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Q:-1 What happens to soul in Mukti? Does it lose its identity like a drop of water in ocean? If soul were to lose identity forever, it would already have done so and we would not have been interacting with each other. Because time has no beginning. So infinite time has passed since we have NOT lost our identity. Thus the probability of us losing this identity in future also is a perfect ZERO. What happens is that soul maintains its identity in same manner as a ball of iron becomes in hot fire. It has its identity but is totally immersed in and out in bliss of Ishwar. Thus it loses its identity in same sense as we lose our identity when we get engrossed in some enjoyable task. But this is NOT absolute loss of identity. Q:-2 Where does the soul live in Mukti? The soul lives within omnipresent Ishwar. Being completely under guidance of the One with perfect knowledge, it has no restrictions on its movements and locations. Q:-3 Does soul have a physical body during Mukti? No. Physical body is no more relevant for it. Physical body is needed to practice moving towards Mukti and not after Mukti.After Mukti;they are self- willed creatures i.e. take form in accordance with GOD . Q-4: Without a body, how does the soul enjoy bliss of Ishwar? The basic powers of the soul that enable it to use the physical sense organs remain with the soul. It can hear, touch, see, taste, smell and think directly through use of will power. The limitations of physical body are no more required for the one who has broken all limitations to achieve Mukti. Q:-5 Is Mukti eternal or unending? No. If that had been so, we would all have obtained Mukti by now and no soul would have remained in the world trying for Mukti (freedom from existing bondage). The whole purpose of creation would have turned irrelevant then. And if we have been unable to get Mukti so far, it is impossible to ever get Mukti in future. Because soul is unborn and time has no beginning. Thus as per Vedas, Geeta, Upanishads and every scripture, we have been in existence for INFINITE time. If we cannot get Mukti in INFINITE time, there is no way we can get Mukti EVER. Q-6: When we don’t even remember past deeds, why does Ishwar punish us for that? If you have fever, you go to doctor for treatment. You do not know the cause of fever or how you contracted it. But you very well admit that some mistake must have happened causing this fever. 6-1-Similarly, remembrance of past deeds is not necessary to understand Ishwar’s law of Karma. We see such varieties in world, different social status, health, species etc. And we can well ascertain that everything is happening in such a planned manner with so intricate( many-sided )details that despite all the greatest claims of ‘modern science’ we have not even scratched 1% of surface. 6-2-The variety and planning in world lead us to conclude that the great planner provides us variety of situations based on past actions. Smart people who introspect(to examine )can witness the immediate benefits of good deeds and harms of bad deeds in near term itself. Then why should it not be extended beyond this life. So even if we do not remember past lives, the world itself is witness to fact that Ishwar provides us situations as per our deeds continuously even after this life ends and new birth happens. Q:-7 When there are so many lives and Ishwar will keep giving me life after life, why should I hurry for Mukti? I am enjoying my present as well. So let me stay the way I am. In this world, either you progress or you deteriorate. Stability without progress is ALSO deterioration. Look at world itself, you enjoy playing with a small baby. It is so lovely and cute. But we enjoy its cuteness only for few months.

7-1-Imagine, if after several years also, the baby remains a small cute baby, what would happen? We all would start getting worried and consider it to be a rare serious disease. We all pray that children grow in most healthy manner and that is also what Ishwar demands from us through His creation. 7-2-Even in business affairs, if a company shows same performance year after year without showing growth, its valuation goes down very significantly. In same manner, if we DO NOT put proactive (organized )efforts for progress, we are actually reducing our valuation. And hence the next life would be worse off than current one. Even to justify our being human beings, we have to put certain proactive efforts. Q:-8 Can animals not get Mukti? Yes, they can. Because the souls in all living beings are identical (very similar). But they can strive for Mukti only after taking birth as human beings. Remember, human is the ONLY species that has the potential to use the WILL-POWER to achieve salvation.

