09 FACTS;--

1-From Vedic times until the present day the word 'OM' has been taken as a symbol and as an aid to meditation by spiritual aspirants. It is accepted both as one with 'Brahman' and as the medium, the Logos, connecting man and God. The entire history of the syllable is in the revelations of the Vedas and in the declarations of the Upanishads.

2-Om is an ancient Sanskrit “word” that was first felt by rishis as they meditated. It was more about the essence of Om than the chanting of it. Eventually as the experience was shared the word came forth and people started chanting it to get the experience of it. So, you ask, what is the experience of Om?

3-It is somewhat difficult to describe with words but Om represents everything. It is said to be the seed of all of creation. This seemingly small word contains all the power of the universe. It is the beginning, middle and the end of it all or the past, present and future.

3-Chanting Om brings into your awareness the physical reality of this world and your body, the subtle impressions of the mind and emotions and the thoughts and beliefs of your life and this world.

4-As the Mandukya Upanishad tells us the perfect state or super conscious state and all that precedes it are a part of Om. The sound can also be displayed in its more complete form of AUM.

5-When written this way it appears as if the sound has three parts. In actuality it has four.

5-1-The A (aahhh) sound represents the creation aspect of the universe and all of the gross objects within it.

5-2-Ahh is the beginning of all sounds (this is the most common letter that starts alphabets). It connects us to our sense of self, the ego. With this syllable you experience the existence of the world through the activity of the senses. When you chant this sound notice that it is produced in the throat and back of the mouth where the tongue is rooted and resonates in the lower abdomen. 5-3-The first sound embodies “Sat”, the sound that starts to bring you back to unity, to the truth of your existence.

5-4-The U (oooh) sound signifies the maintaining energy of the universe and the subtle impressions of the mind. It connects us to an inner sense of something greater than that which we can see and feel with our senses. Oooh lets in lightness, clarity, balance and goodness. When you chant this letter the sound moves forward between the tongue and the palate up to the lips and vibrates in the solar plexus.

“Chit”, an illumination of knowing, pure wisdom. 5-5-The M (mmmm) sound characterizes the transformative energy of the universe and the thoughts and beliefs of your beingness. This sound unites you to the awareness of oneness. It allows you to slow down in order to feel the connectedness of all that is. The sound “mmmm” is produced by closing the lips and it vibrates the crown of the head. The sound symbolizes “Ananda”, to be at one with bliss everywhere with all things.

The fourth sound is silence or anagata. It is the vibration which is beyond verbal pronunciation. It is pure consciousness of the Self or the Atman. The unity of Sat Chit Ananda (I exist, I know, I am blissful) is experienced here.

6-As you can see the experience of Om is multifaceted. It truly is an experience of all in everything. It is said that the sound of AUM includes the entire process of sound and all other sounds are included within it. Therefore, Om is called the seed sound (bija), the original sound from which all other sounds and worlds come from.

7-This is why Om is said to represent God, & Nirguna Bhraman, The Source of Universal Consciousness. Because it has the power to create everything.

8-When chanting Om aloud, the sound will naturally evolve through the tree phases corresponding tot the three letters A-U-M. Like the experience of Om as a sense of completeness and pure consciousness, the three syllables are not distinct or separate phases, but a continuous motion of the body, breath and awareness.

9-Now, the true power of Om lies in the experience of Om. Reading this can help the mind to understand . Feel the power each syllable has as the sound vibrations move from the low abdomen, up through the solar plexus and chest all the way to the tip top of the head. Let the vibrations clear and cleanse your energy system and chakras.

Om is an amazing tool that all people of all faiths can utilize to bring focus and awareness to the greater meaning of life.


Here are 9 facts , to help deepen our knowledge and connect our heart to this ancient sacred syllable.

09 FACTS;-- 1. The sound of OM encompasses all words, all sounds in human language OM is a matrix of all sounds, when in its diversified form gives rise to all words used in language. Linguistically, all audible sounds are produced in the space within the mouth beginning at the root of the tongue and ending at the lips. The throat sound is A, and M is the lip sound; and the sound U represents the rolling forward of speech articulation which starts at the root of the tongue, continuing until it ends in the lips. To pronounce OM correctly, remember, the sound vibration is pronounced “oom” as in home. 2. AUM and OM In Sanskrit, the sound “O” is a diphthong spelled “AU”. A diphthong is the blending of two vowel sounds where both are normally heard and make a gliding sound. As a result, the difference between OM and AUM is simply one of transliteration.

