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1-There are TWO TEXTS which go under the name "Shiva Sutras." The first one is a set of religious / philosophical verses with deep spiritual insights which were revealed by Lord Shiva to Sage Vasugupta. This text forms the cornerstone for Kashmir Shaivism. 2-The Second text which goes by the name Shiva Sutras or Maheshwara Sutras (Sutrani - in Sanskrit) was revealed to Panini - the great Sanskrit grammarian to enable him formulate the rules of Sanskrit grammar. 3-Since the serial showed Lord Shiva playing the Damaru 14 times;The book Shiva Sutra contains the techniques of all meditations. There cannot be any other technique that is not included in this book.

4-Shiva Sutra is the very SRI GEETA of meditators. This spiritual treasure, gifted by God to the sage Vasugupta for the upliftment of humankind, is considered to be one of Kashmir Shaivism's most important scriptures 5-Vasugupta is said to have lived near Mahadeva Mountain in the valley of the Harvan stream behind what are now the Shalimar Gardens near Srinagar. One myth is that he received the aphorisms (A concise statement of a scientific principle) in a dream visitation of a Siddha or semi-divine being.

6-Another is that Lord Shiva came to him in a dream and instructed him to go to a certain rock on which he would find the teachings inscribed.

This rock called Shankaropala is still visited by devotees. 7-The other theory is that Lord Shiva taught the Shiva-Sutras to Vasugupta in a dream. Whatever the truth is these myths point to the traditions belief that the Shiva sutras are of divine origin or revelation and are not considered the product of the human mind. 8-Historically the Shiva Sutras and the ensuing school of Kashmir Shaivism are a Tantric or Agamic tradition. The Tantrics saw themselves as independent of the Vedic mainstream schools of thought and practice, and as beyond the rules that had been put in place by them. 9-A number of commentaries and awareness is like a vehicle without the engine. The Shiva Sutra enhances one's awareness in a way one sees an opportunity in a difficulty and not a difficulty in an opportunity.

10-There is an 'outside reality' and an 'inside reality' of one's mind. There is also another dimension called 'spiritual reality'. To harmonize all of them is a great awakening.

11-Ordinary being loves one's own 'psycho dramas' of justification, proving one's point of view, blaming, being helpless and this leads one to a state of inner poverty. To free oneself from these lower states of poverty and see them as 'errors in one's thinking' is part of being effective and experiencing inner prosperity.

12-The profound teaching of Lord Shiva introduces us to a bigger container where one learns to be charitable to one's own self. This practice of making a bigger container is essentially spiritual. Dive deep into these mystic teachings;-- ACCORDING TO Mahanirvanatantra''Truth is the appearance of the Supreme Brahman; Truth is the most excellent of all Tapas; every act is rooted in Truth. Than Truth there is nothing more excellent. Therefore has it been said by Me that when the sinful Kali Age is dominant, Kaula ways should be practised truthfully and without concealment '....

MAHESHWAR SUTRAS- IN NUTSHELL;- Shiva Sutra is a central text for Kashmir Shaivism. Shiva Sutra is divided into three sections and gives the core of the inner yoga practice and philosophy not only of Kashmir Shaivism but also of many other tantrik traditions.

NOTE THAT THIS TRANSLATION OF THESE MYSTERIOUS SUTRA IS WRITTEN WITH THE SRI VIDYA IN MIND..... FIRST SECTION;-- 1. Consciousness is the being. 2. Knowledge the fetters. 3. The yoni divisions are the body of time. 4. The matrikas are the seat of knowledge. 5. Endeavour(effort) is Bhairava. 6. In the union of the circle of the Shaktis is the dissolution of the universe. 7. The fourth enjoys and is contained in the states of waking, dreaming and deep sleeping. 8. Knowledge is the waking state. 9. False imagining is the dream state. 10. Want of awareness is Maya, deep sleep. 11. The triad eaten by a Lord Hero. 12. Surprise-wonderment is the place of yoga. 13. Iccha Shakti is Uma, the Virgin. 14. All things the body. 15. When the collective-observation-shock is in the heart, dream vision disappears. 16. From being aware of the pure essence comes the shakti of non-duality. 17. Deliberation-pondering is being-wisdom. 18. World bliss is samadhi happiness. 19. In the abode of Shakti is creation of the body. 20. The collective abode of the elements is the universe, the elements separately are the shocks. 21. From the appearance of pure knowledge come the many Shaktis of the lord of the circle (of the Shaktis). 22. By concentrating on the transcendent lake of female energy, mantra life is obtained. SECOND SECTION;- 1. Consciousness the mantra. 2. Endeavour the method. 3. The science-body-being the secret of mantra. 4. In the womb state of consciousness expansion the inferior science of the dream state. 5. In the arising of vidya, spontaneously, one may move in the void, like Shiva. 6. By means of the guru. 7. Awakened knowledge is the circle of the letters of the alphabet. 8. The body is the sacrifical ladle. 9. Knowledge is the food. 10. From the heap of knowledge arising from seeing in the dream state. THIRD SECTION;- 1. The being is consciousness. 2. Knowledge the fetters. 3. From the kalas, the thing called in non discrimination, Maya. 4. In the body the dissolution (the process of ending)of the kalas. 5. The nadi dissolution is the victory over the elements, freedom from the elements, separation of the elements. 6. Siddhi from the appearance of delusion(deception). 7. The victory over delusion is the victory of spontaneous knowledge, which is of endless extent. 8. From the waking state, the world is a ray. 9. The essence is the dancer. 10. The inner essence is the theatre stage. 11. The sense organs are the audience. 12. Insight from will is the pure siddhi. 13. Accomplishment means transformation into independence. 14. As there, so elsewhere. 15. Attention is the bija. 16. Asana is the happiness of immersion in Shakti. 17. One's own measure is the measure suitable for measuring, giving guidance. 18. Imperishable( Long-lasting)knowledge means destruction of births. 19. In the Ka-series are Maheshvari and so forth, the beast-mothers. 20. Pour the fourth in the three like oil diffusing in water. 21. One should enter, immersed, by one's own consciousness. 22. Equally the practice of breath produces a similar sight. 23. In the centre, emanating the lower. 24. In the measure of one's own trust in the abode is this prevented again from appearing. 25. One knows equality with Shiva. 26. The existence of the body becomes a religious vow. 27. Conversation is mantra recitation. 28. The act of offering is being-wisdom. 29. Whosoever is in this state is the means of knowledge. 30. The universe becomes an aggregate of his Shaktis. 31. Both maintenance and dissolution. 32. Though subject to the cyclic law, one is not excluded (remove)from self experience. 33. Happiness and sadness become external. 34. Set free from that, one is complete. 35. The being of action is a heap of delusion. 36. Sundering (split apart)the internal stream proceeding from action. 37. The creative Shakti from one's own spirit-perception-feeling. 38. The primordial(ancient) animating (bring to life)one with three parts. 39. Observation remaining, the body creates action externally. 40. From wanting external actions arises the collective being. 41. When really reaching that, through its destruction, the embodied being is destroyed. 42. When the element-sheaths are released, at that time one becomes supreme and equal to the lord. 43. The inherent union of breath. 44. What is meant by restraint in the centre of the brow? The left and right in the central channel. 45. Again and again comes all encompassing (surround )awareness. DECODATION OF THIS MYSTERY ;-

