05 FACTS;-- Shaktipat (An Initiation-);--- 1-Spiritual awakening, or shaktipat, lies at the heart of the mystical journey. This infusion of energy from the spiritual master to the seeker brings about the awakening of the seeker's own inherent spiritual power, called kundalini.

2-Shaktipat is described by the yogic texts as an initiation that activates an inner unfolding of awareness that leads to progressively higher states of consciousness. 3-Over time, through grace and our efforts in spiritual practice, the sense of separation from divinity drops away. We come to recognize the presence of God in ourselves and in the world around us. We experience the world as a play of God's energy. As spiritual seekers, we celebrate the day of initiation as the greatest gift. 4-Shaktipat occurs when an awakened spiritual teacher with a great amount of the spiritual kundalini flowing shares the Grace of this energy with the aspirant.

5-When the combination of this energy with the kundalini energy of the aspirant is enough to reach the critical ignition point, the shakti kundalini awakens.


05 FACTS;--- 1-Shaktipat can be given by a kundalini guru or an enlightened spiritual master in the form of a mantra (sacred words) or by a look or glance, a touch only on the ajna chakra, (third eye, the forehead), by thought, by an object like a piece of fruit or a flower, and even by telephone, fax, or these days over the internet. 2-Shakti is the feminine goddess aspect, whereas Shiva is the male. When the two unite, male and female, there is a marriage and then Shiva and Shakti male and female united the sleeping energy at the base of the spine rises up into the head, and beyond, bringing psychological illumination. The phenomena are far beyond words. It is only now with the age of the internet, that these secrets of the mystic masters are now being revealed, and once a person experiences them, they will then either realise, or wonder; why they have been kept secret for so long? 3-The sharing of this spiritual kundalini energy through the spiritual teacher may be by 5 senses. But 'sound' is supreme,so the best &safe way. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT IS THAT,ONLY DESERVING PERSON CAN RECEIVE SHAKTIPAT--NOT ALL. "if you want to get milk of lioness, bring vessel of gold" Gyan is also like milk of lioness,so not common. The awakening may often be a combination of all these ways of increasing the descending power of the spiritual kundalini. 4-Because shaktipat can happen through sight, kundalini awakening is possible through looking at the picture or idol of shivling with kundalini (wrapping 3 times&having hood over shivling)----you look or you imagine this picture on the ajna chakra. 5-The awakening may be the intense classical variety, or it may be moderate or mild. It occurs according to the kundalini energy build-up in each person and what their internal spiritual circuitry can handle. It is important to acknowledge the mild and moderate awakening, as well as the classically described awakening, as the criteria for an awakened kundalini. IS AWAKENING SAFE ?--

05 FACTS;-- 1-For the vast majority of people, the awakening is very safe, it is rare for anyone to have serious trouble with the awakening of the kundalini. It helps to remember it is our own Divine energy that is awakened, not some foreign drug.

2-It is of course comforting and helpful to have the awakening in the context of right fellowship with someone who is experienced with the workings of kundalini. 3-We can think about shaktipat as the divine strategy of Grace. shaktipat initiation opens the individual to emptiness, which allows a quiet mind, silence, and peace. This state allows the person to go the Divine Presence as their original identity. 4-Many say that the fastest and surest way to awaken the kundalini is from a method called Shaktipat. Shiva Shakti With shaktipat the recipient needs to do absolutely nothing, only surrender.

5-The person giving shaktipat acts an instrument for the Shakti energy to flow into the person receiving. IS KUNDALINI AWAKENING Dangerous?--- 1-Many say that kundalini energy is dangerous, and you need to be in the presence of a kundalini guru to safely control this energy, otherwise it can lead to insanity or even death. yet a kundalini awakening is far less harmful than the black market drugs available to the masses.

2-What about death? Yes death is 100% guaranteed with kundalini. Death will come in the form of the absence of greed, lust, arrogance, selfishness, and in their place will be a rebirth of loving kindness, Light, and also an inner indescribable bliss. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF A GURU ? ---

07 FACTS;-

1-Shaktipat is very often a way to possibly create a negative Kundalini crisis effect, when it is given by one who is not completely a master of this art. Shaktipat (usually) implies very little preparation whatsoever and no worthiness before being thrown in the fire. 2-MANY so called masters will propose this quick way to enlightenment without having the right visions about the students. I am not saying ALL are blind. I am saying : be careful. These years are seeing a resurgence of thousands of "so-called" Shaktupat gurus who are proposing "quick awakenings" and this is something one should be careful about. 3-There is also the mention of shaktipat, which is the instant triggering of various levels of one's kundalini by the touch of an alleged master. This is "usually" not the true awakening (although it can sometimes be), which is only given to those worthy of it, by the will of the highest, when all inner bodies are prepared. 4-Kundalini will never awaken in those not worthy of Her. Even with billions of shaktipats... Shaktipat (in the hands of an inexperienced master) is equal to having someone shove one's fingers directly in the power outlet. 5- shaktipat is not always wrong, but almost... First of all, very few true masters of Shaktipat really exist ,Actually,,,Real gurus are sitting inside the cave of Himalayas---they don't have any material need & they are not interested to meet with.Those who are running business,advertising themself------hardly reach 3'rd stage of samadhi . ---Are they real guru? 6-This transmission is simply not recommended unless you know the destiny of the person you will be giving Shaktipat to!! Who can truly say they know this? There are many levels of mastery.

7-Do you know how elevated one should be to actually know the will of God? Even the highest of angels can be surprised! They do not know the secrets of his will... NOTE;-

Very often, it is not the "will of God" but only the "will of men" (or women) who wish to awaken this energy to come to life. It is a terrible decision to wish to force the hand of destiny. To say that this is the "fastest" way to taste some of Kundalini's power is surely true! But to say it is the "best" and "safest" is very dangerous. Many are tempted with quick fixes... But in the awakening of Kundalini, one should not play God... Nothing has created more cases of bad Kundalini experiences than Shaktipat.