1-Yoga is often considered as a journey from body to mind and from mind to soul or spirit or life energy. In other words Yoga is a journey from gross material energy to more refined form of the energy.

2-This phenomenon of journey from gross material energy to more refined energy is apparently quite similar to the Bose-Einstein condensation (The conversion of a vapour or gas to a liquid). Noble prizewinner scientists have experimentally verified the Bose-Einstein condensation. 3-Sage Patanjali has elaborated eight dimensions of yoga in his Yogsutras as Yam (Observances), Niyama (Abstinences), Asana (Postures), Pranayam (Breath controlling), Pratyahar (Withdrawal of senses), Dharana (Determination), Dhyan (Meditation) and Samadhi (Self realization or Nirvana ). 4-Patanjali is reminding us that, even after the attainment of the eighth and last stage of eight-limbs yoga, samadhi, there is something so much greater that he is not even using the word samadhi in the sutra. Why? Perhaps this is because, although we do refer to nirbija as “nirbija samadhi,” nirbija surpasses samadhi as we have know it up to this point.

WHAT IS DHARMAMEGHA SAMADHI?--- 12 FACTS;--- 1-This Samadhi is called the cloud of virtue, comes from constant discrimination, having no interest left in the highest discrimination. The sword of discrimination is the ANTAHKARANA - the energy connection between all the chakras which feeds energy from higher to lower levels of the hierarchy- this discriminative energy blockage transmuting flow of energy--- if maintained is called Dharma Mega Samadhi, is totally disinterested even in the highest rewards remains in the constant discriminative discernment. Note: The meaning of dharma includes virtue, justice, law, duty, morality, religion, religious merit, and steadfast decree - Soul Infused. 2- “Cloud of Dharma”( this samadhi) encloses and includes all that can be known. Just as a cloud fills the heavens and with its rain quenches all thirst and soothes all dryness, this Samadhi expands as a mist through consciousness in an enlightening way.The Samadhi called the cloud of virtue, comes from constant discrimination, having no interest left in the highest discrimination..Even full discrimination is not the desired end. When the Yogi rejects the powers only, he gets the illumination Prasamkhyana or Dharmamegha. 3-The action of Dharma Mega Samadhi is that a cloud of high frequency energy enters into Sahasrara Chakra, the Crown, "of Kings" Chakra from the infinity of, "Chakras Above the Head" which end in God. This energy is of such a high frequency that it has the ability to dissolve Energy Blockages without doing anything, just it enters into the body and we feel all the Blockages dissolving. And as we maintain ourselves in that state, so intuition also enters and we see the, "Golden Path" of our future. It is the next most powerful step after discrimination of the Energy Enhancement seven Step Process, in the removal of All Energy Blockages prior to Kaivalya or Enlightenment. 4-Another reference to dharma-megha-samadhi in classical Hindu literature is that dharma-megha-samadhi is the uppermost phase to arrive at in Yoga. Samadhi is:

“That state in which the mind progressively discards the concept of meditator and meditation ”. The effect of this Samadhi is the dissolution, the Transmution, of all Karma accumulated over immeasurable lives and the “expansion of pure Dharma.” 5-The gap linking dharma-megha-samadhi with Kaivalya or Liberation is basically indiscernible. Dharma-megha-samadhi is the means by which contact with the high energy flow from the chakras above the head has the effect of unbinding the Energy. Blockage manacles(confines) which distort and pervert our mind and which have the effect of stealing our spiritual, emotional, and physical energy, sending any arousal of energy back to the guy who made the blockage. It can be assumed that dharma-megha-samadhi, is a prolongation of the other, Kaivalya, as a same indissoluble spring. 6-KAIVALYA can be translated in many ways but the closest we can get in English is: Liberation, - from any Energy Blockage - All Energy Blockages have been dissolved from this lifetime and from all our previous lifetimes unlimited oneness with God and the Chakra Supercomputers above the Head, faultless disinterest, sovereignty, a King, an Emperor. 7-It’s in other words by achieving the state of detachment due to the dissolvation of the stupidly desiring energy blockage mind control, it reaches the astonishing transcendental state. 8-Kaivalya, is the ultimate liberation, here there is no struggle, no need for escape or repression of emotion and feelings.

9-Dharma-Megha Samadhi is described by Patanjali AS cloud bearing . For Patanjali the stages of Samadhi are all connected together. After sasmita comes asampranjta Samadhi of various forms, then viveka kheyati , the ultimate discrimination between the real and unreal, or prakriti and purusha. For all previous samadhi’s it is possible for the sadhaka to become attached and fall back to earlier stages, but after viveka kyeyati the vritti sanskara energy blockages are burned and transmuted. Dharma-megha Samadhi is next in line, and finally Kaivalya, a non-dual state of complete isolation and liberation.