3-AUM represents the 3Gunas &Gunateet (bindu) 1-A--Rajogun 2-U_Satogun 3 -M--tamogun 4-Aum is the symbol of 3 Energies &Zero state (THE BINDU) 1-Brahama(G--generator) ---A 2-Narayana(O- operator) --U 3-Rudra (D-destroyer)---M 5- AUM represents the 3 Fold Division of Time A – is the waking state U – is the dream state M – is the state of deep sleep At the end of AUM is a pause, a silence. This represents the state known as Turiya, or Infinite Consciousness.

6- The visual symbol represents the meaning of AUM The symbol OM visually consists of three curves, one semicircle, and a dot. The large bottom curve symbolizes the waking state, A. The middle curve signifies the dream state, U. The upper curve denotes the state of deep sleep, M. The dot signifies the fourth state of consciousness, Turiya. The semi circle at the top represents Maya and separates the dot from the other three curves. It signals to us that it is the illusion of Maya that is an obstacle to realization of the Highest. 7- OM is associated with Ganesha The physical form of Lord Ganesha is said to be that of OM. The upper curve, of OM, is identified with the head or the face of Ganesh. The Lower curve his belly. The twisted curve, on the right side of OM is the trunk .8-AUM represents ATOM(GOD PARTICLE) THREE PARTICLE ;------ 1-PROTON 2-ELECTRON 3-NEUTRON

9-THE BINDU OF AUM represents-Zero state/SHIVA (Blackhole---the centre of creation &annihilation) A -PROTON --Positive-VISHNU U-NEUTRON ---Neutral-BRAHMA M--ELECTRON -Negative-RUDRA 9-1-ALL THREE ARE NEVER alone; Protron & Neutron makes bond. 9-2-Electron ( M) circulates over Two & the main cause of Bond & Destruction---It points out the mortality of this world.

IN this way,We can realize the cryptic Message & Decodation of AUM.


06 FACTS;-

1-OM has no forms, no patterns, it is pure consciousness. It curves into itself to create all matter and energy. It is like waves of consciousness (cannot be imagined, can only be realized). Modern science is saying that every atom and every photon of light is basically created out of a conscious wave of nothingness / infinite possibilities) and they call this probably the primary source of everything.

2-Om/Supreme consciousness curves into itself to make finite possibilities out of infinite possibilities . For that to happen, any possibility, needs to have three attributes in time and space: Start, Middle and End – also called creation, sustaining period and destruction.

3-The Trinity represents these three aspects of the spirit.Without destruction, creation will have no meaning, creation will be ever growing (like cancer cells). Without a period of sustenance (i.e. if immediately after creation comes full destruction), there would be constant creation and constant destruction, nothing will sustain.

4-There will be no concept of time / lifespan / period. There will be no concept of 'past-present-future', which in turn means that there will be no concept of life(as life is the amount of time anything sustains). Sustenance is necessary to make lifespan/timeline/life of anything possible (lifespan of the universe, planets, stars, life of animals, plants, life of bacteria, cells, atoms, life of humans, etc.).

5-Time = Life. “Brahma - the creator”(not to be mistaken for Param Brahman or Brahmaand) is basically the creative phenomenon /force, " Rudra / Mahesh - the destroyer" is the destructive phenomenon /force. "Vishnu - the preserver", as a phenomenon, comes in the middle of Brahma and Shiva to sustain this creation.

6-Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra are all phenomenon of the same consciousness in order to make lifespan / life possible in time and space. Every spec of matter and every photon of light gets created, sustains, then it destroys/transforms. It is the basis of anything and everything.

NOTE :---

1-When we say our bodies destroy, what really happens is, that it transforms/breaks down into other elements and then are used to form / create something else. Degradation / death is basically one form transforming to another.

2-That is why Shiva – the destroyer is also seen as The Transformer.Unlike Om / Supreme consciousness, these three can be imagined and can be realized in and around us, as the process of creation, sustenance, and destruction / transformation unfolds in the universe. All of these forces are conscious like Om and thus to be able to communicate to them through a medium, they have been given forms(the formless have been given forms).....