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THE SEVENTH ONE....THE NIRVANIC BODY;- If one reaches up to the fifth body there is the door of liberation, and if he reaches up to the sixth there is the possibility of the state of God-realization. Then there is no question of liberation or no liberation; he becomes one with that which is. The declaration of "Aham Brahmasmi" - I am God - is of this plane. But there is yet one step more, which is the last jump - where there is no aham and no Brahman, where I and thou are totally nonexistent, where there is simply nothing - where there is total and absolute void. That is nirvana. STRONG FOUNDATION IS REQUIRED FOR A HOUSE;-- 11 FACTS;- 1-These are the seven bodies which are developed within a period of forty-nine years. This is why the midpoint of fifty years was known as the point of revolution. 2- For the first twenty-five years there was one system of life. Within this period efforts were made to develop the first four bodies; then one's education was supposed to be complete. Then one was supposed to search for his fifth, sixth and seventh bodies throughout the remainder of his life, and in the remaining twenty-five years he was expected to attain to the seventh body. Therefore, the age of fifty was looked upon as a crucial year. At this time a man became a wanaprasth, which only means that now he should turn his gaze towards the forest - that now he should turn his eyes away from people, society and the marketplace. 3-The age of seventy-five was yet another point of revolution - when a man was to become initiated into sannyas. To turn toward the forest means to remove oneself from crowds and people; sannyas means, now the time has come to look beyond the ego, to transcend the ego. In the forest the 'I' will necessarily be with him though he has renounced all else, but at the age of seventy-five this 'I' too has to be renounced. 4-However, the condition was that in one's life as a householder one had to pass through and develop all the seven bodies so that the rest of the journey would become spontaneous and joyful. If this is not done it is very difficult, because with every seven-year cycle a particular state of development is connected. 5- If the physical body of a child does not grow fully in the first seven years of his life, he will always be sickly. At the most we can see to it that he does not remain ill - but healthy he will never be because his basic foundation for health that should have been formed in the first seven years has been shaken. That which should have become strong and firm was disturbed, and that was the time for its development. 6-It is just like laying the foundations for a house: if the foundations are weak it will be difficult - no, impossible - to repair it once the roof is reached. At the foundation stage only could it have been well laid. So in the first seven years, if proper conditions are available for the first body, the body develops properly. Now if the second body and the emotions do not develop fully over the next seven years, a number of perversions result. Then it is very difficult to remedy these later. So the period of development for a particular body is most crucial. 7-On each step of life, each body has its predetermined period of development. There may be a slight difference here and there, but that is beside the point. If a child does not develop within fourteen years his whole life becomes a long ordeal. If the intellect does not develop by the time he is twenty-one there is very little chance of its developing at a later period. 8- But so far we are in agreement: we take care of the first body, then we take care to send the child to school to develop his intellect also. But we forget that the rest of the bodies also have their apportioned time which if lost puts us in great difficulties. 9-A man takes fifty years to develop the body he should have developed in twenty-one years. It is obvious that he does not have as much strength at fifty as he had at twenty-one, so he has to put in a lot of effort. Then what would have been easier to accomplish at the age of twenty-one becomes long and arduous. 10-There is yet another difficulty which he encounters: at the age of twenty-one he was right at the door but he missed it. Now, over the following thirty years, he has been to so many places that he has lost sight of the right opening. His wandering now makes it impossible for him to locate the place where he stood at twenty-one and which then needed only a slight push to open. 11-Therefore, a well organized situation is required for children until they reach the age of twenty-five. It should be so well planned that it takes them to the fourth body level. After the fourth body the rest is easy. The foundation will then be well laid; now only the fruits remain to grow. The tree is formed up to the fourth body; then fruits begin to appear from the fifth which culminate in the seventh. We may have to make a little allowance here and there, but we should be very mindful of the foundations. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MALE & FEMALE ENERGY;- 14 FACTS;-- 1-In this respect a few more things should be kept in mind. There is a difference between man and woman throughout the first four bodies. For instance, if the individual is a man his physical body is a male body. But his second body - the etheric body, which is behind the physical body - is female, because no negative or positive pole can exist by itself.A male body and a female body, in the terms of electricity, are positive and negative bodies. 2-The woman's physical body is negative; therefore, she is never aggressive . Man's first body is positive - aggressive. But by negative is not meant zero or absent. In terms of electricity, negative means receptivity, reservoir. In the woman's body, energy lies in reserve; much energy lies in reserve. But it is not active: it is inactive. 