10-Meditation is therapeutic (healing) . In fact, "meditation" and "medicine" come from the same root. Meditation is a healing force, because it relaxes you and allows nature to heal you. But that is not the primary benefit of meditation. It is just a side effect. The basic benefit is the entry into the divine-- Self-realization--- God-realization. Oh! the ecstasy of it;--- the blessing and the benediction of Dharma Mega Samadhi ----the final release of all our Energy Blockage Chains.

11-That Yogi who has understood the essence of 25 Tattvas and who has the discriminative knowledge between Prakriti and Purusha gets the power of knowing everything. He becomes the Lord of everything. When he has no attachment for this state also, he gets Viveka-khyati or full discrimination in the form of a continuous current at all places and in all conditions. This is 'cloud of virtue.'

12-When the Yogi has renounced all powers, he gets the real knowledge, real peace and real strength of Purusha. He is full of bliss, purity and wisdom (Yathartha Jnana). He shines in his own native glory. He becomes ever free and independent. He who runs after Siddhis is still bound. Knowledge of the Truth or Purusha is far from him. Other thoughts which cause obstruction or breaks , owing to past impressions, are not born now owing to the destruction of these impressions.


23 FACTS;-- 1-From the Dharmamegha Samadhi comes the removal of all afflictions( a cause of pain )and Karmas. The cause for Sansara is Klesha-karmas that are mixed with Vasanas. When these are destroyed, the Yogi becomes free while living. There is no fear of downfall, as the Klesha-karmas, the seeds for Sansara are totally fried now. As this Samadhi showers always the state of Kaivalya, the fruit of actions that are called Akrishna and Asukla, it is called Dharmamegha. It is quite a significant name indeed.

2-Then comes the removal of all coverings of impurities due to the infinity of knowledge and the knowable becomes very little.When the Yogi gets this infinite knowledge, the knowledge that ordinary men get from worldly experiences and the knowable becomes very, very insignificant.

3-The knowledge of the Yogi is like a sun. The knowledge of objects is like the light of a glow-worm. The Yogi sees without eyes, tastes without tongue, hears without ears, smells without nose and touches without skin. His Sankalpa can work miracles. He simply wills. Everything comes into being.

4-This is described as follows: The blind man pierced the pearl; the fingerless put a thread into it; the neckless wore it and the tongueless praised it (Taittiriya Aranyaka ). The sum total of all knowledge of this world, of all other secular sciences is nothing--- nothing, is mere husk when compared with the infinite knowledge of a Yogi who has attained Kaivalya.

5-Then the succession of the modifications of Gunas comes to an end, having fulfilled their part.When the cloud of virtue dawns, when there is highest knowledge and when Para Vairagya fully manifests, the entire cessation of the effects of the three Gunas comes in.

6-The Gunas operate for the enjoyment, experience and emancipation of the Purusha. The Purusha having realised His native state, the Gunas, of course, cease to act, they having fulfilled their end. Therefore the succession of the modifications of Gunas comes to an end for the Purusha who has attained Kaivalya . 7-The succession is the uninterrupted sequence of moments distinctly cognised on the cessation of modification.Succession of moments implies order of time. Its form can only be understood if you have a knowledge of the minute particle of time (Kshana). Succession is the uninterrupted flow of moments. It can be known only when a particular modification comes to an end.

8-4-Succession of moments implies order of time. Its form can only be understood if you have a knowledge of the minute particle of time (Kshana). Succession is the uninterrupted flow of moments. It can be known only when a particular modification comes to an end. Succession has reference to order and time. For the Yogi who has attained Asamprajnata Samadhi, there is no succession for him. He has simultaneous knowledge. The past and future are blended in the present for him. Everything is 'now'. Everything is 'here'. He has transcended time and space.

9-The nondual state of consciousness which is unconditional because all projected conditions have been seen through.Nirbija-samadhi has no conditioning cause as they have all been transcended, and all conditional activity has been surrendered. The mind is now a radiant formlessness empty of both specific and generalised projection, seen and seer. 10--The nondual state of samadhi is often upheld as the ultimate state. However, nonduality is the polar opposite of duality. it is therefore also a function of duality. Liberation is going beyond duality to transcendental awareness. Here the nonduality of duality, the duality of nonduality are experienced and transcended. 11--This results more and more frequently from exhaustion of the misplaced faith in the activities available to the will, which in turn strengthens the orientation to surrender. Nirbija-samadhi is a natural progression from sabija-samadhi . once the sense of self has begun to lose its power-- it often occurs spontaneously in life as a result of the direct and open spaciousness cultivated in the mind by practice.

