies that when the ego takes over, the body feels like a prison. When Krishna was born, the prison guards fell asleep. The guards here are the senses which protect the ego because they are turned outward when awake. Inner joy sprouts in us when the senses turn inwards. 6-SRI KRISHANA AS A BUTTER THIEF; --

03 FACTS;-- 1-Krishna is also known as the butter thief. Milk is the essence of nourishment and curd is a cultured form of milk. When curd is churned, butter comes up and floats on top. It is nourishing and yet light, not heavy. 2-When our intelligence is churned, it becomes like butter. When knowledge dawns in the mind, one gets established in one’s Self. Such a person remains unattached to this world and his mind does not sink in it. 3-Krishna stealing butter is a symbolism of tattivik jnana ,,,depicting the glory of love. So attractive is Krishna’s charm and skill that he steals the minds of even the most dispassionate. 7-KRISHNA & PEACOCK FEATHER ;-

02 FACTS;-- 1-Krishna have the peacock feather on his head because it is the symbol of divine love..In general ,,,, people are not acquainted with this word....They think as they are...This is the main reason-----THEY ARE FAIL TO KNOW HIM... 2-A king is responsible for the whole society and that responsibility can become a burden, which sits on the head as the crown. But Krishna fulfills all his responsibility effortlessly, like a game. A mother never feels taking care of her children is a burden. Similarly, Krishna wears his responsibility lightly and plays his roles colorfully, just like the peacock feather on his crow 8-THE AVATAR;- The Lord administers the world through the laws of material nature - gross such as the law of gravitation and subtle such as the law of karma. But when there is too much of a disturbance in the universal order, the Lord descends Himself "to deliver the pious, annihilate the miscreants and reestablish the principles of religion"

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्‌ ।

धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥ MEANING;-

In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium. Such an incarnation is called an avatar, 'one who descends'..... 9-THE KALI YUGA INCARNATION;-

03 FACTS;- 1-Indeed amidst all the chaos and disorder prevalent in the present Age of Kali, why has the Lord not appeared as per His eternal promise in Bhagavad-gita? It is said in the Vedic scriptures ----'In Kali Yuga the Lord incarnates in the form of His Holy Name" That is why all bona fide religions teach their followers to chant the names of God.

2-For example, the Bible says 'Let the Lord always be on your lips', the Islamic religion mentions the 99 names of Allah to be regularly chanted and the Vedic scriptures abound with instructions regarding the chanting of the Holy Names.

3-Sincere spiritual practitioners from all religions testify to the purifying potency of the Holy Name. It helps them to become free from all carnal desires and awakens within them love of God. 10-THE LORD OF THE HEART;--

05 FACTS;- 1-The Supreme Lord is not just a neutral administrator, but the best friend of all living beings . The love that the heart longs for through relationships with various persons finds fulfillment only when it is reposed in the Supreme Person.....' God'. Because it is only then that the love is never interrupted, never betrayed, never let down, never disappointed. 2-That is why saints and devotees across the religious spectrum throughout history have been the happiest persons, radiating love towards one and all. But unfortunately in this world of matter, all living beings are attracted not to the Lord of their heart but to matter and material enjoyment. However matter being limited and finite can never fulfil the unlimited desires of our spirits; material enjoyment satiates but never satisfies. 3-So the Lord comes into this material world and performs superhuman activities which reveal His supreme position and His unparalleled love for His devotees. For example, the Lord lifted a massive mountain Govardhan in order to protect His devotees from oppressive rains. Such acts appear impossible to the logical mind, but an ant would similarly consider the lifting of a book by a human being as 'impossible'. For the Lord possessing unlimited power, such an act is not at all difficult. 4-Through such incredible acts, the Lord shows all of us how much He loves us,,,,, His children. By attracting our hearts back to him, He desires to take us to the realm of eternal happiness away from this realm of fleeting enjoyment. 5-Krishna is the most attractive, joyful space within all of us. When there is no restlessness, worry or desire in the mind, you are able to get deep rest. And it is in deep rest that Krishna is born... 11-DIVINE LOVE OF GOPIS;-

07 FACTS;-

1-During the Rama Avatar, a group of rishis/ sages who were performing penances in Dandagaranya forest, were attracted towards Lord Rama and begged the Lord to accept them to be with Him. Lord assured them that He will accept them in His next avatar as Krishna, since it was not possible in Rama avatar.

2-As assured, Lord gave them birth as gopis during His direct avatar as Krishna and gave the status to them to have very close association with Him .

3-Uddhava was a close devotee, a dear friend and counsellor of Krishna. He was taught the processes of yoga and bhakti directly by Krishna. One day Uddhava expressed his dis-satisfaction to Krishna that in-spite of studying all Vedas ,Upnishadas and Sutras, he still was not recipient of the title "Maha-Rishi".

4-Sri Krishna sensed the ego and pride of Uddhava. Sri Krishna carefully listened to him and suggested Uddhava that he should go to Vrindavan and teach the gopis. Uddhava was very pleased and felt proud that he has been trusted by Krishna for considering him a knowledgeable teacher. So, off he set towards Vrindavan. The gopis received him gladly and all gathered around him as he began to teach the group, expounding his Vedantic wisdom.



There are different types of avatars: anshavatar (partial incarnation), purnavatar etc.but only three kind of Avatar as

per Ved and Upadenished ,

1 ) Purna Avatar

2) Ansha Avatar

3) Nimmitta Avatar


Taking about Purna Avatar , Ram, Krishna Vishnu are Purna Avatar, Because the main Purpose of Purna Avatar is to Make Peace and Sanatan Religion in the world , they visit world in the by respecting Nature ( in Natural Way like other human) and finished their work and go back where they belongs . ANSHA-AVATAR;-

Similarly Amsha Avatar also have particular task to do in the world which is directed by purna Avatar, They have specific goal on their appearance and return by spreading various precious message towards human kinds . eg :- Gutam Buddha , ParashuRam , Jesus Crist, etc….


