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11 FACTS;-- 1-The word “kundalini” generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you that is yet to find its potential.

2-As we come into Spring, a time that represents rebirth and growth after a period of darkness, this is the perfect time to talk about Kundalini energy. Spring relates to transformation and rebirth in nature .

3-Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that translates to “coiled one,” which is why the symbol for Kundalini energy incorporates a serpent coiled around the spine approximately three and a half times.

4-Kundalini is often illustrated using two serpents intertwined around one another as they twist upwards, ascending the spine in a circular motion, representing the awakening and balancing of each chakra.

5-Interestingly enough, the intertwined shape that the serpents form together resembles the design of the double helix DNA. It is said that our DNA contains ancient, universal information, as if it’s a living library for us to access through consciousness.

6-Yogic texts explain that Kundalini energy is present when a fetus begins to form in the mother’s womb, and that it coils at the base of the spine at birth. Kundalini energy can stay coiled at the base of the spine until death, at which point it returns to Source, or it can be awakened.

7-Kundalini energy can begin to unravel, starting from the base of the spine and working its way up to the crown of the head, as a result of spiritual practices and/or life events affecting your chakras and personal growth.

8-According to yogis, the two nerve currents that move up the spine represented by serpents are a combination of masculine and feminine energy. Ida is the left channel, or the serpent pictured on the left, representing white, feminine, cold, and the Moon. Pingala is the right channel, which is red, masculine, hot, and is associated with the Sun.

9-In the middle, there’s the Sushumna, or the central channel, which the Kundalini moves through and upwards, from the root chakra or the Muladhara chakra, all the way up to the crown chakra or the Sahasrara chakra.

10-The energy runs from the base of the spine, from what Yogis refer to as Mother Shakti all the way up to the spine to Lord Shiva, the crown. Once the Kundalini energy reaches the brain, or the upper chakras, the Yogi soul is said to be free, the divine masculine and feminine energies merged and enlightenment is achieved or experienced.

11-It is just there waiting, because what you call a human being is still in the making. You are not yet a human being, you are a “human becoming.” You are not an absolute entity of being human. There is constant scope to make yourself into a better human being. IS KUNDALINI A TREASURE ?-

03 FACTS;-- 1-There is a story of beggar who lived in terrible poverty. He just sat under a tree and begged. People threw a few coins, and he just lived on. One day he died and his body was just lying there. He had no friends or relatives, and nobody wanted to carry him somewhere and bury him. So they decided to just bury him right there under the tree.

2-As people began digging, they hit upon a huge treasure. Just a few feet beneath him there had been a huge treasure, a huge pot full of gold, and the fool was sitting right there all his life, begging. If only he had dug down, he would have been a very rich man. But he sat there all the time being a beggar. 3-This is the way of the Kundalini. It is sitting righ there. Everyone is sitting on a jackpot, but they are all looking in other directions. They are not looking where the treasure is. So they never realize something like this is there. Kundalini is that treasure within you which has been left unused, untapped. You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot imagine. IS KUNDALINI A PLUG POINT?-

02 FACTS;-- 1-There is a “plug-point” within the human body. It is not a 3-pin point, it is a 5-pin point. You might have heard of the seven chakras. The muladhara is like a plug-point. That is why it is known as muladhara. Muladhara means “fundamental” or “basic.” Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug.

2-Even with the plug-point at home, once you are plugged in, you can make light happen, you can get the air-conditioning going, you can have the heater, you can have the television – anything you want. Just one power point. You can do so many things.


03 FACTS;-- 1-With the kind of lives that most people live, where there are too many things – people, food or activity – that are not in absolute control. If you try to activate the Kundalini because you read a book somewhere is like starting to build a nuclear reactor in your home because you read how to do it on the internet.

2- Some destructive plans are also available on the internet. The only fortune is they have no access to the material that is needed. With Kundalini too, there are too many people who have read about how, with the Kundalini awakening, you can do all sorts of miraculous things.

