05 FACTS;-

1-Mantras are the sounds of POWER. Regular chanting of mantras with devotion and faith attracts the positive and constructive energies of the related deities / planets lords and helps in absolving their negative effects.

2-It is a means of seeking divine aid to solve your problems. It brings us in sync with the universal vibratory energies.

3-Mantras alert the subconscious mind, awaken consciousness and gravitates you towards the desired goal or objective. On the physical plane, it pacifies our nerves, activates our glands and harmonizes the various life systems in the body. Mantras instill confidence and improve concentration.

4-A mantra can be a word or a sentence which, when uttered in a particular manner and contemplated within, can make sorrows wither and assure mukti (salvation).

5-The aim of mantra is to achieve dharma (religious righteousness and duty), artha(philosophical interpretative value or meaning and even the means), kama (procreative universal truth and sensual satisfaction) and moksha (salvation from birth and rebirth). Mantras have definitive importance both at the materialistic and spiritual levels.


11 FACTS;-

1-Your Birth chart (kundli) shows planets which are weak/debilated/badly placed. As a result, they affect the relevant parts of your life adversely; it could be your health, career, relationship, etc.

2-Mantras can be used for both benefic and malefic planets. They can be used to enhance the strength of the beneficial planet and to reduce the harmful effects of the detrimental planets.

3-The best thing about mantras is that they give only positive effects. They can be used to attract health, wealth, happiness, pleasure, love, success and ward off laziness, diseases and troubles.

4-There are simple mantras which arc known to snake charmers who, with the help of these mantras, take out the poison from the mouth of a snake. However, there arc mantras which are universal benefactors and take out the ‘poison bag’ from the mouth of the materialistic world and ensure emancipation.

5- What are the dynamics (the forces / properties which stimulate growth) of mantra?---

5-1- Everything in the world is perish-able and we remain mortal. We nurture materialistic cravings. We are all yantra. There are two aspects: One is yantra and the other is mantra.

5-2-Yantra only activates materialism and remains mortal. It does not provide peace and only feeds the world called maya or illusion. But a mantra is bigger than yantra and remains the embodiment of Paramatman, the Supreme Being.

5-3-If you want to understand yantra then see for yourself the impermanent aspect of yantra : Childhood, youth,. old age, beauty, wealth etc which are never permanent and dwell in the sphere of mortality.On the other hand, mantra ensures peace.

6-Peace can be achieved through mantra and upasana (sitting near). If a calf does not sit near a cow then how can it get milk? If a baby does not cling to its mother than how can it get milk? Not going near God how can one get peace? How can the soul fill its hunger? So worshipping or doing upasana with mantra ensures a state of emancipation which scales beyond time and space.

7-Mantras are powerful and by the act of japa (constant remembrance through counting beads) one is progressively empowered.

8- There are three types of mantras.

8-1-One is Sabhri which empowers one with siddhi or mystic powers.

8-2-The second is Tantra which gives amazing demonstrative powers at the mystic level.

8-3-The third is Vedic mantra which goes towards achieving eternal peace for the soul. Initiation with mantra from the guru covers most aspects of sadhana (spiritual cultivation).

9-The utterance of the name of God in a repeated manner is a japa and once it is chanted loudly it becomes kirtan or devotional song. On the score of utterance there are various stages or centres of activity. There is an involuntary movement of the tongue which is called annamay kosh.

9-1-This is powered by the life force called pranmay kosh. But there has to be a wish for the movement of the tongue which is called manamay kosh. Then there has to be a doer (karta) called Vigyanmay kosh.

9-3-The name of God has to be uttered with deep love, respect and dedication and then it becomes the harbinger (something that foreshadows a future event )of happiness or anandamay - anandamay kosh.

9-4-While we utter the name of God and all centres of activity work in cohesion and unison it empowers us with mental and physical strength. The negative karma of past lives gets effaced (make oneself appear insignificant )with the chanting.

10-A mantra is physically a pure sound and its repeated utterance creates a ring of sound within and outside. If one ties a small stone at the end of a rope and swings it to revolve then this small stone gets so powerful that if released it can even kill.

11-The mantra if repeatedly chanted can create a dynamic sound wavelength which can inspire one to aspire for anything. The amalgamative (To become combined) power of a mantra at the sound and bhava level can become so prominent that one can even assume the qualities of the Divine.


1-The success of the mantra depends upon the type and purpose of the mantra and the number of times it is recited.

2-When mantras are use for the purpose of appeasing a particular planet or graha, it has to be chanted a specific number of times depending upon the planet and its lord. 3-The purpose here is to produce the required vibratory effects for activation of the related powers.


04 FACTS;-

1-All mantras are kilit by shivshanker so that no one misuse.. Kilak means a wedge or a clue to a mystical puzzle. The Guru gives the kilak of the mantra. Consequently the energy of the mantra is manifested. Kilak means the description, proximity, speed and method of pronunciation, the rhythm of recitation of the mantra (alap), etc.

2-Sometimes the kilak assumes the form of a prior notice. When a sage creates a mantra along with a precondition that ‘without the pronunciation of a particular word prior to the mantra, the practice of the mantra will not be fruitful’, then the mere chanting of the mantra does not prove to be of any avail.

3-Such a word is termed as a kilak of a mantra, that is a wedge or a clue to a mystical puzzle. Only when the mantra is chanted along with it does it prove to be fruitful. Understanding that word, and chanting along with it is called nishkilan or utkilan. However, only spiritually evolved persons can give guidance to this effect.

4-1-Various sages have cursed some mantras. Lord Shankar has cursed seven crores of mahamantras. The Gayatri mantra too has been cursed by Sages Vasishtha and Vishvamitra, Lord Brahma and Varun. Hence, for a mantra to become efficacious the curse has to be eliminated in the following ways.

4-2-Especially for the Keelak (locked) Mantra, there is one Sarv Mantra Tantra Yantra Utkeelan Vidhi . (this is to be used only in case Mantra is Keelit (locked) by its Rishi and you don't know its password).

4-3-The other method is long, it requires writing the Viniyog on copper plate, making 1000 times Tarpan of the Mantra practically asking for Rishi permission to use that Mantra, so its better you use the first method.

4-4-For Keelak there is a special way of unlocking a Mantra. Keelak is the master key. And their is a way to substitute Nyaas and Dhyaan also.

4-5-But for a Beej Mantra... it responds to a the causal body of Deity. It is like very basic and raw form of energy.