11 FACTS;- 1. The Fourth, i.e. Shiva, without attributes is pure Consciousness. The three, that is Shakti is with attributes, which are produced from the play of the three gunas. These three gunas manifest in a human as moon, sun, and fire chakras -- the three areas of light which constitute the central nervous system. 2. Because Shiva wishes to know, He being one with Shakti is bound by knowledge, which is the very self of the three gunas. 3. The yoni-divisions are the kalas, there being 16 of the Moon. The 15 represent the modifications of the Moon in her waxing and waning, whilst the 16th which is Lalita- Tripurasundari herself is the Consciousness-Shakti. 4. The letters of the alphabet ; 36 consonants and 15 vowels ; constitute the Goddess in the form of Time. The Matrika Chakra Viveka propounds the following doctrine in relation to the Shri Yantra:-- The table is given as-photo-- The letters of the alphabet are evolutes (a curve which is the locus of the centres of curvature of another curve) and placed in the different parts of the Shri Yantra, which is within the Wheel of Time itself. (As it represents the human body). 5. Effort or endeavour is Bhairava himself. 6. The Shakti circle is composed of the three gunas, which form Her body. Every Shakti there is, emanates from Her. Thus, in the Prayoga to the Bhavanopanishad, Her Body as manifested through the different Nityas, Kalas, Grahas, Yoginis, mudras, Vashinis, tattvas are separately enumerated. As She creates and maintains, She also dissolves. 7. The Fourth, the Turiya, Shiva Himself enjoys = eats, through the three states of wake, dream, and deep sleep -- these three being subsequently developed in the next three sutras. 8. Knowledge, i.e. ordinary knowledge is the waking state. It is the Fourth alone who is the eternal omnipresent witness, the atma, the essence. And all these three states here enumerated are based on the three gunas, and therefore one is inseparable from the other. So that in the waking state there is dream and deep sleep, and so on. 9. The dream state is false notion, that is to say imagination, which causes us to mislead a rope for a snake etc. 10. Want of discrimination is declared to be deep sleep, which is Maya, that is to say Kulakundalini herself, the great artificer(a skilled craftsman or inventor), She who plays, conceals, hides, reveals. 11. These three are eaten, consumed, by Shiva, that is to say He enjoys them, and is inseparable from them. As he is one with the triple Shakti,He is therefore in them all. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF SAMARASA? -- SAMARASA =Having equal feelings 1-This unique word, completely absent from Vedic texts, is found again and again in Tantra, Upanishads, and all the best of non-Vedic literature. In one short chapter of the Avadhuta Gita, it occurs more than forty times. 2-Going higher, it means the essential unity of all things of all existence, the equipoise (a balance ) of equanimity(a state of psychological stability and composure), the supreme bliss of harmony, that which is aesthetically balanced, undifferentiated unity, absolute assimilation, the most perfect unification, and the highest consummation of Oneness. 3-Dattatreya, it meant a stage of realization of the Absolute Truth, where there was no longer any distinction to be felt, seen or experienced between the seeker and the sought. Gorakshanath, who wrote the first texts of the Nathas, explains Samarasa as a state of absolute freedom, peace, and attainment in the realization of the Absolute Truth. He placed it on a higher level than samadhi. 4-Samarasa implied the joy and happiness with perfect equanimity and tranquility, maintained after samadhi had finished, and continued in the waking or conscious state. In this sense, it is a form of permanent ecstasy and contemplation which the saint maintains at all times.".