1-According to Hindu scriptures, a soul, which is a part of the Supreme Soul, dwells in every living organism. The term death applies to our body only and not to the soul because the soul is immortal.

2-The soul changes the bodies after the death as we change our clothes everyday. Depending upon our Karma, we get a new body. 3-That is ifyou have done good Karma in this birth, then you would get the rewards for those in this and/or next life. If you have done bad Karma, you would get punishment for that in this or next life.

4-The present conditions in our life are results of our Karma in this and/or past life. This cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation continues until we get salvation i.e. becoming one with the Supreme Soul. WHAT ARE THE RULES OF INCARNATION?---

10 FACTS-- There are certain rules known to mankind about reincarnation. These rules are told by sages, which were revealed to them in the state of deep meditation. 1. Most of the times a human being is born again as a human being only, but sometimes, he/she might get an animal body. 2. In general, after getting the three births of the same sex, we get the next birth of a different sex but there is no thumb rule. 3. Doing good Karma does not eradicate bad Karma. You have to undergo sufferings for bad Karma and get happiness for good Karma. 4. If a person dies suddenly with strong wills unfulfilled, he/she might become a ghost and remain there until the favorable conditions are available for next birth. 5. After death, we do not get the next birth immediately. In the meantime, our soul is in one of the seven levels. Once the proper conditions are created according to our Karma, we get born again. 6. The soul is always learning from its experiences. In its initial births, it gets attracted towards physical things more but as it grows in knowledge, it becomes more spiritual. 7. All our good and bad Karmas are recorded in our body and when we are dead, those memories also enter a new body with our soul. When the soul becomes fully knowledgeable, it attains salvation. 8. Some sages believe that everything since the time of big­bang is stored in our body but only a few people are able to recall those memories. 9. Only human beings can attain salvation. We get a human body after our soul travels through 8,400,000 species. Hence, salvation should be the final aim of our life. 10-VERY IMPORTANT RULE--- 1-- OUT OF EIGHTY THREE LAKH &NINETY NINE THOUSAND-----NINE HUNDRED NINETY NINETH------THE COW is the last one.Then we get the nine birth of human beings .Out of nine---- four female ,four male &one transgender.There is no rule of sequence---may be continue or alternate. 2- There are nine emotions for nine birth.A equilibrium of nine aesthetics is required----- in case of failure we have to suffer. Name of 9 RASAS------- 1-LOVE - Shringara beauty - devotion 2-JOY - Harsya humor - sarcasm 3-WONDER - Adbhuta mystery - curiosity 4-COURAGE - Veera confidence - pride 5-PEACE - Shanta relaxation - calmness 6-SADNESS - Karuna compassion - pity 7-ANGER - Raudra irritation - violence 8-FEAR - Bhayanaka anxiety - worry 9-DISGUST -Vibhatsa depression - self pity WE ARE SOULS-----neither male nor female.If we are not making use of these nine birth---then we have to go back to 84 lakh species. DECISION depends on you-----SHIVOHAM