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In the Ramayana, Lord Rama explains the nine types of devotion or penance to Shabri: नवधा भगति कहउं तोहि पाहीं। सावधान सुनु धरु मन माहीं॥ The nine steps of devotion, I impart to you. Listen you well and remember it always. 1. प्रथम भगति संतन्ह कर संगा। The first step to devotion (Bhakti) is to keep company of the saints (Satsang). 2. दुसरि रति मम कथा प्रसंगा॥ The second step is to enjoy listening to legends/discourses pertaining to the Lord. 3. गुरु पद पंकज सेवा तीसरि भगति अमान। Selfless service to the Guru's lotus feet without any pride is the third step. 4. चौथि भगति मम गुन गन करइ कपट तजि गान॥ The fourth step is to earnestly sing praises of the Lord's virtues with a heart clear of guile, deceipt or hypocrisy. 5. मंत्र जाप मम दृढ़ बिस्वासा। पंचम भजन सो बेद प्रकासा॥ Chanting My Name with steadfast faith is the fifth step as the Vedas reveal. 6. छठ दम सील बिरति बहु करमा। निरत निरंतर सज्जन धरमा॥ The sixth, is to practice self-control, good character, detachment from manifold activities and always follow the duties as good religious person. 7. सातवँ सम मोहि मय जग देखा। मोतें संत अधिक करि लेखा॥ The seventh step is to perceive the world as God Himself and regard the saints higher than the Lord. 8. आठवँ जथालाभ संतोषा। सपनेहुं नहिं देखइ परदोषा॥ The eighth, is a state (which one arrives at when one travels the first seven steps) where there is no desire left, but the gift of perfect peace and contentment with whatever one has. (In this state) one does not see fault in others, even in a dream. 9. नवम सरल सब सन छलहीना। मम भरोस हिय हरष न दीना॥ In this state, one has full faith in the Lord, and becomes (child-like) simple with no hypocrisy or deceit. The devotee has strong faith in the Lord with neither exaltation or depression in any life circumstance (but becomes equanimous). नव महुं एकउ जिन्ह कें होई। नारि पुरूष सचराचर कोई॥ सोइ अतिसय प्रिय भामिनी मोरें। सकल प्रकार भगति दृढ़ तोरें॥ Shri Ram adds that Shabri’s Bhakti is perfectly complete. Yet if anyone were to have taken even one step towards devotion, out of all nine, he/she would be very dear to the Lord.( BUT COMPLETETION OF NINE WILL MAKE YOU PERFECT LIKE SHABRI ) ***************************************************************** NAWDHA BHAKTI AT A GLANCE--------- Step 1: Satsang Step 2;Enjoy listening to legends pertaining to the Lord. Step 3: Service to Guru Step 4: Sing the Lord's glories Step 5;Steadfast faith in the the Vedas reveal. Step 6: Practice Self-Control Step 7: Cultivate the bhaav "Vaasudevah Sarvam" (All is God) Step 8;Do'nt see fault in others, even in a dream. Step 9: Perfect Equanimity मूरख ह्रदय न चेत, जो मिलें गुरु बिरंच सम फूलें फले न बेंत, यदपि सुधा बरसै जलधि तुलसीदास : रामचरितमानस Moorakh hridaya na chet, jo milen guru biranch sam Phoolen phalen na beint, yadapi sudha barsai jaladhi i.e. "A fool will not get sense even if Brahma becomes his guru Just as the bamboo will not bear fruits or flowers, even if the clouds rain nectar from the sky " Tulsidas : Ramcharitmanas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GURU MANTRA- 01----------------- There is a DOHA by Sant Kabir,,, Guru Govind dono khade kake lagu paay, Balihari Guru aapki Govind diyo batay. Meaning: “If both, Guru and God (Govind) were to appear at once, whose feet should I touch first?” ( because without him, how would I have recognized (known) God?”) बलिहारी {balihari} = AFFECTIONATE BESTOWER(giver) Then he says, “It is HIS GREAT BESTOWER GURU WHO SAYS TO TOUCH --- GOVIND feet first, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GURU MANTRA- 02------- Gurur Brahma : Gurur Vishnu : Gurur Devo Maheshwarah: Guru Sakshata Parabrahma : Tasmai Shree Guruve namah The literal meaning is following, Guru” ----- Gu : Darkness Ru : Remover Gurur Brahma : Brahma (The God of Creation)is Guru Gurur Vishnu : Vishnu(The God of Sustenance ) is Guru Gurur Devo Maheshwarah: Maheshwara i.e. Shiva (The God of Annihilation) is Guru of all GURUS THE TRINITY creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. Sakshaat : The true ,,SATYA....Always with you(THE SOUL ) Para Brahma : Highest Brahma ,,Parbrahma considerd to be supreme god or NIRGUN BRAHMAN ....IN WHOLE UNIVERSE .ONLY HE------ LIVES WITH ALL THE CREATURE OF THIS