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The Spiritual Secret of Radha And Krishna &Krishna’s 16’108 wives – Interpretation of Kundalini Shakti------

21 FACTS --- 1-See this post for “Caduceus” (inter-twined snakes on a sword); this is the symbolic image of Krishna and Radha.Image result for caduceus (Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods. The Caduceus provides the basis for the astrological symbol, representing the planet Mercury. The Caduceus symbol is also a representation of your own primal life force energy. The twin snakes, represent the Kundalini energy rising from the base of your spine, one being feminine and one masculine. Intertwining with the other, allowing the successful person to possess the “wings of new life”as the energy rises and gives a new perspective of life.) 2-In the image you will see two serpents (Krishna-Radha), stretching themselves in DNA spiral, rising from bottom to top. These are the Ida-Pingala channels of Kundalini Shakti. 3- Now study the “Chakras” of Auric-body super-imposed on Caduceus (inter-twined snakes on a sword). 4-When Kundalini-Shakti splits into 2, both halves have to traverse through Seven Chakras, while simultaneously navigating 16’108 channels. Krishna-Radha will meet, after long wayward journeys, just before Crown-Chakra; then they drop down in unification back into Base-Chakra. 5-The `drop’ from `pre-Crown-Chakra’ to `Base-Chakra’, happens via the `Sword’ that is pierced through centre-points of all Seven Chakras. 6-Sword is the symbol of Sushumna-channel. When energies enter the Sushumna-channel, its cleansing process begins. Progressive Cleansing = Progressive Enlightenment. 7-From the Base Chakra, they rise again in unification (in a DNA spiral), moving slowly upwards. This journey is a representation of “twin-souls-together-journeys” on Earth. 8-Till the Sushumna-channel is totally cleansed & totally enlightened, Ida and Pingala will continue their “rise & drop”. It is during these numerous journeys, that Ida and Pingala will make a significant difference and contribution to the Mother Earth. 9-At some point, they will finally make it to the Crown-Chakra. The time frame is free-will, but whenever they do ----the result is Moksh. Oneness with God. 10-That is the story of every soul & every soul-half. This is why Sages/Rishis/Gurus frown upon self-awakening of Kundalini-Shakti. 11-This journey can be done totally inwards (yogic meditation) or by simply living in the world, in awareness. 12-Either way, guidance becomes important. God forbid, should energy get stuck in a channel, it can stay there for a really long time. 11-Remember you’ll be moving from love-energies in reverse order, as in, channels eight through one. 12-Amongst lower 4 channels, Mitravrinda (channel 5) is toughest to navigate. Channels 8,7,6 are relatively easier to navigate. 13-Mitravrinda is so amiable, so companionable, so pleasant, so fits into your social setup; that you won’t wish to leave her. 14-Chances are you will choose to navigate Mitravrinda’s channel over & over again; she has that effect. 5-When you do choose to move beyond Mitravrinda, you’ll enter lowest of upper channels – Kaalindi (channel 4). 6-Amongst upper 4 channels, Kaalindi (channel 4) is toughest to navigate. Channels 3,2,1 are relatively easier. 15-Kaalindi holds you back with her traps; you may find yourself navigating her channel several times over, out of guilt or fear. 16-It’s not easy to leave Kaalindi; she has her own charm; sometimes staying put in her channel makes worldly life lot easier. 9-When you do choose to move beyond Kaalindi (channel 4), you’ll find Jaambavati, Satyabhaama, Rukmini (3,2,1) will be fairly easy to navigate. 17-Once you reach Rukmini, and she emerges as your main consort/partner, you know you’ve reached a comfort zone in evolution. 18-In higher stages of soul evolution, energies 5,6,7,8 may come back as your siblings, friends, loved ones. Energies you have navigated well in past lives will return back to you in purest platonic (intimate and affectionate but not sexual) love. 19-It explains why Indian gurus/astrologers frown on disruptive love-energies / love-partnerships, that disturb existing family relationships. 20-Blocking an already well-navigated channel (eg. family / parents / siblings) will mean coming back in another lifetime and making another herculean effort to re-navigate it. Journey becomes faster under expert guidance, or if you’re lucky to identify your Radha/Krishna; then purpose becomes evident. 21-Twin souls may not identify each other at same time; the wiser soul with longer, harder Earth journey will realize it first. The 2nd soul will realize automatically at appropriate time. Patience, faith and perseverance is the key to soul evolution........SHIVOHAM.....