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WHAT IS THE MISCONCEPTION ON TANTRA?- 14 FACTS;-- 1-Now a days many of us thinks that tantra is a mal practice in the name of Spirituality. By it people gets addicted to wine. It involves women in a nasty manner and all tantrics are all corrupted and are full addicted to wine and women. In western countries also by the term “Tantra” people use to think about sex. 2-People tries to drag harmony in sex with the help of Tantra. Misconceptioins of Tantra gave birth to many Gurus/Acharyas who are taking harmony classes in different schedules throughout the year in different locations in the world. 3-Although efforts are made to of enlighten the Tantric mechanism but still, it seems that power of misconceptions is becoming much more powerful than the true knowledge. 4-By analysing the Sapto Achaars it can be well understood the original aim of Tantra and how it transforms one into a superior being, superior both in terms of physical and mental. It can be termed as stages of transformation by which the sadahaka aims towards the path of ultimate salvation. 5-Nowadays Tantra also became most popular for black magic. That’s why some people maintains safe distance from Tantrics. Also in many web sites the process of “Diksha” is narrated in many forms to give it a commercial outlook measuring Loss and Gains of individuals. That is why the Diksha processes is narrated in brief for the general people. 6-All this is happening as because some are taking advantages from the ignorance of general people over this particular subject. 7-Unfortunately some unscrupulous and corrupt individuals have brought a bad name to this pure science. 8-They know nothing about Tantra but just to satisfy their beastly cravings they have propagated that eating flesh, drinking wine, eating fish, sex and wealth are basis of Tantra. Tantra has nothing to do with these base practices. Such individuals make fools out of simple people. 9-When people approached such pseudo; (false) Tantriks with their problems they demanded money and put forward strange demands. And when their problems were not solved even though they gave what was demanded the people started to doubt Tantra. Actually these individuals had no knowledge of Tantra and their actions brought a bad name to Tantra. 10-And the few actual scholars of Tantra finding this social condition intolerable left for the Himalayas for their own spiritual development and because of fear of calumny (defamation). 11-Mostly evil practices have been prevalent under the name of Tantra. Tantra actually has nothing to do with these evil rituals. If suppose some doctor instead of saving the life of the patient removes vital organs like kidneys, eyes etc. to make a fast buck, then it would be wrong to blame medical science for their selfish behaviour. 12-A Tantrik too is like a doctor of the spiritual world. Tantra is a powerful instrument. It depends on the person how he uses it – for good of others or for selfish interests. A knife can be used to cut fruit or perform an operation and the same knife can also be used to kill or rob someone. 13-The knife is not at fault rather the person who is using it for evil purposes is to be blamed. 14-No power is good or bad. Every person has good as well as bad traits. Tantra is a process through which the good points can be highlighted and a new human being can be created. WHAT IS THE SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION OF MOTHER KALI? 10 FACTS;-- 1-Graveyard is a symbolic representation of ultimate reality. Whatever life you may lead, a king or pauper, ultimately he has to come to graveyard for final rest. So, Kali being the destructive power of lord, bestows final rest in the graveyard. 2-She is the great time, which is the cosort of Maha kaal. And time spares nobody!!! Hence, she is depicted as awesome and fierce lady. She is of the form of primordial sound from which entire speech has originated. Hence, she is depicted with garland of 50 skulls. 3-These 50 skulls represent the garland of 50 letters in the form of vowels and consonants. She infuses life in the letters and creates the cosmos in the form of speech. Cosmos, as per Shakta Philosophy, is the emanation of Sound. 4-Science also conforms to it (Big bang theory). Hence the symbolically skull is taken. There are two modes of worship for mother. 5-One is dakshinachara and other is vamachara. Kali is worshipped in the method of vamachara. Hence, graveyard is the form convenient place of worship of kali to appease her. 6-For any worship, whether in vamachara or dakshinachara, purity of mind is essential. Success in shakti worship is assured when one perceives woman as form of the shakti. When these two aspects are taken care of, rest is assured by mother. 7-There are certain devis that need to be worshipped in vamachara mode. But that does not mean that they would not accept the dakshinachara mode. It all depends upon your mental tendencies and your taste. 8-Mother is above all these dualities. But yes, certain modes of worship have been deviced to suit both expert and advanced sadhaka and a novice or a layman(a person who is not a member of a certain profession).. Suppose you are a Non-vegetarian, you offer Non-Veg to Mother. Nothing wrong in that. A vegetarian would and should only offer veg dishes to mother as per their tastes.PLEASE NOTE THAT ; A vegetarian should only offer veg. dishes. 9-MA Dakshina Kali, MA Bagala, MA Chinnamasta, MA Tara, MA Ugra Pratyangira, MA Tripura Bhairavi are worshipped with Vira Bhava. Whereas, MA Lalitha, MA Gayatri, MA Lakshmi, MA Saraswathi are worshipped with Dakshinachara mode with sattvika bhava. 10-Kamaakhya devi would not accept Rice porridge nor the Lalitha of Kanchipuram would accept mutton or chicken. So, every deity has its own importance and depending upon these modes of upasana have been designed.Except it,this is depend on sadhak (satoguni or tamoguni). WHAT IS THE MESSAGE OF TANTRA?--

02 FACTS;- 1-The Kaulavali Tantra says that all women should be looked upon as manifestations of Mahadevi (the Great Goddess). The ‘Kaulavali Tantra’ says, ‘One should bow to any female, be she a girl flushed with youth, or be she old; be she beautiful or ugly; good or wicked. 2-One should never deceive, speak ill of, or do ill to a woman and one should never strike her. All such acts prevent [spiritual] attainment.'” IMPORTANCE OF FEMALE IN TANTRA--( for women practitioners also ) 07 FACTS;- 1-Tantra believes that first and foremost the Feminine must emerge from the woman herself. She must become aware of what she really is, and she must integrate that awareness into the way she views herself and the world, as it becomes part and parcel of her life. 2-Actually, Tantra’s message concerns both women and men. Every Tantric Shakti [woman practioner] is, or seeks to become, a true woman, one who dares to delve into her own being to discover her inner and ultimate wellsprings. 3-She is the goddess – a living, present-day incarnation of the ultimate cosmic energy, although she may be unaware of it. Her true mystery is the mystery of life, that fantastic creative dynamism –which gives rise to atoms and galaxies, makes wheat sprout, makes bacteria proliferate — is present and active at all times in all women. 4-The Nila-tantra says that one should desert one’s parents, guru, and even the deities before insulting a woman. 5-ACCORDING TO the Shaktisangama Tantra:---- 'Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form; woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body. In woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world. There is no jewel rarer than woman, no condition superior to that of a woman. 6-No wonder even the most powerful of gods, like Shiva above, crave to enter the feminine form, hoping to acquire at least some of her glorious power. 7-According to the Devi-Mahatmya:------ By you this universe is borne, By you this world is created, O Devi, by you it is protected. WHO IS SHIVA?--- 04 FACTS;-- 1-Shiva is a principle (Tattva) from where everything has come, everything is sustained in it, and everything dissolves into it. Shiva is the space, it is the consciousness. 2-There is no way that you can even step out of Shiva at anytime because Shiva is the summum bonum of the whole creation. That is why Shiva’s body is depicted in blue because blue signifies the sky; the all pervading infinity which has no limits, and no shape. 3-The consciousness which is bliss and innocence, the consciousness which is the bestower of dispassion – is Shiva. 4-The whole world is moving in an auspicious rhythm of innocence and intelligence – that is Shiva. The permanent and eternal source of energy, the eternal state of being, the one and only one – is Shiva.”CONTD. ...SHIVOHAM.......