3-Man has a positive body, but wherever there is a positive body there must be a negative body behind it or else it cannot last. Both are present together; then the circle is complete. So the second body of a man is female, whereas the second body of a female is male. This is why - and this is an interesting fact - man looks and is, as far as his physical body goes, very strong. But behind this outward strength stands a weak female body. This is why he manages to show his strength only for a few moments at a time. In the long run he loses at the hands of the female, because the body behind her weak female body is a strong positive body. 4-This is why a woman's power of resistance, her capacity to endure, is greater than a man's. If a man and a woman suffer from the same illness the woman can endure it longer than the man. Women produce children. If men had to produce children they would realize the ordeal that has to be passed through. Then perhaps there would be no need for family planning - because man cannot bear so much pain for so long a time. 5- For a moment or two he can freak out in anger, beat a pillow perhaps, but he cannot carry a child in his abdomen for nine months, nor bring him up patiently for years afterwards. If it cries all night long he might strangle it. He will not be able to tolerate the disturbance. He has extraordinary strength, but behind him is a frail, delicate etheric body. Because of this he cannot bear pain or discomfort. 6-This is why women fall sick less than men, their lifespan is longer than that of men. For this reason we should keep a difference of five years between a boy and a girl at the time of marriage, or else the world would be filled with widows. If the boy is twenty we should choose a girl of twenty-four or twenty-five for him. Man's lifespan is four or five years less, so this difference would equalize things and both synchronize each other-----but in our country it is hard nut to crack. More boys die early than girls. This is because the latter have a great power of resistance that comes to them through the second male body. 7-Now the third body of the male - that is the astral body - will again be male, and the fourth or the psychic body will again be female. Just the reverse will be the case in the female. This division of male and female exists only up to the fourth body; the fifth body is beyond sex. Therefore, as soon as the atman is attained there is no male and no female - but not until then. 8-There is another thing that comes to mind in this connection. Since every male has a female body within him and every female has a male body within her, if by coincidence a woman gets a husband who is identical with the male body within her, or if a man marries a woman who is identical with the female body within him, then only is a marriage successful; otherwise not. 9-This is why ninety-nine percent of marriages are failures: because the intrinsic rule of success is not known yet. As long as we are unable to ascertain the right alliance between the respective energy bodies of two persons, marriages are bound to remain a failure no matter what steps we take in other directions. Successful marriages can only be possible if absolutely clear scientific details concerning these various inner bodies are achieved. A boy or a girl who has reached up to the point of the awakening of the kundalini finds it very easy to choose the right partner in life. With the full knowledge of all his bodies within, one can make the right choice outwardly. Prior to this it is very difficult. 10-Therefore, those who knew insisted that the child should be made to develop his first four bodies in the first twenty-five years by maintaining brahmacharya, and then only could he marry - because whom should he marry? With whom does he want to spend the rest of his life? Whom is he seeking? What man does a woman seek? She seeks the man within her. If by coincidence the right connections are made, then both the man and woman are satisfied; otherwise, dissatisfaction remains and a thousand perversions result from this........ Distress grows day by day, and this misery is bound to increase with the growth of man's intellect. 11-If a person's growth stops at fourteen he/she will not suffer this agony, because all suffering starts from the growth of the third body. If only the first two bodies are developed then both would be satisfied by their lust. So there are two ways: either in the first twenty-five years, during the period of brahmacharya, we should develop the child up to the fourth body, or else encourage child marriages. 12-Child marriage means marriage before the development of intellect so that the person stagnates at second chakra; then there is no trouble as the relationship is entirely on the animal plane. The relationship of a child marriage is purely a lusty relationship; there is no possibility of love in it. 13-Now in places like America, where education has made great strides and where the third body has developed completely, marriages break. They are bound to, because the third body rebels at a wrong partnership. So divorce results, because it is not possible to drag such marriages along. 14-The correct form of education is that which develops the first four bodies. Right education is that which takes you up to the fourth body. There the work of education is complete.

THE KEY POINTS;- 1-No education can help you enter the fifth; you have to go there by yourself. Right education can easily take you up to the fourth body. After this the growth of the fifth body, which is very valuable and personal, begins. Kundalini is the potential of the fourth body; this is why kundalini is a psychic phenomenon. 2-IN NO SCRIPTURE YOU CAN GET THE TECNNIQUE OF AWAKENING KUNDALINI.....OUR BODY IS THE COMPOSITION OF FIVE TATTAVS ---SO THE TECHNIQUE SHOULD COVER ALL THE FIVE ELEMENTS ,VIZ;---- 1]-SPACE AS MANTRA 2]-AIR AS KUMBHAK 3]-FIRE AS TRATAK AT''SHIVLING WITH COILED KUNDALINI''-(KUNDALINI MAKING THREE & HALF WRAP WHILE HOOD OVER SHIVLING) 4]-WATER AS TARGET OF PARAMANANDA 5]-EARTH AS THE POSTURE OF YOUR BODY ONLY A REALIZED PERSON OR WHO IS AWARE OF FOURTH & FIFTH BODY CAN PROVIDE THESE GUIDELINES .