Like wise Nimmitta avatar is a special Avatar who appears for a specific purpose , They appear suddenly as per requirement, Some time ther appear for their special followers and some time they appear for securing world and mankind . eg:- Narashima , Matshya


14 FACTS;-

1-Solah Kalas (referring to the sixteen extraordinary abilities or Divine qualities).The word Kala usually refers to the extent by which the moon waxes (or wanes) in one day. So by this understanding, the Moon possesses 16 different Kalas (different phases of the Moon).

2-You can observe this from one Amavasya (No-moon day) to the next Purnima (Full moon day). So if you count the number of days from one Amavasya to the next Purnima, it turns out to be 16. And the transition from No-Moon to the Full Moon also symbolizes moving from Zero (nothingness) to Fullness.

3-On the no-moon day you don’t see the moon at all, and on the full moon day you see the complete moon. This does not mean that the Moon is not there on the day of Amavasya. No, it is still there. So by this understanding, these are called the Solah Kalas. On the day of solar eclipse, for example, the Moon is there but it cannot be seen.

4-So the word Kala is a unit of measure of one’s power, or by what degree one has blossomed or progressed. So, someone may be like a half-moon, someone else may have reached to three quarters of the moon and so on. This was a means of measurement in the ancient days.

5-In those days, it was said that the life or Prana in a stone is equal to one Kala, the water element is said to have two Kalas. Fire has three Kalas, Vayu (Air element) has four, and the Space or Akash has five. Plants and trees are said to have six Kalas. Animals have seven Kalas. Human beings have eight Kalas.

6-If it is an extraordinary human being then he is said to have nine Kalas. It is said that Lord Parashurama (one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu) had nine Kalas. They say Lord Rama has 12 Kalas. Lord Hanuman is greater than Him in this regard and is said to have 14 Kalas. That is why he could help Lord Rama. Only a person who is stronger than us can help us.

7-The Devi (Mother Divine) is called Shodashakala (The One with all 16 Divine qualities or attributes). It means that she possess all divine and noble qualities, and lacks nothing.

8-Lord Krishna too is said to have all 16 Kalas, which is why He is called as the Solah Kala sampurna or the Purna Avataar. To have all 16 Kalas means to possess all the 16 qualities or signs attributed to the total blossoming and manifestation of Divinity.

9-If you see the Devi, on one side she is so beautiful and full of love and grace, but on the other side, she is also Maa Kali (one of her more terrifying and violent manifestations).

She is graceful and serene, but at the same time she also has a terrifying and violent aspect to Her as. Goddess Durga is very terrifying and awe-inspiring, while Goddess Lakshmi is very calm and graceful.

10-You can see all the opposite aspects of Divinity coming together in the Devi. The all-bestowing Goddess Lakshmi rides the harmless owl (the mount), and the vanquisher of evil and ignorance, Goddess Durga rides the fierce lion. Just imagine, where would you see both the owl, and the lion!

11-In the same way Lord Krishna is also said to have possessed all the Solah Kalas. Why is this so? In Lord Krishna, you see the complete and total manifestation of Divinity in every way. He is so complete. He is the King of thieves. He does not steal small things, he steals away your very mind. That is why He is called as Chita-Chora (the beautiful One who completely captures and steals away the mind).

12-He is also called as Ranchhodrai (meaning the cowardly one who flees the battlefield) in Gujarat. They say that He ran away from the battlefield in the middle of the war. But on the other side He lifted up the Sudarshan Chakra (the Lord’s divine discus) to defeat Bhishma Pitamaha (the grandsire of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Mahabharata) . So He is very brave and valiant too.

13-So, on one side he is very brave and on the other side he is like a coward. One cannot even imagine how complete he is. He is obedient as well, but He is also the one who breaks the rules.

14-In the Bhagawat, it is mentioned at many places that Lord Krishna is perfect and complete in every possible aspect. That is why it is said that one should not emulate (imitate). Lord Krishna . First you have to follow the path of Lord Rama and then it will enable you ;to interpret Lord Krishna. 13-HOW TO REACH SRI KRISHANA?--

05 FACTS;- 1-BANKE MEANS---Bent in three places, HE SEEMS VERY SIMPLE BUT ACTUALLY .. SO COMPLICATED.THREE BEND OF SRI KRISHANA SYMBOLIZES.. TRIGUNS.HE GIVES US THE MESSAGE TO BECOME 'GUNATEET' . 2-IF WE THINK THAT BY ONLY SINGING & DANCING ..WE CAN REACH HIM EASILY..THEN ITS OUR MISTAKE 3-CHAITANA MAHAPRABHU IS A JNANAYOGI... SINGING & DANCING IS A PART OF SADHANA.....BUT NOT ONLY COMPLETE SADHANA.. 4-YOUR WRITING IS ''THE MIRROR OF YOUR MIND' . SO LET THE PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HIM-- WHATEVER THEY WANT.. DON'T FORGET THAT 'A BHOGI CAN BLAME HIM BUT CAN'T DEFINE HIM'.. 5-The message of Janamashtami is that it is time to bring a wave of joy in society. Become seriously joyful!- Thus for all of us living in Kali Yuga, the real Janmashtami will occur when by regular mantra meditation our heart becomes cleansed and the Lord appears in our heart, thus freeing us forever from the clutches of misery and transporting us to the realm of eternal enjoyment.