UNIVERSE AS THEIR SOUL..... Tasmai : To that alone Gurave Namah : To that true Guru alone, I bow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE DECODATION OF MANTRA-------- 01- IN All four Vedas SELF REALIZATION IS a weighting factor .This MANTRA is the description of .....OM ,,,,, the Self which is the Supreme Nondual Reality. Aum is the symbol of 3 Energies &Zero state (THE BINDU) 1-Brahama(G--generator) ---A 2-Narayana(O- operator) --U 3-Rudra (D-destroyer)--- 02--The Self is known in four states, namely, the waking state, the dream state, the deep-sleep state, and the fourth state called the turiya. All these states are represented in the three sounds of OM (i.e., A, U, M***), and the silence that follows and surrounds the syllable. Moreover, it would be a mistake to say that AUM did not exist while the silence reigned; for it would be still potentially present even in the silence. The actual manifestation of OM;----TRINITY..........PRESENT IN THE FORM OF TRIGUN.. IN WHOLE UNIVERSE ......... (who are GURU but guide you when you realize fourth state...... your soul........Ansa(PART) of Parbrahma ...... .ONLY REALIZATION OF TURIYA STATE.......can remove darkness. 03-The soul that resides inside you is the representation of supreme one .......cherish it & have gratitude towards your spiritual GURU because he can guide you to meet your soul.,..............WHO IS THE PART OF PARABHRAMAN & BESTOWED WITH THE QUALITIES ........ OF TRINITY ................YOUR TRUE/REAL GURU..........NEVER SEPERATE WITH YOU... 04--The importance of spiritual GURU is that when Upamanyu ,,(A Great Shiva bhakta in Shiva Maha Purana) asked the boon of knowledge Bholenath refused him..He offered money for DAKSHINA (GIFT given to guru in return ) &send him to Gurukul. (Upamanyu is the son of Ugradanta who used to live in forests and was poor. They could not feed their child with milk and his mother used to give the child , powder mixed in water. Upamanyu's desire for milk provoked him to ask his mother that who could give him milk. His mother in turn replied that they were not blessed by Lord Shiva and this was the cause of their poverty.He went to himalayas and worshipped Lord Shiva.As the child was doing penance without food he became weak.The child was so devoted to Lord Shiva that his penance enlighted all the world .Lord Shiva tested the devotion of this child and showed the child ksheerasamudra(ocean of milk),this place is called Ksheerapuri and now as Palakollu.) 05-IN NAWADHA BHAKTI SRI RAM ORDERED TO SERVE & RESPECT GURU..HE HIMSELF RESPECTED & RENDERED SERVICES TO SAGE VASISTHA BUT WORSHIPPED LORD SHIVA... 06 -MAY LORD RAMA OR LORD KRISHANA---------NO ONE SAY TO WORSHIP HIM...........IN BHAGWAT GEETA SEVENTH CHAPTER..... HE SAYS THAT HE IS ONKAK....FREE FROM DEATH & BIRTH ..THOSE WHO WORSHIP TREES ,,,BHOOT,,,,PRET....ETC JOIN THEIR SECT.........& DEVOUT OF ONKAR GET FIVE TYPES OF LIBERATION (see next post)They never say to worship them.........only focus on the purification of chitt .(mana/mind )... So it is clear that ONKAR ....IS THE BASE & YOUR LIBERATION IS BASED ON YOUR CHOICE. OF SECT........GURU SECT,,,,,VETAL SECT ,,,,& WHATSOEVER............. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Seventh chapter-- 23-But perishable are the fruits that become of those who are less intelligent; those who go for the gods attain them, while those who are My devotees as well attain Me. (24) The less intelligent think that I manifested out of the unmanifested without them knowing of My supreme existence that is imperishable and the finest. (25) I am not manifest to everyone, as the foolish are covered by illusory concepts of union; they can not understand Me as being situated in the unborn and inexhaustible. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 07-IN MAYA----LOK All relations HAVE A LIMIT & based on GIVE & TAKE THEORY..........SELFLESS DEVOTION SELDOM....... AS GURU ADISHANKARA,,,,SWAMI VIVEKANAND,,,,SANT JNANASWARA .........THEY COME FOR A PURPOSE.....DESIRELESS ,,, ALTRUISTIC & LEAVE THIS WORLD AT VERY YOUNG AGE... SO THEOSOPHY FOCUS ON GIVERS...... BRAHAMAN IS NOT WAITING FOR YOUR SWEETS ....DHOOP....FRUITS ETC. WAITING FOR YOUR PURE CHITT .............& GIVE CHANCE TO REFORM ALSO .........SHIVOHAM