8-1-Rest of the species are like treatment centers where they can only face fruits of actions done earlier so that their deeply ingrained Sanskaars are wiped out. Thus humans who are obsessed with certain kinds of addictions or habits take birth in appropriate animal species so that they get opportunity to release those Sanskaars. Once these are released beyond a threshold, they become eligible to take birth as humans and then put efforts. 8-2-Hence, all human beings should put utmost efforts to ensure that they take next births as humans again and can continue their journey. There is nothing more precious than human-birth and we should make best use of this golden opportunity. Q:-9 But even ignorance is bliss. A wealthy person sleeps on luxury bed but is not happy. And a laborer sleeps on hard stones but is blessed with sound sleep. Animals in jungle live so happily. And humans keep worrying. So instead of knowledge, ignorance is bliss. A: This is childish logic. 9-1. Grant a wealthy the option to become a laborer and grant a laborer the option to become wealthy immediately. Wealthy will never agree and laborer will immediately grab the option. If both had equal bliss, no one would have desired to change from current situation. 9-2. No sensible human would desire to become an animal because humans can access higher levels of happiness that animals cannot. 9-3. The cause of grief for the wealthy is NOT wealth but his defective way of thinking. This defective way is his own Karma or actions. 9-4. Ignorance puts limits in bliss-acquisition. It is natural for souls to progress from less knowledge to higher knowledge. You don’t enjoy the games of 1 year old toddler because of higher knowledge. What people compare ignorance with to claim “ignorance is bliss” is defective knowledge or Avidya itself. But if you seek Vidya, you get higher and higher bliss. There is no other way. Q:10- What is meant by Swarg/ Narak or Heaven/Hell. A: Swa means happiness. To obtain happiness is Swarg or Heaven. To obtain miseries is Narak or Hell. They DO NOT refer to any imaginary place or location. They refer to situations we create for ourselves RIGHT NOW through our efforts. 10-1-And when we get into habit of seeking Swarg every moment, all roots of ignorance are destroyed and we obtain ultimate bliss or Ishwar. We earnestly request all that they should STOP living in illusion of any special place like Heaven or Hell after death. They should stop believing that those who disagree with them will go to Hell and others will go to Heaven forever. They should be tolerant to all faiths and all people so far they are not criminals or nuisance creators.

10-2- Compassion to ALL souls is necessary for getting Heaven here itself and then blessings of Ishwar in Mukti or Moksha. Q;-11-What about those Sanyasis and Munis who used to meditate in jungles. Were they escapists? If you are talking about present day Sanyasis in jungles, if they are there temporarily to rejuvenate themselves or because due to old age, they are unable to work proactively in society, that is perfectly fine. 11-1-But if they are able bodied and yet seek permanent reclusion, then they are being escapist and treading the way of dumbness. Vairagya from attachment should happen and NOT from actions. 11-2-Such artificial reclusion is insult of Ishwar. If Ishwar would have thought that isolation is best for you, he would have given you birth on some solitary planet and not in midst of a society full of people and facing problems and challenges. Further, even the knowledge you receive is through interaction with world. If you stop interaction, you lose chance for further knowledge enhancement. 11-3-If you were born in an idealistic society where everyone is performing his or her duties reasonably well, then perhaps you would have had the liberty to explore the world within away from hustle-bustle of crowd. But today, when there is so much corruption, intolerance, hatred, poverty, grief, immorality etc in society, only a psychopath or coward would seek running away from these challenges, that Ishwar wants us to face, work upon and thereby obtain Vairagya and dispel ignorance. 11-4-Its a pity that in name of spiritualism, a large work force of our action-oriented nation escape away from their duties towards nation and society. In the process, not only do they retard their own progress and run towards dumbness, but do great damage to society and nation. This is the most painful face of anti-nationalism facing us. 11-5-If we look down the history, all those false babas, gurus, siddhas who were busy seeking silence of mind in isolation or doing petty magic tricks in name of spiritualism during the most turbulent( instability)years of our history are the most wrong examples of spiritualism that one can have. Unfortunately we are flooded by such false role models. That is why despite having best of spiritual foundation, we still are the weakest and most shamelessly helpless societies of the world facing one slap after another for last 1000 years at least.

11-5-Our real role models of spiritualism should be legends who rose to the challenges of nation and society and burnt away their self to serve the larger cause. They were the true seekers of Mukti and exemplified the concepts of Vidya and Vairagya for us through concrete actions. They are the true saints for us. 11-6-Swami Dayanand used to run several miles daily, perform squats and pushups, practice Mudgar and do rigorous training throughout his life. Because the concept of Mukti is only for the strong and effortful. May we all seek such a powerful vigorous selfless mission towards Mukti that is not restricted only to I but society, nation and entire humanity! May Ishwar grant us that strength, enthusiasm and purity.