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Yoga texts such as the Shiva Svarodaya have observed that the flow of air through the two nostrils is rarely equal.

If you check your own breathing right now, you will probably find that one nostril is more open than the other. In yoga the nostril with the greater air flow is called the “active” or dominant nostril; the other nostril is termed “passive''.


04 FACTS;- 1-You can gain a better appreciation of this by breathing out onto a mirror held horizontally just under the nose. The exhaled air from each nostril will form a moisture pattern on the mirror’s surface, and the difference in size between the two sides of the pattern makes the discrepancy in nostril dominance visible.

2-Moreover, comparing the evaporation times on each side of the pattern will provide an approximate ratio of nostril activity. For example, if the moisture pattern on the left side evaporates in 30 seconds while the pattern on the right lasts just 15 seconds, then your left nostril is about twice as active as the right. 3-According to ancient yoga manuals, differences in nostril activity are quite normal—nostril dominance, in fact, alternates approximately every 60 minutes. This is the ideal, but most of us find that one nostril may remain active for much longer periods of time, or that regular alternation in nostril dominance rarely occurs. Such irregularities can have subtle effects on our mood and activity levels. 4-Revolving Energies--Yogis claim that the nostrils function much like a gauge on an automobile dashboard. To know the temperature of a car’s engine, for example, it is not necessary to open the hood. The temperature gauge shows us whether or not the engine is operating within the normal range. Similarly, the nostrils provide information about the status of the energy powering the body and mind.


06 FACTS;- Every human being is a blend of two primary energies. No matter what the physical sex is, the left nostril is associated with inward, nurturing energy, feminine in character.

1-Energy in the left nostril is cooling like the moon; it is associated with the latent power of consciousness, Shakti, and with nourishment and replenishment.

2-The right nostril is associated with outward moving forces, male in character. Energy in the right nostril is warming like the sun; it is associated with the dynamic aspect of consciousness, Shiva, and with growth and expansion. The predominant modes of thinking associated with the left nostril are intuitive and introspective, while thinking associated with the right nostril is rational and logical. 3-The domain of these two primary modes of human energy extends into the world of activities. For example, digging in the earth, taking medicines, planting gardens, visiting temples, entering one’s house, investing safely, performing artistically, or reciting mantras are all activities that will prosper when the left nostril is dominant.

4-Exercising, controlling an automobile, prescribing medicines, creating a good appetite, performing physically demanding tasks, arguing, inspiring others, going to sleep (warmed by an inner fire), and undertaking any difficult or harsh action are all activities that are most likely to prosper when the right nostril is active. 5-Like a revolving wheel, the energies associated with the two nostrils alternately dominate, but during the moments of transition the two seem almost equal. Brief as they are, these moments give us a glimpse of balance before the energies tumble back into action again. And as they interact they color our every perception.

6-Meditation practice is enhanced when the two nostrils begin to flow equally.


05 FACTS;- 1-Like the eye of a hurricane, sushumna, the channel of energy flowing in the core of the spine and extending from the base of the spine to the eyebrow center (with an extension to the base of the nostrils), is said to be unaffected by the powerful energies swirling around it.

2-Sushumna is the center of the wheel of life. During meditation the mind rests from its outer activity and is naturally drawn toward this central channel of energy, and when it is, both nostrils may begin to flow equally, becoming balanced. And when the attention is well-anchored on that balanced flow of energy, an experience of deep joy illuminates the mind 3-This state of balanced energy is extremely well-suited for inner exploration, but it is not useful for worldly activity. When joy permeates the mind, interest in worldly accomplishments diminishes. At that time you will naturally become more even-tempered and dispassionate, and compelling worldly matters seem less imposing when seen from this perspective.

4-The mind is resting in its own joy, which is independent and self-effulgent. It does not depend on worldly success or failure. 5-Following meditation practice, however, the attention turns outward again and an active interest in worldly affairs is restored, often with more enthusiasm than before. But the charm of the meditative experience continues to create a subtle mood of happiness and contentment, much like the joy of having witnessed a beautiful sunrise or sunset......CONTD.......SHIVOHAM.....