3-But though they may intellectually know what to do, experientially they don’t. And that’s a good thing because if they crack this energy open and they cannot contain it, it can destroy their whole system in no time. It is a tremendous thing ----SO SHOULD BE DONE UNDER GUIDANCE . IS KUNDALINI ONE ENERGY?-

04 FACTS;-- 1-One energy with many names and forms: There is one energy that keeps taking on new shapes and forms. In Tantra the name of that energy is Shakti, which is the manifesting, or feminine force that is actually one and the same with its only apparent companion Shiva, the latent, or masculine.

2-Each time the energy takes on a new form, we give it a new name. Shakti becomes Kundalini Shakti, or simply Kundalini. Kundalini becomes the energy of Prana, which flows in patterns or channels called Nadis, and concentrates itself by forming intersections known as Chakras.

3-The subtle energies condense and become known as earth, water, fire, air, and space, forming our experience of the gross world. With Kundalini awakening, the primal energy of Shakti awakens in its true form. To know, in direct experience, that unchanging truth, the one energy that is the substratum of all of the names and forms, is one of the ways of describing the universal goal of spiritual life.

4-It is the experience of the union of Shakti and Shiva, creation and its ground, feminine and masculine, even though they were never actually divided in the first place. It is like wetness that is never separate from water, sweetness that is never separate from sugar, and warmth that is never separate from sunlight. IS THERE ANY CONNECTION OF KUNDALINI WITH METAPHOR OF RIVER & ELECTRICITY?--

09 FACTS;- To understand Shakti and the process of Kundalini awakening, it is very useful to have a good understanding of the process by which we naturally give a new name to something whenever it changes the form. 1-A METAPHOR;-

If we sit by the River Ganges in the Himalayas, the insight may occur that a river and electricity can be used as a metaphor. How this process of renaming will happens:-- 2-POTENTIAL;-

The river turns into a lake, which has potential energy that is held back from flowing. 3-KINETIC;--

When the river flows through a channel towards a generating plant, it becomes an active energy of motion, which is called kinetic energy. 4-MECHANICAL;-

When the flowing water moves through the blades of the generator, there is mechanical energy. 5-MAGNETIC;-

In the generator the turning blades rotate a large mass of metal, creating magnetic energy. 6-ELECTRO-MAGNETIC;--

There is a lot of wire wrapped around the turning metal cores, and this causes a transition into electro-magnetic energy. 7-ELECTRICITY;--

As the energy leaves the generating plant, going down the wires, we call it electrical energy or simply electricity. 8-MANY NEW NAMES;--

When the electricity comes into your house it transforms in many ways, and gets many new names, including motion, light, sound, heat, and cold. It forms music, television images, computer processes, and microwaves. 9-ALL IN ONE ENERGY;--

In all of these changes in name and form of energy, there remains the central energy that is in support of all of those many forms. It is the very energy that is in potential form in the river.


You may be sitting quietly, watching the river, while under the breeze of a fan, listening to recorded music, under the light of a lamp.

The energy behind the fan, the music, and the light is none other than the energy in the river, which is right in front of you. This is not a mere symbolism. The electricity flowing into these instruments is literally one and the same with the energy in the river in front of you. IS THAT THE ONE ENERGY IS ;..KUNDALINI SHAKTI?-

03 FACTS;- 1-n a similar way, there is one energy (Shakti) in the universe that also keeps changing its form. Each time that energy changes form, we give it a new name.

2-In reflecting on this, it is important to keep in mind that some schools, teachers, or lineages use the various terminologies somewhat differently from one another, though the principles might be essentially the same.

It is the process that we want to clearly understand, so that we may journey through these levels to their source. 3-The universal energy of consciousness is called Shakti.Ideally, awakening consciousness and activating the kundalini energy should be a slow process of healing, self realization, purification and personal growth.

The initiation of the process of awakening through meditation and the introduction of tools to aid in cleaning up personal issues and karma before they become a traumatic issue is the general agenda. ......SHIVOHAM.......