12-When all karmic imprints have been surrendered, Nirbija-samadhi alone remains. Until then Nirbija-samadhi is a temporary possibility in the space between the resolution of one perceptor and the firing of the next. When all karmic imprints have been resolved, dharma-megha-samadhi reveals irrevocably the dualistic nature of infinte space, infinite consciousness, time and the self: this establishes the nondual embodiment of kaivalya or otherlessness.

13-In Dharma Megha Samadhi the yogi becomes a fount (a spring or fountain)of good for himself and others. This is spontaneous and beyond his intention, being a work of the divinity that has dawned in him. Wherever he is, that place is benefited. Who thinks of him or looks upon him is benefited.

14-Siddhis and miracles flower around him though the yogi does not endeavor with them. The good that obtains in him and around him is also of the nature of virtue: People become more virtuous by his presence or remembrance. He himself, being divine, represents all virtue including the power of healings, corrections, and uplift. It is as though he is electrically charged in a beneficial way like God, and is constantly discharging in his surroundings, producing uplift.

15-Likewise it doesn't work to call it "raincloud of merit." The ultimate point of gathering merit has been attained by him now, so speaking of his personal merit is meaningless. He has no need to sit on top of a heap of merit now. But the verse becomes meaningful and reveals a new dimension of the yogic path if it means his merit benefits others around him.

16-That is, Pure Being as in the Sat of Sat-Chit-Ananda, sheds light on duality, karma, and sansara meaning that it upgrades and improves that dark mess. The yogi with dharma-megha-samadhi is a dawning place of Sat or Pure Consciousness. Thus like a fountain that Primordial Purity flows out from him, touches his surroundings in many ways, and blesses things since God — whether as Saguna or Nirguna Brahman — has that blessing nature. 17- In the sage having dharma-megha-samadhi the divine light is made flesh in a myriad of ways according to need, faith, and the will of The Lord as expressed through that Dawning Place. As the rain benefits the world, gives life, feeds everything, makes things grow into their beautiful forms, and creates food and prosperity — the yogi or yogess having dharma-megha-samadhi is also like a beneficial rain in his environment or wherever anybody thinks of him/her with bhakti or faith.

18-And that yogin who has attained this fruit of religion does not even need to think about it or try to do anything. He rains down good upon the world naturally. This is why religions naturally form around such Persons. People want to remember him or her, learn how they attained This, and remember the way to it. 19- Religions are the varied manuals for how to attain this kind of samadhi for self and others. Another meaning of this sutra is that this sage becomes the source of dharma in the traditional sense, that is, the source of vital religious teachings. His words, when he speaks them, become like scriptures. Such sages are the renewers of protective and beneficial religion for mankind. 20- Lastly if we entertain the meaning as "mass of morality" it is again a meaningless verse. He has attained the purpose of morality. As Ramakrishna said, 'You use a ladder to get up onto the roof but once you have arrived you don't need the ladder any more.' Why should there be a sutra that speaks of his great morality? These things are not his concern any more. Holding forth as a moralist is not the final goal of the yogin. Moral ways and teachings have meaning and value within society; within the world. He is not based there any more. 21-The "mass" or "cloud" of dharma here implies a pregnancy, an over-fullness. A raincloud is pregnant and ready to shower upon us. In dharma-megha-samadhi the realized yogi becomes a raincloud that showers all manner of blessings into the world. 16-Now there is absolute scientific proof that a meditator is less prone to ulcers, less prone to heart attacks, less prone to high blood pressure. A meditator is less prone to many illnesses that happen ordinarily to everybody. A meditator is less prone to madness, to insanity, to neurosis, psychosis. And a meditator is certainly more quiet, calm, and collected.

22-A meditator is more responsible. A meditator is more loving. And there is definite proof that a meditator lives longer than a non-meditator. A meditator has a higher I.Q., more intelligence, than a non-meditator, more vitality, more creativty . 23-And these are not assertions of mystics. Now scientific labs are producing papers, research work, theses, dissertations. Through scientific equipment, measurement, ways and means, now it is almost a certain fact that mind can exist in many wavelengths and meditation changes the wavelength. Meditation creates more "alpha" waves -- and alpha waves release joy, happiness, bliss, benediction.