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WHAT IS THE HIDDEN MYSTERY OF THE NAME OF RAMA( Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare)?


36 FACTS ;---

1-The Gita, Vedas and the rest are all included in this single couplet from the Ramayana:'The Vedas, Puranas and all saints agree that one should abandon all desires and meditate on the Holy Name.' ' 2-The Ramayana deals with every possible aspect of human life from the prenatal stage to after death. Rama displayed ideal behaviour in all stages of his life.-Ramcharitmanas, which is the story of Rama (Ramayana) according to the sage Tulsidas.

3-There are several places in the first chapter, the Balakanda, where Tulsidas explains the mystical power of the name of Rama. For instance, he says: “I greet the name ‘Rama’ of the chief of Raghus, which is composed of seed-letters representing the sun-god, fire-god, and moon-god. (i.e. Ra, A, Ma respectively).” 4-In the footnote it explains that every letter/sound of the Sanskrit alphabet is a bija or seed mantra that invokes a quality of the divine (diety). When you break down the name of Rama there are two syllables, but three bija mantras: ‘Ra’, ‘A’, and ‘Ma’.

5-‘Ra’ represents the Sun, ‘A’ represents Agni or fire, and ‘Ma’represents the Moon. Since the three sources of light on earth come from the Sun, fire, and the Moon, repeating the name of Rama is a method for invoking light, the supreme light of God. Of course, God is often described as light. 6-Here are a few more quotes indicating this luminous aspect of the name of Rama from the Ramcharitmanas:--- 6-1-“Sri Rama, who is Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss combined (Sat-Chit-Ananda) is like the sun; the night of ignorance cannot subsist in Him even to the smallest degree. He is the Lord whose very being is light.” 6-2-“Install the luminous gem in the shape of the divine name ‘Rama’ on the threshold of the tongue at the doorway of your mouth if you would have light both inside and outside, O Tulasidasa.” 6-3-“His Name puts on end to the devotee’s vain hopes along with his errors and sorrows even as the Sun terminates the night.” 6-4---Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare These sixteen names (words) are destructive of the evil effects of MAYA.. These sixteen names destroy the Avarana (or the centripetal force which produces the sense of individuality) of Jiva surrounded by the sixteen Kalas (rays). Then like the sphere of the sun which shines fully after the clouds disperse, Parabrahman alone shines. 7-It’s also interesting to note that the original text starts with the name of Rama, followed by Krishna. However, the order was reversed by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the 15th century, who was primarily a Krishna devotee. 8-It’s interesting to note that some translations of the text will say something like, “There is no other means to liberation in any scriptures,” as opposed to what’s been given here: “No better means than this is to be seen in all the Vedas.”Personally, I prefer the less fundamentalist perspective that recognizes that there are many paths to the divine & there is no name of Ram in ved.. 10---Rama is primarily associated with the Sun, and the first syllable ‘Ra’ can be found in various languages representing the Sun. For instance, Ravi is one of the Sanskrit names for the Sun. Raghu is the solar dynasty or lineage that Rama belonged to, that traces its origins to the Sun.

11-The ancient Egyptian God Ra was their Sun god and a major deity in the ancient Egyptian religion. There are also the English words radiate, radiance, and ray (as in the Sun’s rays), further suggesting an etymological (the study of the history of words ) origin with the syllable ‘Ra.’ Another example is that ‘raw’ food is defined as food that has been ripened by the Sun. 12-It’s easy to limit the meaning of the name of Rama to the male Hindu God Rama who lived many thousands of years ago. But understanding this inner mystical meaning of invoking Light, makes the practice universal. 13-Also, when you take a deeper look at the qualities inherent in the two syllables, ‘Ra’ and‘Ma’, you’ll see that father and mother, the masculine and feminine, the Sun and Moon, exist in perfect androgynous balance. It’s this universal and androgynous quality that makes the name of Rama unique as a name of God, since God is described as Light and containing both masculine and feminine qualities. 15--Shiva as Reciting ‘Rama‘ The Ramcharitmanas also draws from the classic scriptures of India to validate the mystical power of Rama’s name. Here’s one such quote: “The scriptures maintain that Lord Shiva, the deity presiding over the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi), whispers into the right ear of every creature dying within its boundaries, the name ‘Rama’ and thereby brings emancipation to the dying soul.” 16-IT is uttered ----- “Ram Nam Satya Hai,” while carrying a dead body to the Manikarnika Ghat cremation grounds on the banks of the ganges river. This means, “The name of Ram is truth” in Hindi. At this time I wonder why they don’t chant the name of Shiva, since after all this is Shiva’s city. I realize that Shiva is considered Rama’s best devotee, and incessantly invokes His name for the benefit of others. 17-“The saints as well as the Puranas and the Upanishads too declare that the potency of the name ‘Rama’ is unlimited. The Immortal Lord Shiva, who is the fountain of joy and a storehouse of wisdom and goodness, incessantly repeats it. 18--The Holy Name of Rama is a wish-fulfilling tree, the source of blessedness in this Dark Age. By meditating on it, Tulsi was transformed into the devotee Tulsidas.' In his 'Ramacharitamanasa', Tulsidas tried his best to describe thoroughly the meaning, characteristics and nature of the Name. 'Even so, it is amazing ------how scholars, pundits and academics can still think that Ram Nam is simply 'Ram'.

19-Tulsidas describes the Name as being inexpressible, indescribable and languageless. God's Name is secret and easy to comprehend but unable to be uttered because it is not something which can be spoken in any language. It is beyond the senses. It can be remembered only by method of the soul.

20-Ram-Nam is the very foundation of creation. It makes the sun shine. It gives light to the moon and is the origin of fire. It is the primordial cause of the entire universe. It is eternal and all the scriptures glorify it. Not only Hindu scriptures, but any scripture which contains the teachings of a divine Master all eulogize a Name or Word which exists uniformly within all beings and pervades every atom of creation.

21-So it is omnipresent. It is not bound by space and time. God and His Name are one. There is no difference between the Name and the Named. The Named is experienced and known only through the Name. The True Name creates and sustains the universe. It is greater than both the manifested and unmanifest God, because it acts as an interpreter and