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Haadi vidya and Kaadi vidya are like the two eyes of Amba. We can't say which is superior or inferior.Haadi vidya is for liberation only but Kaadi vidya is for both bliss & liberation.

KAADI &HAADI means;- Ka+Aadi Ha+Aadi. Aadi....means in sanskrit "among others/and others". It just means a variation of the panchadasi in the Kaadividya which starts with "Ka" as "Ha" in Haadi. Vidya also means mantra. Whenever srividya is meant it means more mantra than knowledge.Infact Mantra and mathignana emnate from the same etymological root. Haadimata refers to Tripura sundari in Kashmiraachara.

WHAT IS Haadipoorthy vidya?--- 1-Haadi vidya is also called Haadipoorthy vidya.Some say that the addition of aim hreem sreem makes it poorthy. 2-This haadi poorti vidya is where in the guru paaduka you replace the bijas with the 8 bijas namely; tritaari aim hreem shreem) kumaaree (aim kleem sauhu) vaak (aim) and glaum and becomes the mahaapaadukaa which is the complete form of all the mantras . 3-And leads to ones union with the ultimate and gives you all the siddhis and is to be mediated upon at dwaadashaanthastaanam. 4-Haadividya is Srividya as realised by Lopaamudra (wife of sage Agasthya) and must be meditated upon at Moolaadhaara. 5-This is a powerful Vidya that is now limited to quite few people. 6-Similarly there is a saadividya that is not referred to anywhere except in name. There are only a handful of people who know it and it is kept really secret because just one recitation makes a person all powerful. NAME THREE PATHS OF SRIVIDYA ?----- There are three main paths now known in srividya----- 1-Kaadividya-Kali Krama or samayamata or kundalini yoga 2-Haadividya-Sundari krama or Hamsa vidya or Kaulamata 3-Saadi vidya-Tara krama or samavarodhini or Mishra marga. Kundalini yoga is said to be the highest however Mishra marga which is now kept highly secretive is also said to be powerful. WHAT IS HAADI VIDYA ? This Vidya or knowledge has been mentioned in several ancient texts. On acquiring this Vidya a person neither feels hungry nor thirsty and he can remain without eating food or drinking water for several day at a stretch. Several Yogis of the Himalayas, remain engrossed in deep Sadhanas for months and years without eating or drinking anything. When they do not eat or drink, they do not even have to empty their bowels. Thus they are able to perform long penance for years and their bodies also remain healthy and fit, even without food.Haadividya has Lopamudra as the main propogator. WHAT IS KAADI VIDYA? Just as one does not feel hungry or thirsty in Haadi Vidya similarly in Kaadi Vidya a person is not affected by change of seasons i.e. by summer, winter, rain etc. After accomplishing this Vidya a person shall not feel cold even if he sits in the snow laden mountains and shall not feel hot even if he sits in the fire. Thus a Sadhak can perform incessant penance without being affected by change of weather or seasons. Guru Gorakhnath and Matsayendranath had accomplished both the Haadi & Kaadi Vldyas.Kaadividya has Manmatha Natha as the main propogator(to spread ) WHO IS LOPAAMUDRA?----- Lopamudra devi merely propogated Haadividya which was existent even before Her(Lopamudra Mata who was a princess whom Agasthya Maharishi married as She was His dwipaadasavitur(twinflame)). Lopamudra devi though born in North India took Her initiation from Agasthya Brahmarishi....and settled in southindia. She and Her Divine consort are still said to roam about in Kollihills of Tamilnadu. HAADIVIDYA INVOLVE THE WORSHIP OF;-- Haadi vidya(sundari krama) involves the worship of 1-Adyakaali, 2-Tara, 3-Chinnamasta, 4-Bagalamukhi and the Haadividya mantra at the three sandhya velas. KAADIVIDYA INVOLVE THE WORSHIP OF--- Kaadi vidya(Kali krama) whereas has 1-Kaamakalakaali in the morning 2-Bhuvaneshwari in the afternoon 3-Chamunda in the evening. 4-samayakubjika at night and

WHAT ARE THE ATTRIBUTES(GUNAS) OF VIDYAS?-- There is also a view that --- 1-Kaadi vidya is saatwic, 2-Haadi vidyaa is rajasic and 3-Saadi vidya is tamasic. NAME SAMPRADAYA OF SRIVIDYA--- The srividya sampradaya is also trifurcated as----- 1-Dakshinamurthy sampradaya 2-Hayagreeva sampradaya 3-Anandabhairava sampradaya Srividya, which is the essence of 60 crore mantras, might(must) be having many many sampradayas ...


THE MANTRA;-The most holy Pancha dasakshari manthra which consists of three parts viz.,---

Vagbhava Koota;--Ka-aa-ee-lahrim ,

Kama raja Koota;-- Ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrin

Shakthi Koota;--Sa-ka-lahrim

NOTE;-These parts are respectively called VAHINI KUNDALINI , SURYA KUNDALINI and SOMA KUNDALINI .


1-The seed letter ka of my lord Shiva,

The seed letter a of goddess Shakthi,

The seed letter ee of the god of love,

The seed letter la of earth,

2-The seed letter ha of the sun god,

The seed letter sa of the moon with cool rays

The seed letter ka of again the god of love,

The seed letter ha of the sky,

The seed letter la of Indra, the king of devas

3-The seed letter sa of para,

The seed letter ka of the god of love,

The seed letter la of the lord Vishnu,

Along with your seed letters hriM ; Which joins at the end of each of the three holy wheels,Become the holy word to worship you. ..........SHIVOHAM......